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Reliquary of Myth includes balanced, lore-friendly, and unique enchantments to nearly all of Skyrim's most legendary and famous artifacts.

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Reliquary of Myth is an extensive artifact overhaul that was designed to change how each artifact works significantly by lessening the need for every character to level enchanting to survive at higher levels. The objective is to make every Skyrim artifact genuinely unique and seemly lore-friendly to the extent that it feels more rewarding and usable in a modded playthrough.

Aedric Artifacts
Auriel's Bow
  • 10 points of sun damage. Undead targets take triple damage. Fully drawing the bow channels the sun's power, dealing 100 extra points of sun damage to nearby enemies.*
  • The bow draws its power directly from the sun, slowly recharging the weapon during the day.
  • Sunhallowed Elven Arrows does 15 points of sun damage, double to undead targets. Bloodcursed Elven Arrows can absorb 15 points of Health, double to living targets.
  • Sunburst attacks caused by shooting the sun with Sunhallowed arrows last longer and are more lethal to enemies.

*Between 6 AM and 7 PM, in direct sunlight, empower the bow when fully drawn, shooting a beam of solar light that deals 100 extra points of sun damage to nearby enemies.


Auriel's Bow, a powerful bow allegedly used by the elven god Auri-El. However, in Skyrim, it is outclassed by almost every other mundane Bow in the game. Well, not anymore, it now can turn any arrow into a "missile of death."

Auriel's Shield
  • Absorbs energy from blocked attacks, which can be released with a power bash. Blocking has a 20% chance to reflect melee damage back at the attacker.*
  • The shield comes with a hidden perk called Deflect Arrows - Arrows that hit the shield do no damage.
  • Reduce the number of successful blocks needed to charge the shield. After 9 blocked attacks, the shield is fully charged.
  • You can now acquire a light version of Auriel's Shield, depending on your armor skill level when you first kill the Falmer Warmonger boss. If your heavy armor skill is higher or equal to your light armor skill, you will always receive a heavy version of the shield, else you'll get the light version.

*There are three levels of charge with Auriel's Shield: 0, 1, 2, and 3. At the different charge levels, the reflect blows effect is fortified by a different amount. At level 0, it's 20%. At level 1, it's 30%, then 40% at level 2, and 50% at level 3.


Auriel's Shield... Its shielding ability is supposedly unsurpassed. Yet, in Skyrim, any other shield would be a better fit for the job. That's no longer the case as it is now truly a reflecting shield, reflecting all melee damage when blocking.

The Staff of Magnus
  • Absorb 25 Magicka per second. If the target is out of Magicka, absorb Health instead. When the beam is held on a target, absorption increases by 5 points each second. Create a 50 point ward when not attacking.*
  • The ward comes with a hidden perk called Ward Absorb - Wards recharge your magicka when hit with spells.
  • The staff will now instantly destroy magical anomalies.
  • The ward can be toggled off by opening the console and typing "Set ROM_MG07_Failsafe_Global to 0". Type "Set ROM_MG07_Failsafe_Global to 1" to enable it again.

*The beam absorption effect increases by 5 points each second the longer it remains on a target, recharging the staff 25 points per second in the process.

A powerful staff once serving as a metaphysical battery for Magnus, but this isn't the case in Skyrim as using the staff, one can still run out of Magicka quite easily. The Staff now acts as a magical battery for the wielder.

Aetherial Artifacts
Aetherial Crown
  • Retains the last Standing Stone ability you held, granting you its effects in addition to those of your current Stone. Grants both your previous and current Stone an additional effect when equipped.*

*Each Standing Stone will grant an additional effect when the Crown is equipped. A list of effects is below.
(I) The Apprentice Stone: Void Seed - All spells cost 5% less Magicka.
(II) The Atronach Stone: Arcane Well - Restores 5% of your Magicka when you kill an enemy within 50 feet.
(III) The Lady Stone: Lady's Warding - Take 5% less damage from spells.
(IV) The Lord Stone: Ysmir's Scales - Take 5% less damage from attacks.
(V) The Lover Stone: Lover's Allure - Weapons deal 5% more damage to humanoids of the opposite sex.
(VI) The Mage Stone: Magicka Manifold - Learn all magic skills 5% faster.
(VII) The Ritual Stone: Mara's Gift - Living allies within 50 feet are healed 5 points per second.
(VIII) The Serpent Stone: Cobra's Dance - Poisons you mix are 5% more effective.
(IX) The Shadow Stone: Fingernail Moon - Sneaking and sneak attacks are 5% more effective.
(X) The Steed Stone: Hellride - You move 5% faster.
(XI) The Thief Stone: Cheater's Nip - Learn all stealth skills 5% faster.
(XII) The Tower Stone: Tower Warden - When you take melee damage, you have a 5% chance to reflect that damage back at the attacker.
(XIII) The Warrior Stone: Warwyrd - Learn all combat skills 5% faster.

The Aetherial Crown is created at the Aetherium Forge as one of three possible rewards for Lost to the Ages. The crown itself was already incredibly powerful so it only needed a small improvement.

Aetherial Shield
  • Striking enemies with this shield places an ethereal bomb on them, making them unable to attack or be attacked for 15 seconds. Upon detonation, the bomb deals 250 damage to all nearby enemies.


The Aetherial Shield is made at the Aetherium Forge as one of three possible rewards for Lost to the Ages. This was arguably the worst of the three rewards and in no scenario where you could make use of its signature ability. Let's make your choice a lot tougher and upgrade it tenfold.

Aetherial Staff
  • Summon a Dwarven Spider or Sphere for 60 seconds wherever the caster is pointing. Spend Scrap to install permanent upgrades.*

*Activate to install permanent upgrades costing 5 scraps to upgrade one of seven stats below.
(I) Health Upgrade 0/250 - Can be upgraded 10 times requiring 50 scraps.
(II) Magicka Upgrade 0/500 - Can be upgraded 10 times requiring 50 scraps.
(III) Stamina Upgrade 0/500 - Can be upgraded 10 times requiring 50 scraps.
(IV) Weapon Damage Upgrade 0/100% - Can be upgraded 10 times requiring 50 scraps.
(V) Spell Damage Upgrade 0/100% - Can be upgraded 10 times requiring 50 scraps.
(VI) Damage Resist Upgrade 0/30% - Can be upgraded 10 times requiring 50 scraps.
(VII) Magic Resist Upgrade 0/30% - Can be upgraded 10 times requiring 50 scraps.


The Aetherial Staff is a staff created at the Aetherium Forge as one of three possible rewards for Lost to the Ages. Ugh, another quite useless reward so making this staff a viable choice was extremely necessary.

Daedric Artifacts
Azura's Star and The Black Star
  • A reusable soul gem that can capture either white souls or black souls. Enchantments are 5% more powerful while in your possession.*

*New enchantments are 5% stronger, plus most enchanted items are also 5% stronger.

Azura's Star and The Black Star is by no means underpowered as having an unlimited capacity to capture souls is arguably quite potent already, but having a little something extra doesn't hurt. Nearly every other artifact overhaul just up its value anyway.

  • 10 points of sun damage, and if striking undead, does triple damage with a chance to cause a sunlight explosion that turns and destroys nearby undead, emanating a radiating aura.*
  • If you're an undead, wielding Dawnbreaker will damage your Health by 30 points per second.

*The first time Dawnbreaker strikes an undead target, it has a 20% chance to trigger Meridia's Retribution, and subsequent strikes against the same target have a 2% chance to cause the same explosion. Activating Meridia's Retribution will grant the player a radiating aura periodically blessing you and nearby allies restoring both Health and Stamina. Undead are cursed, draining the same attributes instead.


Ah, Dawnbreaker, a blade forge "in a holy light that breaks upon" the Prince's foes yet deals a pitiful 10 points of fire damage. Let's reflect on its true purpose and make it incredibly deadly to the undead and a boon to all those who live.

The Ebony Blade
  • Absorbs the life essence of your foes. Strengthened by the blood of deceit. Forward power attacks silence targets up to level 25 for 10 seconds.*
  • Once fully powered, forward power attacks cost 500 points of charge and will prevent the caster from casting spells for the entire duration.
  • Once fully powered, it will automatically recharge itself when equipped.
  • You can now acquire a one-handed version of the Ebony Blade, depending on your choice when you first pick up the Ebony Blade during the Whispering Door quest. The decision you make is final, and you will not be able to choose again after the quest is completed.

*After killing ten friends or allies with the blade, any further kills will double the magnitude of the Ebony Blade’s enchantment for one real-time hour.

Such a malevolent and twisted weapon, a blade that should rightfully be feared by mortals. Alas, in Skyrim, it is nothing of the sort but a jester weapon for laughs and giggles. Let us rectify this mistake and make it a weapon that is greatly feared by all.

The Ebony Mail
  • Envelops the wearer in Boethiah's Embrace, weakening nearby foes or protecting against physical harm when low on Health. Muffles your movement.*

*Opponents that get too close take 5 points of poison damage per second that weaken them to all sources of damage by 25%. If below 50% Health, reduce the physical damage you take by 35% instead.

An ebony suit of armor said to possess great offensive capabilities or superior protection, why not have both?

The Mace of Molag Bal
  • Absorb 15 extra points of Magicka and Stamina for every five souls it has claimed. X souls devoured.*
  • Traps the target's soul if it dies within 15 seconds. If you don't have a big enough soul gem, the Mace will still absorb the target's soul and will use it to recharge itself.

*Now tracks the number of souls the Mace has claimed in its enchantment description and every 5 killing blows you get with the mace increases its enchantment magnitude by 15 points. Souls devoured caps at 25 and will last one in-game hour, slowly reverting to its weakening state.

The Vampire's Mace is known to sap the victim's strength empowering both itself and the wielder, but none of these qualities are ever shown in Skyrim. It's just a lousy damage Magicka and Stamina enchantment instead. Well, no more, the Mace will literally devour your victim's souls!

The Masque of Clavicus Vile
  • Prices and bribes are 35% better and add the Vile's Charm power allowing you to captivate others.*

*Make a humanoid up to level 35 an ally for 60 seconds, and obey orders when not in combat. Those that are charm are also considered friends and are more friendly towards the player.


The Masque a helm that makes the wearer more popular wherever he or she might go. But in Skyrim, that isn't the case, and those around you treat you the same as any other. The Masques now will charm any weak-will fool into becoming your captivating thrall.

Mehrunes' Razor
  • Hits have a 2% chance to instantly kill. Reduces armor by 300 points for 7 seconds.*
  • Instant kill chance can be adjusted by opening the console and typing "Set ROM_DA07_ChancePct_Global to X" to whichever value you want.

*Now tracks the number of souls that were instantly killed by Mehrunes' Razor.


Mehrunes' Razor, also called the Dagger of the Final Wounds, the Bane of the Righteous, and the Kingslayer is a weapon that can slay with terrifying ease. In Oblivion, this was very true; sadly, this is not the case in Skyrim. I just lifted Mehrunes' Razor effect from Oblivion, the superior version.

The Oghma Infinium
  • Reading the Oghma Infinium will give you the option to boost either your combat, magic, or stealth skills by 10 levels and one attribute by 100 points.

The Oghma Infinium, also known as the Tome of Power, the Librum of Knowledge, and the Book that Knows, is an ancient tome of knowledge, and an artifact of great power. Unfortunately, reading the book doesn't offer such great power and is something that rightfully should.

The Ring of Hircine
  • Provides unlimited transformations for werewolves. Hircine protects you with 250 points of armor and 30% magic resistance while in Beast Form.*
  • The cursed version's value was increased to 5000 only.

*The ring version of the Beast Form power is now a lesser power allowing unlimited transformations for werewolves.

The ring can temporarily give the gift of Lycanthropy to the wearer and allows lycanthropes to control their transformations. The power it grants will now allow for unlimited transformations as well as grants a powerful ability to werewolves much like the Frostmoon rings do.

The Ring of Khajiiti
  • Shroud you with unbreakable invisibility while sneaking, but drain 20 Stamina per second. You move 20% faster.
  • The Ring of Khajiiti can randomly be found in boss chests throughout Skyrim. Only one is found per game.


The Ring of Khajiiti is an ancient Daedric artifact, many centuries old, dating back to at least the Second Era. It is associated with two Daedric Princes, Meridia, and Mephala, who have both been known to offer the Ring in return for service. It is said that the Ring makes the wearer invisible, silent, and quick. The Ring returns as a potential reward that can be found randomly in boss chests.

The Ring of Namira
  • Create a 25 point ward with a 15% chance to reflect spells and melee damage. Feeding on corpses grants you increased Health and Health regeneration for five minutes. Chance to catch a disease from feeding.*

*Cannibalism has been overhauled with the following changes.
(I) QoL changes: Once you have fed, you'll no longer receive an option to feed until the positive effects of the ring have worn off.
(II) A more potent effect: You can now stack the positive effects up to ten times (starting at 10 pts and raising every 10 pts permanently) every time you feed.
(III) A chance for disease. Every time you feed you have a small chance of catching a disease. A disease is a negative effect that can only be cured at a shrine or by drinking a potion of cure disease.

The Ring of Namira is bestowed by Namira upon those who do her bidding. But why would one ever wear the ring, when any other ordinary ring will surpass it quite easily? Well, that is no longer the case as the ring will provide a satisfying taste for devouring corpses. Glory to the repulsive!

The Rueful Axe
  • Killing an enemy restores half your Stamina and increases your attack damage by 25%. Chance to enter a frenzied state, attacking friend and foe alike.*
  • It is now considered a silver weapon and will do 20% bonus damage against werewolves, werebears, and undead.
  • Bloodfrenzy state can be toggled off by opening the console and typing "Set ROM_DA03_RandomAttackToggle_Global to 0". Type "Set ROM_DA03_RandomAttackToggle_Global to 1" to enable it again.

*The Rueful Axe gains 25% increased attack damage for every enemy slain for 30 seconds but has a 15% chance that the player is driven into a blood frenzy and NPCs are frenzied.

Most overlook the Rueful Axe as a real Daedric Artifact even though Clavicus Vile, the Prince of Bargains, created the Rueful Axe, a weapon that steals strength as it cuts and tears—deeming it worthy of improving.

The Sanguine Rose
  • Permanently summons a random Dremora.*
  • Summoned Dremora can be dismissed by activating them with the Rose in your possession and selecting the option to dismiss them.

*Sanguine Rose now relies on a separate summoning system that will scale with the player level from level 6-100. One of four powerful Dremora can be summoned: Assassin, Archer, Berzerker, and Mage.

Each Dremora has a unique move set that they can trigger. 
(I) The Assassin: Can power attack 20% faster and will cloak for 4 seconds when power attacking 10-second cooldown. 
(II) The Archer: Can mark targets for death when they are weakened, setting the target Health to 1. 
(III) The Berzerker: Can randomly knock down targets when power attacking dealing an additional 40 damage.
(IV) The Mage: Does 25% more fire damage to low-health targets and reduces the cost of all fire spells it casts.


The Rose is not an artifact most would care to possess even though it is quite powerful. Regrettably, this is also the case in Skyrim, so I have taken it upon myself to give as much love to it as possible.

The Savior's Hide
  • Increases Magic Resistance by 25%. Increases Poison Resistance by 75%. Grants an increasingly powerful blessing for every 20 animals killed, increasing damage inflicted against animals by 0%. X animals killed.*

*Now tracks the number of animals killed as long as the Hide remains equipped and increases the damage inflicted against animals by 20% for every 20 animals killed with the Savior's Hide. Capping at 200% extra damage against animals.

Savior's Hide, also known as Scourge of the Oathbreaker is a Daedric artifact commonly associated with Hircine. In Skyrim, the effects of the Hide weren't exactly a worthy reward. So I have doubled the enchantment of the Hide and gave it a unique boon that fits its theme with Hircine's realm.

The Skeleton Key
  • Automatically unlocks any lock that doesn't require a key.

The Skeleton Key functions as a tool for "unlocking" all things, including portals, hidden potential, and other unknown possibilities. As an artifact, that is a quest item and can not be kept after its completion. This means most overhauls leave it untouched, but I have altered it to automatically unlock any lock that doesn't require a key instead of just an unbreakable lockpick.

The Skull of Corruption
  • 20 points damage, increases to 50 if powered with dreams collected from sleeping people. Create a corrupted clone that attacks the target for 30 seconds when sated with more than 15 dreams.*
  • It no longer consumes charges when powered with dreams.
  • So many fixes to arguably the worst artifact you could ever wield. Not even the Unofficial patch deems it worthy of fixing.
  • For those who wish to just deal damage with the Skull open the console and type "Set ROM_DA16_SkullDreamTotal_Global to X" to whichever value you desire but why would anyone choose damage over clones?

*Can create a clone that is equal in stats to the original and will last for 30 seconds. Cloning only works on NPCs like in Oblivion, but unlike Oblivion, it has no cap on how many clones you can have at once and can potentially be very powerful.


It is an incredible staff that creates a duplicate, or "clone", of whomever it is cast upon. But now the Skull shall do a feeble amount of damage to tickle your foes into submission. I reverted this terrible decision and gave back what was true to its nightmarish nature.

  • Blocking creates a ward that protects against spells for up to 100 points. Timed blocks can reflect incoming spells. When fully charged, power bashing silences targets up to level 25 for 30 seconds.*

*Absorbing 15 spells with the ward up will fully charge the shield allowing you to cast a powerful silence explosion in a 15-foot radius that prevents enemies from casting spells for the entire duration. Timed blocks with Spellbreaker will reflect hostile spells back at the enemy caster.


This Dwarven tower shield not only protects its wielder from physical damage but also from magical attacks, by reflecting spells or silencing any mage about to cast a spell. A shame that it provides a ward that’s only 10 points better than Lesser Ward. Let's bring back its original enchantments from its glory days. The legend is back!

  • Absorb 50 points of Stamina. Hits increase melee damage by 10% for 5 seconds, stacking up to 10 times. Sideways power attacks can unleash Malacath's Vengeance, consuming all stacks.*

*Unleashing Malacath's Vengeance creates a ruinous cyclone that does 150 points of damage and flings victims into the air, paralyzing them for 8 seconds.


Volendrung, also known as the Hammer of Might, is an ancient artifact created by the Dwarven Rourken clan. In previous chapters, it could paralyze foes or temporarily drain their health yet in Skyrim it is as mundane as any other enchanted Warhammer. I took the liberty of recreating a unique ability it had in ESO, one that was incredibly powerful.

The Wabbajack
  • A blast from Wabbajack with an unpredictable effect.*

*The Wabbajack now has over 50 random effects, which include elemental explosion, transformation, instant kill, summons, healing, calming, paralysis, invisibility, and exploding chickens.


The mad god's most prized possession, as befits the Prince of Madness is unpredictable in its effects. The randomness of the staff lacked much in Skyrim, so I added many new chaotic effects.

Dragon Priest Masks
  • Increases Fire Resistance by 50% and Fire spell damage by 25%. Opponents in melee range take 8 points of fire damage per second.

Ahzidal is the mask of the eponymous dragon priest, found within Kolbjorn Barrow. The mask was quite strong but could always be more unique, so a new effect was added.

  • Increases Frost Resistance by 50% and Frost spell damage by 25%. Opponents in melee range take 8 points of frost damage per second.

Dukaan is the mask of the eponymous dragon priest, found within White Ridge Sanctum. Same as with Ahzidal, this mask was improved to be more unique.

  • Increases Disease and Poison Resistance by 100%. Incoming melee attacks have a 30% chance of being reflected, healing you based on the amount that was dealt back.

Hevnoraak is an iron dragon priest mask gained by killing Hevnoraak within the Nordic Ruin of Valthume. Hevnoraak's mask was rather dull in Skyrim, so I added a new effect that embraces brutality.

  • When struck, has a 15% chance to heal wearer and damage nearby enemies, become invulnerable or slow time, and a 5% chance to summon a powerful Dragon Priest defender.*

*When struck, has a 15% chance to heal you and cast either a Fire Storm with a Flame Cloak that lasts for 12 seconds, Become Ethereal restoring 20 points of Magicka and Stamina for 18 seconds or slow time for 16 seconds (60-second cooldown).


Konahrik is a golden dragon priest mask gained by obtaining all other masks from the base game and bringing them to Bromjunaar Sanctuary. The supreme mask of all the masks in Skyrim yet one of the weakest ones. Let's amend this and make it a reward worth acquiring!

  • Bows and crossbows do up to 50% more damage based on the target's distance, and you move 15% faster with an 8% chance to avoid incoming melee attacks.

Krosis is a bronze dragon priest mask gained by killing the eponymous Krosis upon Shearpoint, a dragon lair. A mask that was decent but was not suitable for higher levels. I had changed that and is now a useful headgear for archers to wear boastfully.

  • Magicka regenerates 200% faster. Magicka does not regenerate for nearby enemies while you are above 50% Magicka.

Morokei is a moonstone dragon priest mask gained by killing Morokei within Labyrinthian. Morokei mask was adequate in Skyrim but faced the same dilemma as with the other masks and needed a substantial buff.

  • Increases your Magicka by 50 points. Incoming hostile spells have a 15% chance of being absorbed, targeting the attacker with elemental entities that appear nearby for 10 seconds.


Nahkriin is an ebony dragon priest mask obtained by killing the eponymous Nahkriin, who is encountered during the main quest at Skuldafn. Nahkriin mask was one of the stronger masks in Skyrim and was good enough to be used, but something more unique would be better overall.

  • Increases Fire, Frost and Shock Resistance by 30%. Cast an elemental explosion from the magical element last struck by within 15 feet.

Otar is a malachite dragon priest mask obtained by killing the eponymous Otar the Mad within the Nordic ruin, Ragnvald. This mask wasn't too bad in Skyrim but suffered the same fate as player-made enchantments would eventually supersede it.

  • Increases your attack damage by 10% for each nearby enemy. Grants a 2% chance to deal 750 irresistible damage with any two-handed weapon.

Rahgot is an orichalcum dragon priest mask obtained by killing the eponymous Rahgot within the Nordic ruin, Forelhost. Rahgot's mask was a bitter disappointment as with any Dragon Priest mask, but this particular mask was truly dull and underpowered. A massive improvement was needed.

  • Sneaking causes all nearby opponents targeting the wearer or searching for the wearer to leave combat. Wearer is muffled and moves silently.

Vokun is a steel dragon priest mask obtained by killing the eponymous Vokun within High Gate Ruins. Vokun means Shadow in the Dragon's language, yet its enchantment doesn't benefit stealth at all. Let's rectify that and give it an enchantment suitable for any assassin or thief.

  • When struck, a chance that weaker creatures and people flee for 30 seconds, and Illusion spells are 10% stronger for every 100 weight carried.

Volsung is a corundum dragon priest mask obtained by killing the eponymous Volsung at the end of the Nordic ruin, Volskygge. Same issues as with Vokun, Volsung means Horror, and yet its enchantment does not represent that at all. I revised its enchantment, which is more fitting to its name.

Wooden Mask
  • The wooden mask hums with an unfamiliar energy. All skills increase 5% faster.

The Wooden Mask is a dragon priest mask found at Labyrinthian alongside a long-forgotten note. An unknown mask meant to teleport the wearer backward in time to acquire Konahrik, so I decided to only give it a minor buff.

  • Increases Shock Resistance by 50% and Shock spell damage by 25%. Opponents in melee range take 8 points of shock damage per second.

Zahkriisos is the mask of the eponymous dragon priest, found within Bloodskal Barrow. Same as with Dukaan, this mask was improved to be more unique.

Miscellaneous Artifacts
The Amulet of Articulation
  • Persuade checks in dialogue will almost always succeed and Speech is increased by 35 points.*

*Wearing the Amulet of Articulation allows you to automatically succeed at all persuasion checks in the game regardless of skill.

The Amulet of Articulation is an amulet given to you by Brynjolf for becoming the new Guildmaster of the Thieves Guild in the quest Under New Management. The amulet is now deleveled so you will always receive the best version of this amulet.

The Amulet of Bats
  • While wearing this amulet, Bats will drain life from any nearby enemies, absorbing 15 points of Health, Magicka, and Stamina per second from each.

The Amulet of Bats is an amulet retrieved as part of the Amulets of Night Power quest. The Amulet of Bats wasn't exactly great compared to its ring counterparts, so I gave it a much-needed improvement.

The Amulet of the Gargoyle
  • While wearing this amulet, casting Summon Gargoyle will summon an additional Gargoyle for 60 seconds, and summoned Gargoyles are more resilient against magical harm.*

*Summoned Gargoyles within 75 feet gain 30% magic resistance. Now has an enchantment that benefits your mortal form if you have summoned a Gargoyle.

The Amulet of the Gargoyle is an amulet retrieved as part of the Amulets of Night Power quest. Just like the Amulet of Bats, this one was having similar issues and needed improving.

The Blade of Woe
  • Does 5 points of bleeding damage for 5 seconds. Delivering a killing blow to an unsuspecting target shrouds you with invisibility and empowers the Blade of Woe's enchantment for 5 seconds.*

*Killing an undetected enemy shrouds you with invisibility and the magnitude of the enchantment increases by 400% for 5 seconds.

An ebony dagger generally associated with the Dark Brotherhood and has been in the hands of many assassins. In Skyrim, the dagger comes with a generic absorb health enchantment instead of something more suitable for an assassin, I have resolved this and the blade is now an assassin's dream come true.

The Bloodskal Blade
  • Releases energy blast with power attacks that deals 10-60 damage.*
  • It is now considered a silver weapon and will do 20% bonus damage against werewolves, werebears, and undead.

*Energy blast now scales with the player level and two-handed skill and starts at 10 damage when below level 15 and will raise every ten levels, capping at 60 damage. Also, the energy blast staggers enemies, the speed and range of energy blasts increase, and the Bloodskal Blade now has a weapon charge. The weapon must be charged to use the energy blasts.

The Bloodskal Blade is an ancient Nordic artifact that can shoot out an arc of red energy; sadly, this red energy is quite underpowered. The Blade is unique, so improving it is all it would need to be an excellent weapon to use.

Champion's Cudgel
  • Killing an enemy improves combat skills, Health, and Stamina to allies within 100 feet for 30 seconds.*
  • You can now find a random Chaos Damage weapon from the boss's chest in a locked room inside Fort Frostmoth, allowing you to learn the enchantment.

*Also, allies within 100 feet won't flee from combat for 30 seconds.

The Champion's Cudgel is a Warhammer wielded by General Falx Carius, who can be found in Fort Frostmoth. As a Warhammer with a standard chaos enchantment, I wanted to give it something more fitting whenever you triumph over your foes.

  • Target takes 30 points of frost damage to Health and Stamina. Reduces frost resistance by 50% and a chance to freeze targets with less than -25% frost resist for 10 seconds.
  • Include an improved Chillrend model from Better-Shaped Weapons.
  • Include an improved Chillrend visual from Chillrend visual overhaul.


Chillrend is an artifact of unknown origins. It takes the form of a glass shortsword, although, unlike regular malachite, it is blue instead of green. The blade was fairly good in Skyrim but making something more unique is always the goal.

Dawnguard Rune Axe
  • Scorches undead for 10 points of damage. Enchantment does additional sun damage based on the number of undead killed. X undead killed. This amount resets each day at 5 am.*
  • Fixed the counter, so it now resets at 5 am the next day and will no longer permanently set the damage to 100 once you reach 100 kills. The counter will no longer also be reset when improved at a grindstone.

*Killing undead powers up the sun damage magnitude by 1 point for every undead you kill, capping at 100 sun damage.

An axe imbued with magic fueled by the destruction of the unholy. With every victorious blow against an undead creature, its power grows. This weapon was a broken mess in the base game that needed to be fixed properly.

Dawnguard Rune Hammer
  • Scorches undead for 10 points of damage. Bashing places a rune on a nearby surface; the rune explodes for 50 points of sun damage when enemies come near. Can place up to two runes at once.

A powerful Warhammer imbued with magic that places warding runes on the ground to obliterate its wielder's foes. Quite underpowered so an enhancement was needed.

Dawnguard Rune Shield
  • Bashing scorches undead for 10 points of damage. Sustained blocking creates a minor sun shield, doing 15 points of sun damage while draining the wielder's Stamina.

A magical shield that when blocked with, surrounds its wielder with a holy aura that harms the undead. Might come in handy. Not quite as handy as it should've been so I gave it more sun damage to compensate.

Diadem of the Savant
  • All spells cost 5% less to cast. Stores the spell in your left hand and casts it for no cost whenever you enter combat. Unequip to reset.*

*Stores a single (beneficial self-targeted non-concentration) spell in your left hand and casts it for no cost whenever you enter combat. Unequip the circlet to reset.

The Diadem of the Savant is the reward for conquering Shalidor's Maze; unfortunately, one would expect an item associated with Shalidor to be quite useful. So I chose to improve this circlet, and it should now prove invaluable to any mage or even to a warrior.

  • Target takes 30 points of shock damage to Health and Magicka with a 10% chance of calling a lightning strike from the sky, dealing 60 extra shock damage to dragons.


Dragonbane was a weapon of the Blades, perhaps dating back to the time of the Dragonguard. It is an Akaviri katana, which is especially effective against dragons. Alas, this isn't the case and is quite useless even against dragons, so let's correct this mistake and make it extra deadly to dragons.

Dwarven Black Bow of Fate
  • 50% chance for each attribute to absorb 25 points of Health, Stamina and/or Magicka. Target is 15% weaker to magic for 30 seconds when landing three shots in rapid succession.*

*Every 3rd consecutive hit made with the bow within 2.75 seconds of each shot will reduce the target's magic resistance by 15% for 30 seconds.

The Dwarven Black Bow of Fate is a unique Dwarven bow found in the Dwarven ruin of Kagrumez after completing all three puzzles. While this bow was pretty good, it was just a bit too much randomness for my taste, so I gave it a more consistent effect that flavors accuracy above all.

The Gauldur Amulet
  • Increases your Health, Magicka, and Stamina by 30 points, and each regenerates 15% faster. The Knowledge of Gauldur unlocks the ability to resurrect with full Health once every 20 minutes.*

*Once every 20 minutes if your Health drops below 1 you'll be sent into a temporary state of submission that will fully restore your Health after 9 seconds.


The Gauldur Amulet was originally owned by the powerful wizard Archmage Gauldur during the First Era. The amulet is said to be incredibly powerful just like the Archmage who created it, however, in Skyrim, this is not true and not even worth the effort of acquiring. A reward that is this important and powerful in the lore should be worth it!

Harkon's Sword
  • Absorb 30 points of Health. Killing an enemy grants a stack of Essence if wielded by a vampire. Power attack to consume all Essence, restoring the wielder's vitality based on the amount consumed.*

*Killing an enemy grants a stack of Essence and caps at 10 stacks, e.g., releasing 5 stacks will restore 50% of your attribute.

Very few know about this wicked blade except that Lord Harkon carries it. The blade itself is decent enough, to say the least, if you are a vampire. I have reworked the sword so that vampires now have an excellent weapon to use after finishing the Dawnguard questline.

  • Absorbs 10 points of Health, Magicka, and Stamina. Hits have a 3% chance to apply Keening's Sting on nearby weakened enemies.*
  • Keening will automatically recharge itself when equipped.
  • Include an improved Keening model from Better-Shaped Weapons.
  • Fully compatible with my other mod the Tools of Kagrenac.

*Hits have a 3% chance to instantly kill or inflict 1000 points of damage to nearby weakened enemies. Absorbing the life force energies of slay foes and replenishing your attributes to full.

Keening is a legendary dagger crafted by the Dwemer Tonal Architect Lord Kagrenac. It is an enchanted blade that was used to flay and focused the power that rises from the heart, but when you obtain this artifact, it is nothing like its Morrowind counterpart but an empty shell of its former glory. Well, no more, the blade now hums with immense power.

Kyne's Token
  • When entering combat, summons a random Guardian Spirit to aid you for 60 seconds.*

*When entering combat, one of six Guardian Spirits can be summoned from the amulet for 60 seconds: Guardian Bear, Guardian Mudcrab, Guardian Sabre Cat, Guardian Skeever, Guardian Troll, and Guardian Wolf.


Kyne's Token is an amulet worn by Froki Whetted-Blade. It can be obtained either as a reward for his quest, Kyne's Sacred Trials or by killing or pickpocketing him. Regrettably, this divine amulet is completely lackluster and not worth the effort of acquiring. I had to remedy that and now the true blessing of Kyne lies within this amulet.

The Necromancer's Amulet
  • Increases your Magicka by 80 points, Summoned and raised undead deal +50% attack damage and regenerate Health, Increases undead summon limit by 1, Health and Stamina regenerates 75% slower.*
  • The amulet now provides an armor bonus increasing your armor rating by 10.

*Allied summoned and raised undead deal +50% attack damage and slowly regenerate Health.

A legendary artifact created by Mannimarco is described as being able to protect against physical harm, regenerate from injury, and become far more capable in the School of Conjuration. Underwhelming in Skyrim, to say the least, so a substantial improvement was needed.

  • Spriggans take 50 points of extra damage. Chance to harvest random ingredients whenever a Spriggan you corrupted dies within 10 seconds.*
  • Striking a Spriggan corrupts it for 10 seconds, changing its name to "Corrupted Spriggan" along with a unique visual cue until killed or the effect ends.

*Nettlebane can temporarily corrupt a Spriggan, allowing you to harvest over 25 ingredients from dead Spriggans. New rare ingredients like Lady's Smock, Wormwood, or the elusive Chokeberry can rarely be harvested.

The Nettlebane is a crudely-engraved Ebony dagger that was crafted by Hagravens of Skyrim, built with the intention to harm the natural world and thus perform sacrifices on Spriggans. Ironically it is unenchanted and useless after the quest that involves the dagger even though it was described as being harmful to the natural world. Hmm.. let's fix that and make it incredibly deadly to Spriggans!

The Ring of the Beast
  • While wearing this ring, you will receive 100 extra Health and your unarmed attacks will do an additional 20 damage as well as absorb 20 points of Stamina.

The Ring of the Beast is a ring retrieved as part of the Rings of Blood Magic quest. The ring itself was fairly good in Skyrim; however, it could use a buff either way.

The Ring of the Erudite
  • While wearing this ring, you will receive 100 extra Magicka as well as regenerate Magicka faster when you fall below 25% Magicka.*

*Will rapidly regenerate over 30 points of Magicka per second when you fall below 25% Magicka, this also has diminishing returns and will gradually restore less the higher your current Magicka percentage is.

The Ring of the Erudite is a ring retrieved as part of the Rings of Blood Magic quest. The Ring of the Erudite was one of the strongest rings in vanilla Skyrim, however, I decided to give it a new unique enchantment and one that is still an improvement over the original.

The Shield of Ysgramor
  • Incoming attacks from elves deal 25% less damage, 50% while blocking. Bashing reduces the armor rating of elven enemies by 100 points for 10 seconds.

It's unknown if Ysgramor ever wielded this shield in battle; legend only mentions his use of the ax Wuuthrad. Still warrants an improvement and another elven theme enchantment is more interesting than a generic resist magic and fortify health enchantment.

Targe of the Blooded
  • When bashing, does 3 points of bleeding damage for 5 seconds. Power bashing does additional bleed damage.*

*Also, halts Health regeneration for the entire duration of the bleeding damage.

The Targe of the Blooded is a unique shield wielded by Umana. Although the shield has no magical enchantments, it does have large steel spikes that will cause bleeding damage when using the shield to bash opponents. Even though this is not considered an artifact it is still, however, a unique shield that needs improving.

The White Phial
  • Can refill any potion once a day by clicking on the empty Phial in your inventory.*
  • Increase the potency of the default potions from Quintus. You can now also speak to Quintus again to use one of the alignments from him.
  • After having the Phial repaired by Quintus in the vanilla quest, you'll need to re-enchant the White Phial, allowing you to align it with any liquid. You will need at least level 75 in Enchanting and have a filled Black Soul Gem, or have someone else skilled in Enchanting re-enchant it.

Sergius Turrianus, the Enchanting trainer at the College of Winterhold, can re-enchant it for 5000 or 2500 gold if you can persuade him.

*To align the Phial, click on the empty Phial in your inventory, and after you have confirmed the realignment just drink the potion you want the Phial to replenish. After 24 hours the potion inside the White Phial will regenerate and the potion will be drinkable once again.

Improve potent effects for the Phial from Quintus.
(I) "I want to resist the forces of magic." - 25% Magic Resist for 60 seconds.
(II) "I want to be tougher in battle." - +100 Armor Rating for 60 seconds.
(III) "I want to be better hidden in the shadows." - 25% Fortify Sneak for 60 seconds.
(IV) "I want to strengthen my magical skills." - +100 Magicka for 60 seconds.
(V) "I want to deal more damage in battle." - 50% Attack damage for 60 seconds.
(VI) "I'd like it to have the power of healing." - Completely restores Health.

The White Phial is a legendary bottle, forged in the days when Skyrim was just starting its turn to ice. A small container, made of the magically infused snow that first fell on the Throat of the World. It is said that the Phial will replenish whatever fluid is placed inside of it. Shame it can only refill one of six extremely weak potions for you, let's rectify that and make it refill any potion you so desire.

  • Does an additional 50% damage against Elven races. Sideways power attacks hit all targets in front of you, dealing bonus damage against Elven targets.*

*Now includes Orcs, Snow Elves, Falmers, and Frozen Falmers variants.

An untold number of elves were slaughtered by this very ax wielded by Ysgramor himself. The fact that any other weapon was perhaps better than what it was forged to accomplish in Skyrim is a bitter disappointment. Well, no more as this weapon is truly a bane of the elfkin that even Ysgramor himself would be proud of.

Unique Sets
The Archmage Set
Arch-Mage's Hood
  • Increases your Magicka by 80 points. Adds 5% spell absorption to Arch-Mage's Robes.

Arch-Mage's Robes
  • All spells are more effective and cheaper by a percentage equal to 5% of the wearer's base Magicka.

Arch-Mage's Gloves
  • Magicka regenerates 175% faster. Adds 5% spell absorption to Arch-Mage's Robes.

Arch-Mage's Boots
  • Increases Magic Resistance by 25%. Adds 5% spell absorption to Arch-Mage's Robes.

Miraak's Set
Miraak (Mask)
  • Time between shouts is reduced by 30%. When struck, poisonous tentacles inflict Eldritch Corruption on nearby targets while wearing matched set.*

*When struck, all nearby targets are inflicted with Eldritch Corruption, which reduces their spells' effectiveness by 25%, deals 35 points of poison damage per second, and reduces their poison resistance by 100% for 3 seconds. Can proc once every 8 seconds.

Miraak’s Sword
  • Inflicts 15 points of poison damage for 3 seconds. Poisonous tentacles paralyze targets inflicted by Eldritch Corruption.

Miraak’s Staff
  • Sprays writhing tentacles on the ground that stagger foes and inflict 25 points of poison damage for 3 seconds. Poisonous tentacles paralyze targets inflicted by Eldritch Corruption.

Miraak’s Robes
  • When struck, tentacles absorb 5 points of Health for each Miraak item you wear. Absorbs 50% more Health on targets inflicted by Eldritch Corruption.

Miraak’s Gloves
  • When struck, tentacles absorb 5 points of Magicka for each Miraak item you wear. Absorbs 50% more Magicka on targets inflicted by Eldritch Corruption.

Miraak’s Boots
  • When struck, tentacles absorb 5 points of Stamina for each Miraak item you wear. Absorbs 50% more Stamina on targets inflicted by Eldritch Corruption.

Nightingale Set
Nightingale Blade
  • Absorbs 25 points of Health and Stamina. Weakens the target to physical damage by 15% for 3 seconds.

Nightingale Bow
  • Freezes the target for 30 points and shocks the target for 15 points. Weakens the target to physical damage by 15% for 3 seconds.

Nightingale Hood
  • Illusion spells cost 5% less to cast, and Bows do 10% more damage for each Nightingale item you wear.

Nightingale Gloves
  • Frost and Shock spells are 5% stronger, and One-handed attacks do 10% more damage for each Nightingale item you wear.

Nightingale Boots
  • You are 5% harder to detect for each Nightingale item you wear. Wearer is muffled and moves silently.

Nightingale Armor
  • Increases your Magicka and Stamina by 20 points for each Nightingale item you wear. During the night, gain a random blessing periodically while wearing matched set.*

*Between 7 PM and 5 AM, you'll periodically gain one of fifteen powerful blessings, e.g., Doubles the damage dealt by sneak attacks for 30 seconds. Only one blessing can be active at a time.