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This mod expands Molag Bal's daedric quest, giving you the option of choosing an alternative "good guy" route to finish the vanilla quest. Fully voiced, with new scenes and a custom reward: a new follower!

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  • New OPTIONAL alternative route to finish The House of Horrors as a good guy
  • New scenes, dialogues and a crumbling cave await you in this adventure
  • A possible new follower with around 90 lines + vanilla lines as an alternative reward to the mace
  • Full mod is voiced with carefully spliced lines, which should sound pretty much like vanilla-quality for the most part
  • Already marked ESL cause I'm a nice person


Long-ish description:

I like the Molag Bal quest in vanilla, but more often than not I want to play as the good guy. Without having meta knowledge that this is an evil quest, you might start this quest and it could ruin the moral compass of your character with its lack of options.

Well...  n o   m o r e !

This mod doesn't force you into a new path, it lets you choose with your in-game actions if you want to complete the quest the vanilla way (siding with Molag Bal) OR as the good guy (Siding with Tyranus, the Vigilant of Stendarr).

However: Just like in the vanilla quest, Molag Bal has gotten into the head of our friend Tyranus and he's pretty much lost it at this point. You have a chance to convince him to calm down and stop his foolishness, which will allow you to take a different path to destroy the altar and free the house from its daedric influence.

How can I convince Tyranus? Either with high speech, high intimidation or some other secret ways. (Pretty obvious to figure these out) - Be careful as you can only choose one option, he will attack you right away if not convinced by your argument.

The quest is fully voiced, not with synth sound but vanilla splicing. (Nothing against vsynth, but it can be eerie sometimes).

Choosing to side with Tyranus comes with a different set of rewards for the quest. Spoiler alert: A New voiced paladin-priest-warrior type of follower.



A: If you want the mace, just finish the quest the vanilla way. My mod just gives you an alternative way to finish the quest, with an alternative series of rewards that do not include the mace. However, you are allowed to kill Tyranus at any point before the ritual that destroys the altar, which will take you back to the vanilla path and allow you to get the mace.

Q: My Tyranus is not wearing the armor in the screenshots, is it included in the mod?
A: No, this mod only changes the quest and adds him as a possible follower... But the epic armor is 100% another mod: NordWarUA makes some of the best looking armor pieces out there. If you want your vigilants of Stendarr to have those armors, I recommend installing Unplayable Faction Armors SSE.

Q: I have a mod that changes Tyranus' appereance. Do I need a patch?
A: No patch needed, I've made no changes to Tyranus himself.

Q: How many lines does the possible follower have? Is this Inigo 3.0?
A: I'm sorry to disappoint, but Tyranus is pretty basic in terms of lines. He has about 80 lines all-together, plus all the normal vanilla generic lines belonging to his voice type (MaleCommander). So he's a bit above vanilla housecarls, but similar all in all. The focus of the mod is the quest, not the follower, he's just a small bonus if you want to take him along for the adventure!

Q: Can the follower die in combat?
A: Like most vanilla followers, he's marked protected, meaning he will kneel when his health reaches 0, but can still be killed by you. However: If you're like me and like it when the stakes are high, I recommend installing Follower Death and Injury Chance, which makes it so using your followers as a meat shield can result in... well, them dying or being wounded.

Q: I completed the quest but Tyranus doesn't want to follow me?
A: He's a vigilant of Stendarr. If he has even the slightest suspition that you might be a vampire or werewolf, he will just thank you for your help and send you on your way. Consider yourself lucky he owes you.

Q: Can I import him into my follower framework mod?
A: I haven't tested it, but my guess is yes, he should still work fine if you import it. Maybe someone can confirm in the comments.

Q: Compatibility? Can I install this mid-game?
A: It's probably not compatible with anything that changes this same quest (House of Horrors - DA10). And yes, it can be installed mid-game as long as you're not already in the house.

Q: I dismissed the follower, where is he now?
A: If you don't recruit him or if you dismiss him, Tyranus will chill with his brothers and sisters at Stendarr's Beacon.


Happy Spooky Halloween! Feel free to come say hi on twitch!
Also: Stay away from haunted houses occupied by Daedric Princes

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