Skyrim Special Edition
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Tired of that chicken going up to the guards and being a nark? Annoyed because that one bear ratted you out? Upset because horses are snitches? Then this is the mod for you!

Permissions and credits
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On 6/10/2018 Pharros changed the permissions of all of his mods to "You may do what you wish with the file as long as you credit me and don't distribute it on a separate mod hosting platform." That is why a SE version of NARC exists.
Find the original LE version here.

Bethesda for some reason never flagged animals and such to ignore crimes. Welp, now they will. No longer will a wild goat tell the guards what you've done. No longer will horses snitch. No longer will dragons report to the guards because you murdered someone/something they were planning to murder. :D

Skyrim Special Edition

Compatibility and Patches:

No patches needed:
Know Your Enemy
Mortal Enemies
Nereva ... a new beginning
Umbra Island

Patches provided for:
Beyond Reach v4.61
Beyond Skyrim - Bruma v1.6
Blaze Of Eventide v2.0
Convenient Horses v7.1
Darkend v1.4
Skyrim Immersive Creatures v7.0.2
The Forgotten City v1.8
The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal v1.3
Immersive Horses v3.0

Core versions provided for:
Falskaar v2.2
SkyTEST v1.65.2
Animal Tweaks v2.6
SkyTEST v1.65.2 with Falskaar v2.2
Animal Tweaks v2.6 with Falskaar v2.2

Patches and core versions should generally work with newer builds of supported mods than listed, but will not have been checked against them.

Know of a mod in need of a patch? Leave a comment letting me know.

If you are the creator or maintainer of one of the mods I have patched, feel free to implement my changes.
Please tell me if you do, there is no point in me keeping a redundant patch.

Merging NARC plugins:
Its safe to merge the patches, but there is no real reason to do so.

Which animals will ignore crimes?

All of them!

I have a list:


Which factions will ignore crimes?

Bandits - Ignores all crimes except werewolf crimes.

Dremora Merchant - Ignores all crimes.

Player housecarls - Ignores all crimes. (Carry this burden why don't you)

Player spouses - Ignores all crimes.

Thieves' Guild - Ignores pickpocket, theft, and trespassing crimes.

Frostmoon Vender - Ignores werewolf crimes.


Q. Do I need the Unofficial Patches?
A. No, but it is suggested.

Q. Xbox/PS4?
A. No. "Don't distribute it on a separate mod hosting platform."

Q. Support for other languages?
A. Only a few localized records are touched, you should be able to use it regardless of language.

Q. Are the plugins using form version 44?
A. Yes. The core vanilla plugin was ran through the CK64 and the others were made from the ground up in XEdit.

Q. Why NARC "Remade"
A. Because I remade all but the "vanilla" file, and even it was changed a bit.

Pharros! He made the mod, and I remade it for SE.