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a book-friendly mod for our favorite bard!

Permissions and credits
This mod is obviously inspired by Karpfenfrosch's Alternative Appearance for Dandelion, please make sure to drop an endorsement to that mod first! I think Karpfenfrosch did a great job in finding a perfect in-game hairstyle for Dandelion. Guillaume's hair was a perfect choice for book Jaskier, both for it's blondness (that we were introduced to in Season of Storms) and occasional curliness (Baptism of Fire).

"As for Dandelion the dandy, he had already been mistaken a few times for an elf or half-elf, especially since he had started wearing his hair to his shoulders and occasionally used curling irons."

I was interested in making it a right shade for me and also tweaking face a little, to make it less.. generic and more age-appropriate. So I added some freckles and blemishes, more rough skin with some aging wrinkles, and a teeth gap! Solely because I always imagined him to have that adorable trait. Aaaand a bigger beret. Couldn't resist it.

Update 1.2
Fixed loading times issues.
To update from v1.1, use 'Loading times fix' from Updates section. Replace previous modBookJaskiermod with one from Updates and enjoy!
New users should simply use Main File and any extra from Optionals or Miscellaneous sections, they're fully compatible.

Update 1.1
Finally finished and uploaded updated outfit! It removes his redcloth neck tie and collar, and replaces them with a ruffle and a starched collar (was that translation correct??). Plus I did some small changes here and there, mainly making the overall body shape less bulky as it's mentioned a couple of times that Jaskier was lean. I don't accept requests concerning his figure. Feel free to make any alterations you want though!
I also removed the jewels. May bring them back, but don't want to. They look stupid anyways, especially considering every other person wearing them are like royals.

Also did requested changes and am going on a hiatus for a few weeks. Make sure to read installation instruction or I'll bite your face off in the comments :"D You've been warned!~ <3

Known issues:

(a little)
Takes way too much to load in dialogues. For now I'm too tired of this mod to spent another 15-30 hours to fix, but eventually I'll get where the problem comes from. 
Use optional 'Book Jaskier DLC Addon -- just the hair' file to disable the outfit and fix loading times.
Turns out WKit has issues with packing already W3Oven's imported textures. Most likely those set to 'Default' compression types, but eh. It explains why I had no bug when testing mid-development.
Anyways, it's gone now! Phew!

- tiny gaps somewhere between the meshes
unnoticeable until you pay attention or place Jaskier in front of some huge light; will fix
- weighting of the collar can be better; doubt if would fix
- a spiky polygon on the hat; will fix
- weird shading of the collar & tie; will fix
- bad texture quality; not my fault, but will try to fix by REPAINTING THE WHOLE THING
- no huge feather yet :'( ; will fix!


- drop dlcBookJaskierDLC to your '.../The Witcher 3/DLC ' directory. Make sure to ENABLE ##dlc_bsbah_book_jaskier in the Downloadable Content - Options menu, or Dandelion would stay vanilla.
This file makes changes to the outfit, face shape, teeth, hair and hat.
- drop modBookJaskiermod to your '.../The Witcher 3/mods ' directory. 
This file adds lace texture. You can try to merge it to something, but I don't recommend it, most likely that lace texture will end up screwed.
- drop modBookJaskier_face to your '.../The Witcher 3/mods ' directory. 
This file changes the face texture, and can be used independently of the DLC, with or without it, or with any other Dandelion mod.

- Book Jaskier DLC Addon -- just the hair
drop to your '.../The Witcher 3/mods '; Removes changes to the outfit, leaves the rest on.
Only affects the Book Jaskier DLC, doesn't do anything to vanilla.
- Book Jaskier DLC Addon -- just the outfit
drop to your '.../The Witcher 3/mods '; Removes changes to the hair, leaves the rest on.
Only affects the Book Jaskier DLC, doesn't do anything to vanilla.

I don't recommend using these two together, please pick only one at a time.

- No beard no stache for Jaskier
drop to your '.../The Witcher 3/mods '; Prevents the beard and stache from loading.
Only affects the Book Jaskier DLC, doesn't do anything to vanilla.
 -No teeth gap for Jaskier
drop to your '.../The Witcher 3/mods '; Makes Jaskier use vanilla teeth.
Only affects the Book Jaskier DLC, doesn't do anything to vanilla.

Can use both at the same time.

Plans for the future versions:
- I already started making edits to the outfit (overall shape and new neck tie), but it should take me some time and extra effort before I can drop it on the Nexus
- I'll make sure to add him his famous feather soon!
- another hair color maybe??????? I kinda like this one but I wanna try something a little brownier...
- I want to retexture it all badly but later
- some brooch to his neck ruffle!
- overall polishing