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AOS is an extensive sound overhaul aiming to make the soundscape more immersive, responsive, and ultimately fun. Ambiance, weapons, magic, movement, reverb system, sound propagation, creatures, and the whole mix are key areas of change.

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Audio Overhaul for Skyrim is an extensive sound overhaul aiming to make Skyrim's soundscape more immersive, clear, responsive, impactful and ultimately fun, while also aiming for maximum compatibility, performance and coherency with the original game. Ambience, weapons, magic, movement, reverb system, sound propagation, creatures and the overall mix are key areas of change. The audio has been tweaked and often redesigned from scratch in thousands of instances of content and implementation, to achieve one coherent vision for the soundscape that does not rely on third party content or code.

The overall style and tone moves away from a "gamey" soundscape and instead uses more real life audio behavior as a guideline. Another goal was to really make sure that this Audio Overhaul for Skyrim does not give itself away as a mod. Through subtlety and coherence, new and old content should meld together seamlessly, even if that means that the majority of changes will not be consciously noticed.

No content has been stolen from other games. New audio content is unique to this project and
there is nothing that was just copied straight out of a sound library.

"Rapids of the Reach"

The following description is a reformatting of the Classic Skyrim description.

Distance Propagation. A case by case treatment that includes minimum distance, attenuation curve and maximum distance settings. For example, the audible range for weapon impacts has been increased by roughly 200%. The range for an NPC biting an apple is still close to what it used to be. The overall the chance that you hear what you see and expect has been increased significantly. The world is more alive as a result.

Extensive Remix. The game is about 10-15% louder (as much as the engine allows). Adjusted amplitudes across the board for optimal balance between gameplay relevance and immersion, and a more dynamic and airy mix (the difference between quiet and loud is more prominent). The changed frequency content of many sounds for a more balanced and dynamic sound spectrum. More high range detail, less cluttered low-mid, low and sub-range frequencies. Instead of just a collection of individual assets the soundscape now functions better as a whole. The system has been fine-tuned since it's original release.

Reverb Overhaul. More emphasis than in Vanilla Skyrim. Different environments now have a much more present, realistic and varied space response. Not just increased volume of reverb, but remodeled reverbs for all different environment types for optimal balance between reverb sound quality and the core of each environment atmosphere, as much as the engine allows. Tweaked thoroughly in conjunction with the attenuation distance overhaul. There are outdoor reflections now. Being outside does not stop sound from reflecting from surfaces. The effect is very subtle, but quite effective and adds a more natural feel to the exterior soundscape. Explosions (runes, fireballs, dragonfireballs) now have special outdoor reflection tails as you would expect from a loud sound.

Foley & Footsteps. An almost complete overhaul of all humanoid, and some creature's footsteps. More than 1000 new sounds just for this. Worn armor types (cloth, light, heavy) are now coherent and always present for different surface types and movement speeds. Heavy armor sounds heavier than the other types. Reduced repetition by increasing the number of samples and designing all-new sounds and modifying old ones to be clear of "give away" elements such as specific tones and rhythms, while trying to leave as much of the character of the sounds intact as possible.

Magic. New sound design from scratch and modifications to spells for increased variety. More clarity between casting, projectile and impact sound. More aggressive, snappy, punchy impacts and explosion design that comes through in the mix better and makes throwing projectiles at enemies more satisfying and responsive. More realism, by emphasizing the elements that are being wielded and making the sounds more concise and dynamic rather than typical, whooshy game sound design. Better connection to the visuals such as the timing on icicles getting stuck and exploding after a while or fireball impact sounds that follow the expansion and collapse of the fire. More variation and specific sounds for different spells. Sustained destruction sounds are now more intense when dual cast by adding additional layers. You can hear magic projectiles flying by your face no matter the distance it had to travel. The changes are exhaustive.

Weapons. Redesigned weapon impacts for better distinction between weapon types and more presence in the mix. Redesigned draw, sheathe, bash and block sound with the same philosophy. Daggers now have unique content, no longer reuse sword assets. Redesigned bows firing and arrow impact sounds, made from real medieval bow recordings. Arrows now have projectile sounds. Changes to make sure the game uses the right content intended for different situations instead of falling back to generic samples.

"The sun sets on the Plains District"

Ambience. Completely redesigned all exterior base ambiances to give a greater sense of air, wind, foliage, life. Subtle and non-intrusive but significantly more vivid and varied compared to before. Redesigned or heavily remixed all interior base ambiances, resulting in a much more dynamic presence than vanilla. Roughly 400 new ambient sounds throughout Skyrim, in interiors and exteriors, chosen and placed with care in terms of location but also making sure there is not too much overlap and clutter. Some examples include: bats, bees, eagles, dogs, rocks, branch cracks, various birds, supernatural dungeon tones, debris fall, town activity, elks, foxes, frogs, geysers, house creaks, loons, wooden support creaks, mosquitoes, owls, wolfs and more.

The Tundra is about open grass fields with insects and wind hitting your ears. The Reach is bare and windy, with eagles and various birds echoing through the mountains and rocks falling in the distance. Snowfields and mountains are cold and have little life with biting gusts and snow carried away by the wind. Emphasis is on different snowing intensity, up to a snowstorm. The marsh swamp is eerily dead with just some insects and frogs.

More focus on animated objects in the environment such as fires, waterfalls or windmills. I want the world of Skyrim to be more alive with these spots that can grab your attention and are panned in the 3D environment. You hear what you see and can use your ears to find things which you might otherwise miss, more than before. Adjusted content and timing of randomized ambient sounds (like birds, insects) in most exterior and interior regions. Lowered or even removed some sounds that were out of place or annoying, added others to emphasize the character of the environment. Remixed heavily. Many really good vanilla Skyrim sounds were hardly noticeable before, some others stuck out too much.

Interior rain and thunder in stereo, heard inside structures where it is normally expected to these sounds.
The interior wind howls based on the weather outside (mainly inside wooden structures).

Traps. Lots of traps have been made snappier and louder in order to hopefully scare you more. Igniting oil is much more intense.

Creatures. New sound design and many modifications for various creature types. Changes reach from small modifications, like foxes, to complete redesigns, like frostbite spiders. Special attention to things that are big and epic. Dragons biting, landing, flying by, tail whips, stampeding mammoths, groaning centurions, etc.

Performance and Bug Fixes. Performance had been taken in consideration from the beginning of the project. For a majority of users, there will be no performance hit using AOS. Many vanilla Skyrim sound bugs have be fixed either directly or as a side effect of the other changes. All changes relevant to AOS have been forwarded from USSEP.


Special thanks to Bethesda for allowing everyone to modify their vast games and promoting an active and creative community.

Special Thanks (Audio Overhaul for Skyrim Special Edition):
llavos, lazygecko, several translation contributors

Special Thanks (Audio Overhaul for Skyrim Classic):
Alt3rn1ty, fadingsignal, isoku, itsfutile, keithinhanoi, michaelrw, Nelly and Jinn (you know who you are and what you have done), raphou112, T3nd0, UnmeiX.

Audio Overhaul for Skyrim 2.5 Beta Testers:
AthrunNailo, EmancipatorJCH, OrmrSnaethorsen, Silverylos, snow, syentism.

David J. & Dylan James (Was Taken)
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