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A skyrim furniture renewal with new custom made models and textures.

Permissions and credits
This is an ongoing effort to renew the old and unrealistic furniture of the skyrim interiors with new models of higher detail.

Version 1.4.0 includes about 60 custom made models and their corresponding textures. These models are replacers for almost all the 'Noble' furniture pieces found in this game. A few 'common' and 'upper' furniture pieces are also included plus a nice medieval looking chest model.

All interactive objects work as before as parts of NPC sandboxing routines.
Player interaction and animations also work as before.

Almost all the models included in this mod are low poly and in some cases lighter than vanilla. A few have been given some extra polygons, to achieve a more curvy shape that will break the sharp-o-sharper monotony of the skyrim interiors.
The texturing resolution varies between 1k and 4k, while most being 4k.

Should be compatible with everything as long as its given priority (overwrite) over anything it may conflict with, SMIM included. This is only a replacer, it will not add new furniture, it will not move any furniture, it wont burn your home down to ashes.

Will be adding more furniture in the future but for now these are more that enough to enhance almost all the interiors, except the farm homes, assuming you enjoy the style.

It is recommended to use object model replacers (like Rudy's misc mod and the HPP) alongside this mod.

It is also highly recommended to use the animated barrels from the 3D Misc mod as the SMIM barrels wont match at all.

You can also enhance your interiors with the models of the 3D Cooking mod.

I like object A but i dont like object B. Can you make a version without object B please?
No. Download, unpack, get what you need, delete the rest.

Would you upload all 1k textures for people with old rigs?
No. Download and the dds extension and scale your textures to whatever resolution you like.

Can you make a version that would match my whatever texture pack?

Oldrim version?

May i offer ideas for improvement?
Yes, it would be very much appreciated

Resources and credits
Folding Chair | Classic Chair | Need to find cupboard URL