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Context sensitive magic lamp that doubles as a regular lamp when not scanning for memories.

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Increases the magic lamp usefulness by making it context sensitive. When no ghost memories are nearby it will change into a regular old lamp to help you navigate the dark with ease.

Besides that, it also improves on the original in a number of ways:
  • Added some omnidirectional lighting for more convenient memory viewing;
  • Removed all player angle checks from memory activations during the quest "A Towerful of Mice" since they were annoying and no longer make sense with the additional lighting;
  • Removed movement restrictions while holding the lamp;
  • Fixed a bug where the magic lamp sound would not play in some areas;
  • Fixed a bug where the magic lamp would stop glowing until the player reequipped it.

Let me know in the comments if you would like the bug fixes released in a separate mod.

Use NMM or manually extract the file into your mods folder;
Run Script Merger to identify and solve potential conflicts with other mods.

This mod doesn't have its own menu, but you can use the one from Natural Torchlight to also configure the lamp. You don't need to have it fully installed, just the menu will do.

If you think you've found a bug please report it by leaving a comment.