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Adds new types of coinage of all different values to make Skyrim's economy more interesting and challenging.

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 Also available on Xbox One.

I have long been a fan of mods that add new coins to the game. The fact that you can find Septims deep in Dwemer ruins or Draugr crypts that have not been touched in hundreds, if not thousands, of years has always bugged me. However, none of the current offerings gave me quite what I wanted. I have been planning this mod on-and-off for nearly a year and a half, figuring out exactly what I want to do with it and gaining the proper permissions in order to release it in a form that I would be happy with.

C.O.I.N. will add several new types of coins to your game at varying rarities and placed in locations that are logical and make sense within the world of the Elder Scrolls. You will never find Septims on Draugr ever again!

However, that is only half of what C.O.I.N. has to offer! This mod is also a lightweight economy overhaul. The new coins you find around the world will generally be worth less than a normal gold coin. This makes it so it is substantially harder to get rich quick off of a few dungeons. Now gaining wealth will be a much more interesting obstacle as you progress through your playthrough!

  • New coins to find on your travels: The Ancient Falmer Mallari, Ancient Nord DrakrAyleid Mala, Dwarven Nchuark, Gibber, and Sancar!
  • Each coin is distributed in places that make sense:
  • Ancient Falmer Mallari - Forgotten Vale
    Ancient Nord Drakr 
    - Ancient Nord Ruins
    Ayleid Mala
    - Ayleid Ruins
    Dwarven Nchuark
    - Dwarven Ruins
    - Root Caves
    - Thalmor Embassy, Thalmor HQ, and Northwatch Keep
  • Proper leveled list integration to ensure the coins show up in containers and on enemies in addition to being found loose in the world.

Coinage Value

I have not altered the rate or amount at which coins are dropped, but I have edited the value that each coin is worth. Upon picking up one of the new coins it will be automatically turned into the coin's value in gold. Ancient coins will not be worth much as they are little more than trinkets to the citizens of Tamriel, however minted coinage will be worth as much, if not more, than the Imperial Septim. For example, the Sancar is more powerful than the Septim and is worth 1.25 gold coins.

You can see the complete list of values below:

If you'd prefer for the coins to not be automatically converted upon pickup then you can toggle this feature off in the MCM. By default the coins are worthless and cannot be sold to vendors. I suggest using C.O.I.N. - Merchant Exchange if you want to cash your coins in for Septims.

C.O.I.N. is dependant on Base Object Swapper, so next to no cells have been edited in order to distribute these coins. Leveled Lists did require a fair bit of editing however, I recommend you check this mod against your load order using xEdit.

Patches for the following mods are provided in our installer:

Patches for the following mods are provided via a third-party patch:

If you want to add C.O.I.N. support to your own mod without need of a patch, you can find an article detailing how here.