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The harsh Northern lands of Skyrim have never felt more real and immersive.
Player, NPC, animal, and creature movements have all been tweaked to feel more believable, logical, and unforgiving.
After all, this is the land of the Nords.

Permissions and credits

This mod alters the player, NPC, animal, and creature movements to make your gameplay feel more believable, realistic, and consequentially more immersive.
Many t
weaks have been made for realism, some for a little extra challenge, and a few inspired by lore.
Most importantly, this mod will go into your current load order without a hitch.

Players who enjoy game mechanics that lean more towards realism will appreciate the change of feel that this mod will offer.
The pacing of the game is now a little more realistic and so you might find yourself approaching situations in game differently than before.
If you think this might not be your cup of tea, I would urge you to at least try it out especially since you can safely install or uninstall this mod at any time without any side effects.

Your speed of movement is reduced in ways that will make sense to you.
The same has been applied to sneaking, though little to no change has been made to your ability moving forward.
Different weapons will further impact the above parameters.
Two handed weapons such as greatswords, battleaxes and so on are quite heavy and so will affect your mobility in combat the most.
One handed weapons are less so, followed by smaller weapons such as daggers, and finally bows.
Your ability to move while having an arrow pulled (aiming) is reduced, so depending on factors such as difficulty settings or other mods, tactical positioning will actually be a thing now.
Casting magic has little affect on movement in case you mages out there are wondering but do remember that unlike vanilla movement, running backwards and strafing is much slower than an enemy charging
full force at you.
Last but definitely not least, you're no longer an Olympic swimmer.
And of course, everything above also applies to NPCs.

Animal movements have been altered to actually move like they should.
Wild animals such as Sabre Cats, wolves, bears and such are now faster.
Horses are MUCH more useful now so traveling on foot is not a logical approach when traveling long distances across Skyrim.
Horse sprinting speeds are almost doubled and galloping is also significantly faster.
And since they are horses of Skyrim and not just traditional horses, they are quite agile so the turning and responsiveness is still smooth at the higher speeds.
The rest of the animals have all also been looked at in the same manner.

Draugr are slightly slower now after being in dusty old crypts for so long BUT over time they've learned to master handling their weapons so therefore the weight of their weapons have almost no impact on them.
ancient lost race of Mer, known as The Dwemer or "Dwarves" by the folks of Skyrim were a fascinating race and their creations have been timeless.
Dwemer Automatons are fast and agile so be well equipped and alert before venturing into one of their ruins.
Vampire lords are rapid and deadly.
Werewolfs can propel to higher speeds than vanilla.
Daedra's and Atronach's are more quick and fluid in their movement.
Other creatures such as trolls, skeevers, spiders and so on have all been carefully looked at as well of course.

This mod was designed to be as compatible as possible.
The least was used to change the most.
Only the "movement_types" have been altered so it will be compatible with pretty much every mod unless they specifically also make changes to that category.
In a case where you're suspicious that a mod may overwrite what this mod does, simply place this mod after (beneath) them and everything should work flawlessly.
Feel free (and I encourage you) to stack this mod with others to maximize your immersion in gameplay.
Nothing in this mod will corrupt, damage, or linger in your saves in any way.
Don't hesitate to install or uninstall at any time.


Load anywhere you'd like except if in doubt about a possible conflict, just move it lower. (explained above)
For example, I personally use SkyTEST and Wildcat (fantastic mods you should get if not already) and I just load them before my mod.
All this does is make sure they don't overwrite the movement changes my mod makes.


Simply download and install with NMM or any other mod manager you use.


I worked super hard on getting this done and making a decent video for it to make it easy to judge whether you're interested or pass.
So if you think this mod is worthy of your endorsement then that would make me really happy.
Thank you!