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Actually back out of becoming a werewolf without leaving Skjor and Aela stuck in the Underforge forever, and various other tweaks for the Companions.

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Changes to the Companions:

Intro (C00)
  • The giant attack outside Whiterun lasts longer, allowing you to join the fight.
  • Ria will not freak out if she happens to be present during the Jorrvaskr fight.
  • Vilkas is prevented from using combat alerts and taunts when training you.
Proving Honor (C01)
  • Aela can be your observer (Shield-Sibling) if she is determined to be your favorite quest giver.
  • The option to tell your observer to meet you at Dustman's Cairn will appear below the other dialogue options.
  • Fixed a script error that allowed your observer to do favors after reverting from werewolf form.
The Silver Hand (C03)
  • Fixed Skjor's dialogue where he thinks it's daytime during the night.
  • Edited Skjor's schedule so he won't wait for you until 8pm.
  • Edited Aela's schedule so she won't go to the Underforge until 6pm.
  • If you indicate to Skjor that you might not want to be a werewolf, dialogue will end.
  • If you leave the Underforge without accepting the transformation, Skjor and Aela will go back to their lives during the day and come back during the night.
  • If you return to the Underforge and speak to Skjor again, there is new dialogue to tell him whether you are prepared or not.


  • Anything that changes Aela or Farkas's outfit - Compatible. Load after this mod.
  • The Companions - Earn your stripes. - Compatible.
  • Open Cities Skyrim. - Compatible. Load after this mod.
  • Andromeda - Unique Standing Stones of Skyrim. - Compatible. Load after this mod.
  • Cutting Room Floor. - Compatible. Load before this mod.