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Adds a new contractible lycanthrope disease!

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 Also available on Xbox One.

When I first played Skyrim I was very excited about the return of lycanthropy, but disappointed when I learned the only way to become a werewolf it was through the Companions questline. I was expecting a cool disease system where you could contract it similar to Sanguinare Vampiris. Well, with the help of my friend Victor, we have done just that. Now, when fighting werecreatures around Skyrim, there will be a chance for you to catch Canis Hysteria, a disease that will morph into lycanthropy if not treated!

  • A new disease, Canis Hysteria, that will morph into full-blown lycanthropy if not treated.
  • A new lore book that expands on some of the lore of the mod.
  • An alternative way to cure your beast blood (this will only work on non-Companion werewolves).
  • New fully-voiced dialogue for the Companions questline that highlights your lycanthrope status.

Curing the Affliction

A short quest has been added to allow you to cure your non-Companion lycanthropy. You can start the quest by reading the book Taxonomy of Lycanthropic Diseases. You can find a copy in Kodlak's room in Jorrvaskr as well as randomly throughout the world.

Recommended Mods

In vanilla werewolves are incredibly rare enemies. You will probably be able to count the number of werewolves you fight in a playthrough on one hand. Therefore it is recommended that you pair this mod with More Werewolves by opusGlass and Forsworn Skinchangers by EpicCrab. Werewolves will still be uncommon, but you will be able to encounter enough to make contracting Canis Hysteria viable.

Canis Hysteria should be compatible with werewolf overhauls such as Manbeast, Growl, and Moonlight Tales as long as you load it after the respective overhaul.

Patches for the following mods are provided in our installer:

for working on the Rite of the Wolf Giver and the disease itself.
Parapets for help and advice splicing together Vanilla voice lines.
DanielCoffey for book cover resources taken from Book Covers PSD - Modders Resource.