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Adds 25+ minutes of lore friendly/immersive music specifically written for Skyrim!

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Name : Melodies of Civilization - Skyrim Fan-Made Music
Author : OrganicView / CaptainCreepy
Version : 1.01

Compatibility Patch updated for v2.4 of 
Chapter II. If you're also using Still, don't forget to grab the compatibility patch there as well!
The patch is now a single plugin that works with both the ESP and ESL versions of Chapter II.


Added compatibility patch for Chapter II in the Optional Files section. 

Version 1.01 - Fixed a duplicate entry in the MUSTownTest music type, now points to the right track.

Melodies of Civilization is fully compatible with Still, Hun Lovaas and Around the Fire, my other music mods for exploration, combat and tavern music respectively. 
I've also made Dawnguard Music Overhaul, which expands on that DLC's soundtrack!

All my music mods are also integrated in Soulmancer Music Merge.
A compatibility patch for Chapter II is available in the Optional Files section.
Xbox/ version : (thanks to MichaelRenola for the upload, includes Still, Hun Lovaas and Melodies of Civilization)
Part of the The Phoenix Flavour (Merged music plugin available here)

The mod adds new music to the cities and castles (think Dragonsreach) of Skyrim. These are not royalty free tracks packed together to make a quick mod. These were written specifically for Skyrim and have its atmosphere, world and general vibe in mind. This music is designed to fit with Skyrim and the original OST as if it was always there. As such, I made liberal use of melodies and motifs from other TES games, but arranged and orchestrated with the Skyrim style in mind. Of course, I also added a lot of my own melodic material.  TL:DR no metal, electronic music, cheesy/cheap orchestral music, ect...

The mod adds:
- 4 city day tracks
- 2 city night tracks*
- 2 palace/castle tracks

*It's worth noting that Skyrim does not have night music for cities, it instead reuses exploration music. The two tracks added by the mod however are exclusive to cities during the night.

The main mod adds the music without overriding vanilla music. The plugin is an esp flagged as esl and as such doesn't take a plugin slot.
The optional files also includes standalone replacer and a standalone ready to go package for Personalized Music.

You can take a listen here: 


As stated above, Melodies of Civilization is compatible with both StillHun Lovaas and Around the Fire .

A compatibility patch for Chapter II is available in the Optional Files section.

Melodies of Civilization will conflict with any mod that modifies the "MUSTownTest" and "MUSCastle" music types
. The conflicts can easily be checked and resolved using SSEEdit.
As it is a very simple mod, Melodies of Civilization is safe to install and uninstall at any time without any specific procedure.


I am a composer, and have been for about a decade now. I am also a huge fan of mods and video games, and love making music for those. You can hear some of my other work in Summerset Isle by yourenotsupposedtobeinhere.
I have written the soundtrack for two video games: Lost Past and 20 000 lieues sans la mer
You can hear some of my personal work on my Bandcamp (if you like what you've heard in my mods, my latest album Nomad has similar music with a wider sound palette).