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Scion is a complete overhaul of Skyrim’s Vampire system designed to balance existing Vampire mechanics and add powerful new vampiric abilities to the game.

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Scion - A Vampire Overhaul

Scion is a complete overhaul of Skyrim’s Vampire system designed to balance existing Vampire mechanics and add powerful new vampiric abilities to the game. Vanilla Vampirism is neither deep nor engaging. Its passives and Greater Powers are weighted towards Stage 4, meaning the quickest way to "level up" is to simply ignore Vampirism entirely. By contrast, Scion is designed to make both Stage 1 and Stage 4 desirable for different builds. It also overhauls the Vampire Lord’s perk tree and its level-based scaling to ensure that the Vampire Lord stays powerful and fun to use throughout the whole game.

Vampire Stages  

All Vampires benefit from a number of passive abilities based on the stage of their Vampirism. In general, both buffs and debuffs grow stronger as the Vampire progresses towards Stage 4. 


Vampire Bloodlines

Each of the game’s ten races reacts to Vampirism in a unique manner. These passives are designed with Aetherius in mind, but Aetherius is not required.


Vampire Powers 

Vampires have access to a number of spells and powers. Generally speaking, Greater Powers are weighted towards Stage 1, so you must feed to maintain access to them. By contrast, Vampiric Drain grows stronger as you progress to Stage 4, allowing Stage 4 Vampires to heal without relying on potions or Restoration spells.


Vampire Lord

In the Vanilla game, Vampire Lords gain extra Health, Magicka, Stamina, Armor Rating, and Unarmed Damage based on your PC's level. I have increased the scaling for each of these stats to ensure that Vampire Lords are competitive in the late game. In addition, I have added up to 25% Magic Resist to the level-based scaling mechanic. I have also increased the magnitude of the reanimation spell, significantly buffed the Drain Life spell, and removed a bizarre feature where the spell would be significantly weakened whenever Serana followed you into battle. Vampire Lords also have 100% Poison & Disease Resistance, 100% Frost Resistance, and 100% Weakness to Fire. 


Vampire Perks 

In addition to these general changes, I have also overhauled the Vampire Lord perk tree. Perks such as Nightwalker, Unearthly Will, and Devouring Claws focus on enhancing the combat potential of the Vampire Lord. Perks such as Underworld Lineage, Blood Sacrilege, and Night Power grant your Vampire Lord new spells and powers. Perks such as Ancient Thirst and Dread Harvest increase the power of your Absorb Health spells, whether you cast them as a Vampire Lord or not. Absorb Health spells added by Mysticism will benefit from these perks without a patch.



Scion requires a new game, or a save where you have never become a Vampire. I will not offer any support for users who attempt to install this mod on a game where they already have Vampirism.


Scion is a streamlined Vampire overhaul that only touches records relevant to Vampires and Vampire Lords. Scion will be incompatible with any mod that that changes Vampires. However, it will not cause compatibility issues with any other mods. Furthermore, Scion does not touch any "race" records and will not cause any black face bugs.

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