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Hired thugs shouldn't be killing you. That's the Dark Brotherhood's job.

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If you've ever thieved much in Skyrim, chances are you're familiar with the thugs who occasionally get hired to track you down and kill you. This isn't exactly very fun, nor does it even make much sense that regular mercenaries are conducting assassinations. The way this event works, you are forced to either kill the thugs, or run away far enough that they disappear. Doing either of these things can be difficult, but you just can't continue playing your game until you do.

Well, what if the thugs didn't outright kill you? What if there were more options to play around it as a character with a stealth-focused build? That's where this mod comes in. Now you have more opportunities to use your persuasion, sneak, or illusion skills to get out of these hairy situations. You will also have an incentive to stash away your stolen items so that you don't get caught and have them taken from you.

In a nutshell
  • You can now have a conversation with the thug leader before fighting.
  • The conversation includes options to fight, surrender, bribe, or persuade the thugs. Or you can just run away.
  • If you still get into a fight with the thugs, they do not kill you. However, they will take some of your stolen items and gold instead.
  • If you escape the fight by hiding from them or calming them, they will leave you alone.
  • If you hid or disposed of the stolen items beforehand, it is much easier to persuade them that you didn't do it.
  • After the event unfolds, the original victim will have a worse opinion of you, unless you bribe or persuade the thugs, or get beaten up but they don't find anything.

You can install this mod while the quest is already running, but the thugs won't be able to tell if you have any of the stolen items on you.