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Makes poisons & diseases block-able with a shield/weapon/ward spell (they aren't in vanilla). Fixed and expanded from the LE mod. No more "spider-spit CTD."

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  • Mandarin
Xbox Version Available
Courtesy of Hebsevenfour

Read on, or skip and scroll to the bottom of the page for requirements and compatibility notes.

We've all been there...

You're waltzing through an old ruin or cave, and suddenly find yourself face-to-mandibles with some kind of giant creepy-crawly, or perhaps one of the Falmer with their poison-coated weapons. They attack, and you lift your shield in reaction on the perfectly logical assumption that inches of hardened metal, hide, wood, or a magically generated barrier will protect you from harm...


In vanilla Skyrim, venom and poisons teleport through any obstacle and immediately begin eating away at your health! After learning this ridiculous and unexpected lesson the hard way, you're forced to continue battle with your HP pool unjustly compromised, and no way to defend yourself from another similar attack. 

The lack of sense doesn't just stop there, either. 

The next thing you know, a Skeever rams its face into your shield, and OH NO!
You've got Ataxia.


In the hope that all of us can avoid this frustration in the future,
I'd like to share with you:

Paulicus's Oldrim mod, Shields Block Poison, strives to solve the "problems" described above. As such, it has been a godsend to me for years. However, I noticed that the SSE port of Paulicus's mod was outdated (based on version 1.4.1), so I decided to port the updated version (1.6), as well as do what I could to fix the mod's remaining issues and complete its features. I'm now sharing it here, along with some patches, since others have expressed an interest.

Original Mod Description by Paulicus:
(With slight revision for the sake of relevance, and additions from Paulicus's changelogs)

I didn't like that Skyrim's Poison Effect would still work against a blocking opponent, so I made this tiny mod to fix it. 
Despite the title,
 it works both with and without shields.

  • Version 1.6: Added conditions to allow wards to block poison and disease effects as well.
  1. I made the angle conditions wider for wards, similar to blocking spit attacks, because the ward seems to cover a larger area than most shields. Wards cover 360 degrees with spit attacks (native Skyrim functionality; I didn't have to edit any spit effects, just melee ones). With this mod, wards will block melee attacks in an area about 160 degrees in front of the player.
  • Version 1.5: I fixed the conditions so all issues with NPCs and directional facing should be gone
  1. Blocking poisons should work as intended in all scenarios now.

This is the "Full Version" of the Mod:

This mod is just a few simple edits to magic effect (MGEF) records in TES5Edit to check if the target is blocking when a poison effect is applied. Despite the title, it works both with and without shields (though you'll need a shield to block spit attacks). It also affects NPCs in addition to the player.

I added "GetRelativeAngle" conditions to poison effects to match the blocking area in front of the player. This means that you will no longer be negating poisons unless you actually block the hit! Activating block will not remove or affect ongoing poisons, the conditions are only checked when the poison is initially applied.

I made this by editing the magic effect records (MGEF) in TES5Edit to add a few conditions to all poison effects. Very simple. This does mean that any mod that also edits those records will be incompatible, and need a patch. The only mod in my list of 100+ that edits those records is Requiem, though there could be others. Also, some mods may also create new MGEF records of their own. In that case, this mod would not affect those poisons, though they wouldn't directly conflict. Hunterborn is the only mod I use that does this, but other creature mods might as well.

I believe that I found all the relevant MGEF records, but it's possible that I've missed some.

NOTE: Since version 1.3 of the mod, the issue where some users would get CTDs randomly upon spider attacks has mostly been resolved.
[Zira's note: with PPB Updated, this is now 100% resolved.]

If you want to tweak this mod or make your own patch, it's extremely simple to do in TES5Edit. As of version 1.5, I've learned how to set the conditions so that they are evaluated dynamically between subject and target. This means that previous disclaimers about unexpected behaviors in NPC vs NPC combat are void. The mod now properly evaluates blocking and facing conditions in all cases.

[End of Mod Description by Paulicus]

Paulicus Poison Block (PPB) Updated

Paulicus: "Feel free to reuse this mod however you like. Make patches, translations, include it in your mod, all okay. Just be sure you credit me. You may not use this mod in any for-profit, commercial, or paid-mod-related service."
Paulicus: "I haven't played Skyrim in some time, so probably [no SSE Port] in any timely manner. [...] That said, I don't mind if anyone wants to port/remake it and post it."

As for what I have added or changed about the mod going off of Paulicus's work and the suggestions of others, PPB Updated includes:

  • A guaranteed fix for the infamous "spider-spit CTD," courtesy of Jazzkiwifruit's advice.
  • Patches for all the popular SE alchemy mods as well as Requiem SE.
  • Conditions for melee poison in addition to projectile poison, courtesy of Camillo82's advice, and CovenantTurtle's assistance.
  • Fleshed out the included creatures/poisons, with the additions of a few skipped vanilla enemies as well as creatures from Dragonborn and Dawnguard. If you find any other oversights not yet covered, feel free to lmk in the comments.

If you find any further issues, or have any recommendations, advice, or requests, please leave a comment. I am still relatively new to understanding how best to employ these conditions.

I hope you enjoy the mod.
And please toss Paulicus's LE mod an endorsement if you do.

PPB's Requirements:

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch


I do not personally recommend changing your plugin order mid-game (even if the mod is script-free) whether it's to add or remove things, but in the grand scheme of things, this mod is a pretty safe one to do so with if you must. Just download, install, and activate the plugin/s with your chosen mod manager.

Load Order:
  1. USSEP - Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch 
  2. Other Mods affecting the same vanilla MGEF and SPELL records
  3. PPB - Paulicus Poison Block
  4. Patches for PPB and those Other Mods


Simply uninstall/disable/deactivate/delete the plugin/s (.esp) with your mod manager.


Any mod that affects the same records will require a patch to merge and forward PPB's changes. 
The only mods that are likely to conflict are mods overhauling alchemy poison effects.

Mods that add new poison effects or diseases to the game.
These require a patch that adds PPB's changes to those effects if you want them to be blocked through this mod. Otherwise they will follow vanilla mechanics (i.e., not be blockable). 

This mod is still safe to use even alongside mods which conflict in one of the above two ways, but depending on load order, PPB's effects may be overwritten or inconsistent.

Compatible Mods Incorporating/Supporting PPB Features:
Vanguard Path - Rogue Gameplay and Perk Overhaul by deletepch

CC Survival Mode
Requiem - The Roleplaying Overhaul
 (Normal and CC Version)
Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul
Apothecary - An Alchemy Overhaul
Alchemy Potions and Food Adjustments

Vanilla Plus
[Note: these mods should not be used simultaneously with PPB.]

Thanks and Credits:

Paulicus: for creating this mod for Oldrim
Jazzkiwifruit: for sharing the knowledge that inspired this plugin
Atardercer and CovenantTurtle: for helping with patches
Camillo82: for giving tips to complete this plugin's features

More immersive mod shares:




That's all.
Good luck, have fun, and stay safe.