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Adds entirely new, lore friendly combat tracks specifically written for the game.

Permissions and credits
Name : Hun Lovaas - Skyrim Fan-Made Combat Music
Author : OrganicView alias CaptainCreepy
Version : 1.0

The mod comes in four flavours:

-Non-replacer esp version 
-Replacer version replaces vanilla combat music
-ESL version (check the description if you don't know what that is)
-Personalized Music version (requires Personalized Music(duh))

OLDRIM version :

Want to use Hun Lovaas with other music mods without hassle? Check out Soulmancer Music Merge!

Xbox/BethesdaNet version: non-replacer (includes all five of my music mods - port by Bass painter)/ replacer (with or without Dawnguard Music Overhaul - port by Clofas1)


This mod adds new combat tracks to the game. These are not random royalty-free tracks packed together to make a quick mod. They were written specifically for Skyrim and have its atmosphere, world and general vibe in mind. The music here is designed to fit within the vanilla Skyrim tracks. TL:DR, no dubstep, metal, trance or overly cheesy orchestral tracks, ect...
It's worth noting however that these tracks do have some differences to the vanilla combat tracks. These are more agressive, have more punch and are more fast paced than the vanilla tracks, while still being able to fit with them. Think of them as being in between the regular combat tracks and the boss ones in term of intensity.
The mod does not override any vanilla music and is compatible with Combat Music Fix.
Hun Lovaas is compatible and intended to be used with Still, my exploration music mod, Melodies of Civilization my city and castle music mod as well as Around the Fire, my tavern music mod.
I've also made Dawnguard Music Overhaul, which expands on that DLC's soundtrack! (including the Boss Fight with Harkon!)

 Soulmancer Music Merge (which includes both Still and Hun Lovaas) to have my music in conjunction with other music mods.
Part of the The Phoenix Flavour (Merged music plugin available here)

You can take a listen here:


Install only one version

Replacer version:
-Download and activate with your favorite mod manager

Non-replacer version:
-Download and activate with your favorite mod manager.

Personalized Music version: 
- Install Personalized Music ( Without it, the new tracks won't play at all. Use the basic version. If you plan to endorse my mod at all, please also endorse Personalized music.
- Download and install Hun Lovaas, either through your favorite Mod Mananger, or manually.

*Notes for ESL version*

ESL are a relatively new plugin format added to Fallout 4 and SSE. You can learn more about them here. They have advantages and disadvantages which I will list here. The best reason to use esl files is that they don't count towards the maximum plugin limit, which is very useful for people that have crowded (200+ plugins) load orders. The problem with them is that they always lose conflicts with esp files. In the case of this mod, that means that if you use the esl version and have any other plugins that touches combat music types, you will not hear the new music. This is why I recommend only advanced users and users already familiar with ESL files use the ESL version.


You can use the tracks in any video (monetized or not) if you credit me (leaving a link to the mod in the description is enough). You can use the tracks in any mod as long as you credit me and leave a link to the mod in your description. 


I am a composer, and have been for about a decade now. I am also a huge fan of mods and video games, and love making music for those. You can hear some of my other work in Summerset Isles by yourenotsupposedtobeinhere ( .
I have written the soundtrack for two video games ( and ) 
You can hear some of my personal work here : and here :