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An Overhaul of the Dialogue for Serana. This includes: Bug fixes, Custom Dialogue Branches, More Radiant Dialogue and Expansion into Hearthfire and Dragonborn.

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December 7, 2019: Alright, so let's talk about the mod and a few things.

Clearly, I never originally intended for the mod to go beyond a few lines that I personally wanted added. I also didn't imagine the damn thing to actually be popular. I was very very very wrong.

When real life demanded me (grad school and personal/family issues), I didn't think my disappearance was a big deal. I was very very very wrong.

I think you are noticing a pattern here.

Now that the only thing I have to do is just work, I am going to be trying to focus on the mod. The goal is getting this mod essentially done by November 2021.

Here is the list of things that officially needs to be done for the mod that is left to do:

-Correcting some of Serana's vanilla dialogue choices
-Complete Serana Relationship Points Dialogue
-Serana interacting with some vanilla NPCs (Aela and Mjoll being one of the bigger ones)
-More Serana Radiant Dialogue (this will be ongoing throughout the mod and probably the last thing to be off this list)
-Serana and the Bards College
-Serana and the College of Winterhold
-Serana and the Companions
-Serana and the Dark Brotherhood
-Serana and the Thieves Guild
-Serana and the Non-Main Quests (will expand on this once I get to this)
-Serana and the Daedric Quests (it will cover almost all of them)
-Serana and the Main Quest
-Serana and the Post-Main Quest

There might be a few things I missed, but you get the idea. This will bring the mod to 2.0/final version. Anything after that will be wishlist stuff.

So, here's the thing. I have a life and there is no way in hell I am going to be working on this mod every free chance I get. I have other hobbies and passions. But, I kind of want to get this mod to 2.0 by November 2021 for the tenth anniversary. I have a lot to do for this mod so I need to at least push a bit hard to get it done.

Here is what I am going to do. I will be opening a discord and I will keep more up to date stuff there. You can find me on Steam (not that hard to find) and add me there. Some days I will be working on the mod, other days will be doing other stuff. Don't get offended if you see me on Stardew Valley and not on the Creation Kit. But on the server, I will let people know what I am working on and I will be able to answer questions on there about the mod and other stuff. I will also be posting beta versions of the mod there so people will be able to tinker wit it there.

Current Discord Link:

What does this mod do?
This mod modifies, fixes and expands Serana's dialogue. The additional dialogues for Serana are fully voiced - utilizing Serana's dialogue pool. The Serana's dialogue expansion goes into Dragonborn and Hearthfire.

Oldrim Mod Page: Here
Xbox One Page: Here

Mod Requirements
-Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch



Differences from the Previous Version (0.9)
-Mod has been retweaked to avoid Legacy of the Dragonborn/Book Covers Skyrim Conflict.
-Custom Dialogue has been added to Dragonborn.
-Some radiant dialogue added on some parts of Solstheim (more will be added at v1.1).

How to install the mod?
If installing from NMM, just click on the mod and let NMM install it. If installing manually, just take the .bsa and .esp files and put them in the data folder for Skyrim. Nothing special. If installing manually, just make sure that the mod is activated in the Data Files when opening Skyrim. If using a previous version of this mod, remove the two files (either through NMN or manual), download the latest version of this mod and install.

What is the reason for making this mod?
It started off with fixing a few lines that I felt made Serana a very flat NPC that showed obvious signs that she was rushed by Bethesda. It soon spiraled into the monster that it is today. Mostly, this was meant to be my way of entering into the modding community and learn about the Creation Kit and modding.

What changes does this mod make?
Read the official README of the mod in the README section of the mod page.

Issues with the mod
Read the sticky dedicated to this on the comments section of the mod page.

Does this mod conflict with the 'X' mod?
Read the sticky dedicated to this on the comments section of the mod page.

Any future plans for this mod?
I will be doing dialogue expansion for the mod in the vanilla game as well as doing other polishing along the way. The official updated schedule of the next few releases will go as follows:

TBD: 2.0 Push