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This mod is designed to add immersion to Skyrim's civil war by adding military checkpoints at key roadways throughout Skyrim.

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Important: If any mod edits the same locations that this mod does, assume they are incompatible.


Civil War Checkpoints is at its heart an immersion mod. It adds military outposts at major intersections to give a greater sense of security and authority to Skyrim during the civil war.  

New/Redesigned Layouts - The Checkpoints have been redesigned. 
Guard Schedules - Guards now eat, sleep, and do other activities as well as their patrols.
Item/Container Owners - No longer can you take from the checkpoint inhabitants without repercussions.
Reacts to Civil War Progress - As you progress through the civil war the checkpoints will change hands.
Modular - You can now decide which checkpoints you want in your game.

Dragonbridge - A compact chokepoint on the single major roadway leading to Solitude. (Imperial)
Windhelm - Two positions; one in the mountain pass south of the city and the other acting as a gate for the bridge to the southwest. (Stormcloak)
Whiterun - A stopgap for the controllers of the city to inspect anyone entering. (Neutral/Imperial)

-Use the nexus mod manager/vortex or unpack the file and place the esp and any other files in your Skyrim data folder.

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