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Apothecary is a complete overhaul of Skyrim’s alchemy system designed to balance existing options while adding powerful new effects to the game.

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Apothecary - An Alchemy Overhaul 

Apothecary is a complete overhaul of Skyrim’s alchemy system designed to balance existing potions and poisons while adding powerful new effects to the game. The mod normalizes the magnitude of all alchemical ingredients in order to eliminate the gameplay loop of checking UESP to see which effects have slightly higher potencies, or chasing Salmon Roe to level up. It also significantly reduces the gold value of both player-created potions and generic potions while ensuring that the player still levels at a faster rate than Vanilla. In addition, the mod rebalances generic potions so that their strongest and weakest variants match the potency of player-created potions. Finally, Apothecary removes several useless or poorly implemented effects in order to make room for more interesting new effects without adding new ingredients. 

Apothecary does not require my other mods, but it is designed to be consistent with them. For instance, Apothecary adds poisons for each of the new Illusion archetypes and several of the new Alteration archetypes added by Mysticism - A Magic Overhaul.


The magnitudes in the following list reflect the strength of a potion created by a character with 100 Alchemy and all of the Vanilla perks. Generic potions have been reworked to be consistent with player-created potions at all levels.



  • Restore Health, Magicka, or Stamina Potions work over 10 seconds. They do not stack, but they are affected by abilities that increase potion duration.
  • Potions such as Fortify One-handed and Resist Fire have high potencies (50%) and short (60s) durations.
  • Potions such as Fortify Health, Fortify Magicka Regeneration, and Fortify Armor Rating have lower effective potencies and extended durations.
  • New utility potions allow the player to experiment with effects that were much rarer in the Vanilla game, such as Become Ethereal and Waterwalking.


The magnitudes in the following list reflect the strength of a poison created by a character with 100 Alchemy and all of the Vanilla perks. Generic poisons have been reworked to be consistent with player-created poisons at all levels.



  • Damage Health, Magicka, and Stamina poisons deal (stacking) damage over time.
  • Lingering damage poisons are still clearly differentiated from other poisons.
  • Poisons replicate all of Illusion’s influence effects, including new archetypes added by Mysticism, allowing poison-focused characters to manipulate the battlefield. 
  • Poisons replicate all the new debuff effects added to Alteration by Mysticism, with higher potencies to compensate for their one-time-use nature.
  • All Poisons benefit from Weakness to Poison, allowing you to increase the strength of poisons such as Damage Armor, Fear, and Weakness to Magic.

Scrambled Bugs - Poison Resistance Patch 

In Skyrim, all poisons are automatically resisted by Poison Resistance, no matter what value is placed in the "Resisted By" field in their Magic Effects. This means that poisons such as Burden and Weakness to Fire are weaker against targets with high Poison Resistance, and stronger against targets with low Poison Resistance. It also means that Poisons of Weakness to Poison can be stacked infinitely, leading to ridiculous effects. Because of this, in earlier versions of Apothecary, debuff poisons were quite weak, because we had to assume the player was using Weakness to Poison effects to buff their strength considerably. 

However, Scrambled Bugs now comes with a "Poison Resistance" patch that allows us to create poisons that aren't resisted by Poison Resistance. This allows us to balance debuff poisons such as Damage Armor and Weakness to Frost in much the same way that we balance similar spells in Mysticism. It also allows the Weakness to Poison effect to exist without stacking with itself infinitely.

We strongly recommend that you download Scrambled Bugs and turn the "Poison Resistance" patch on. With the patch activated, poisons of Burden, Damage Weapon, Damage Armor, Weakness to Fire, Weakness to Frost, and Weakness to Shock will be fully resisted by an enemy with 100% Poison Resistance, since they are considered "immune" to Poisons. However, once you reduce an enemy's Poison Resistance to any value below 100%, debuff poisons will produce their full effect (this is similar to how Mysticism balances debuff spells). In addition, poisons of Weakness to Poison will work on targets even with 100% Poison Resistance, allowing alchemists to affect highly resistant enemies without resorting to other skills such as Enchanting or Alteration. This also solves the problem where poisons of Weakness to Poison are ineffective on the very enemies you'd most like to use them on.

With the Poison Resistance patch activated, Poisons of Damage Health, Damage Magicka, Damage Stamina, Lingering Damage Health, Lingering Damage Magicka, Lingering Damage Stamina, Calm, Frenzy, Silence, Fear, Paralysis, and Command continue to scale on Poison Resistance, meaning these poisons will be less effective against an enemy with high Poison Resistance and more effective against an enemy with low Poison Resistance.

General Changes and Removed Effects

Apothecary removes several potion effects from the game. Sometimes, these potion effects were removed for balance reasons (Fortify Smithing and Fortify Enchanting); sometimes, they were only removed because they were redundant with a new or existing effect (Damage Magicka Regeneration, Fortify Light Armor). Removing these effects allowed us to add our new effects with minimizing changes to existing recipes, so most of the combinations you remember will still work fine. However, in a few places, we did make changes to existing effects, and we do welcome feedback as to whether some effects feel rarer than they should be. We also changed the rarity of a few ingredients. Now that we’ve normalized the magnitude of all potion archetypes, it simply doesn’t make sense for items like Salmon Roe to be as rare as they are. Finally, we tweaked Sinderion's Serendipity (it's called Sinderion's Legacy now) to be a little more desirable and to work better with perk overhauls.

A list of removed effects can be found below.



Apothecary is not compatible with other alchemy overhauls. You will need a patch for any mod that adds new ingredients, in order to adjust their magnitudes, durations, and gold values to be in line with Apothecary. Apothecary may also have some minor compatibility issues with mods that add new player-crafted enchantments. This is because both alchemy and enchanting mods need to make use of the same “Unused Actor Values” to implement their effects. The incompatibility should be limited to specific enchantments that use the same actor values as Apothecary.

The Simonrim Team 

Simon Magus (Nexus / Patreon) 
DeltaRider (Nexus / Patreon)
Oreo (Nexus / Patreon)
Colinswrath (Nexus / Patreon)

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