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Adds over 60 all-new, high-quality husky sounds to the Dawnguard huskies including new attacks, barks, idle panting, groans, "talking", etc. Ported to Special Edition.

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Ported for Skyrim Special Edition!


Adds over 60 all-new, high-quality husky sounds to the Dawnguard huskies (and any mod that uses the Husky race) including new attacks, barks, idle panting, groans, "talking", etc.  The vanilla huskies sound more like German Shepherds to me, and I wanted something a little more true.

I usually have at least one Husky with me, and also got a little tired of the repetitious idle sounds.  ESPECIALLY the breathing and sniffing.  I grew up with huskies, and always loved their unique barks, groans, and talking, and wanted to hear some of that in the game.

Sounds were meticulously sliced, edited, compressed, and EQ'd to ensure highest quality and vanilla style.  I plan on updating this with even more sounds as I am able to find them!

NOTE: The video example has been edited to highlight the unique sounds, but in regular play they are fairly infrequent so they don't get annoying.  The many extra panting and idle breath sounds alone will make them far more dynamic and LESS annoying than vanilla dogs.


  • 2 new panting idle loops, no more droning breaths!  Total of 3 idle panting sounds, now with random pitch.
  • 4 new aggro warnings
  • 8 new attack sounds
  • 2 new power attack sounds
  • 14 new barks (plus distant barks)
  • 4 new alternate "sniffing" sounds
  • 33 idle "whine" sounds to keep idles from being too repetitious (though the engine likes to pick one sound and play it a lot, I've noticed.)



Shows idles first, then barking in combat.  Shows just a few sounds you'll hear, including breathing etc. and I edited the video to highlight them.  They do not get annoying.  Bandicam audio and video is always horrendously out-of-sync for me, so don't mind it not matching up.  It also degrades the audio quality, so please note they sound MUCH better in-game.  I adjusted the overall volume to make it easier to hear, but you should try it for yourself!


All sounds came from a multitude of sources on, and are used in line with each author's permissions.  I used tiny pieces from so many sources I couldn't possibly credit them all without doing some digging, and would be happy to do so if it is required of me.