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Allows you to customize the starting conditions for various quests. You can choose to delay the start of Dragonborn, Dawnguard, or Hearthfire quests, as well as other quest events. You can also reduce the level requirements to allow a quest to begin earlier than it normally would.

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The primary function of this mod is to adjust the starting requirements for quests that are only triggered once the player reaches a certain level. This serves several purposes. For example, you might want to delay the start of Dragonborn or Dawnguard until later in the game, or perhaps you feel that receiving a letter from a Jarl discussing the "fame of your exploits across Skyrim" is a bit odd for your level 9 character who doesn't yet have a single great deed to their name. On the other hand, maybe you've been eyeing that choice piece of land in the Pale, but you can't purchase it until you complete a quest that doesn't start until you reach level 22. Maybe you want a specific follower, weapon, or reward that only comes from a later quest, or perhaps you're just seeking the challenge of completing higher-level quests at a relatively early level. Or maybe you're planning to use a character past level 50 and simply want to spread the quests out across more levels to add further interest to late-stage gameplay. Earlier or later, whatever your reasons, it's entirely up to you.

  • Change the requirements for 19 different quests and 9 world encounters.
  • Delay or change the start of the Dawnguard, Dragonborn, and Hearthfire quests.
  • Adjust the level requirements for many of the Daedric quests.
  • Adjust the requirements necessary to trigger various world encounters.
  • Adjust the frequency of random dragon encounters.
  • Adjust the chance of random vampire and cultist attacks.
  • Allow random werewolf encounters for any character.
  • Allow vampire attacks on towns and cities.

SKSE and SkyUI

Timing is Everything - Settings Loader - Save, load, and import MCM settings from an existing save.

- Even Better Quest Objectives - Includes all conflicting changes from Even Better Quest Objectives. This means that a patch isn't necessary as long as Timing is Everything is loaded after Even Better Quest Objectives.

I've tried to keep these very minimal, but it was impossible to describe what this mod does without some reference to quest events.

You can change the requirements for all 19 included quests and 9 world encounters, or you can just change one of them. All of the default settings used by this mod are the vanilla defaults, so none of the requirements will change until you decide to change them. 

If you wish to disable a quest entirely, you can set the level requirement to 101. This will actually change the quest's level requirement to 999, effectively disabling that quest or encounter.

Keep in mind that once a quest has been triggered, changing the setting afterwards will not necessarily stop the quest. You should make any desired changes prior to the beginning of the quest. There are some exceptions where the MCM settings still have some use even after a quest has been triggered.  For example, the level requirements for the Daedric quest "The Only Cure" can still be adjusted after you have encountered an Afflicted Refugee in order to prevent further encounters with the Afflicted. 

Unlike the one-off quests, most of the reoccurring world encounters will allow you to adjust their settings at any time. This is the case with the Dawnguard Vampire attacks. Even if you've already begun the Dawnguard quest, you can stop further attacks by setting this value to something higher than your current level. However, I've also included settings to adjust the frequency of the random vampire attacks, which can also be used to prevent further attacks.  

  • Dawnguard: You can stop random vampire attacks from decimating the population, or allow the crisis to build by increasing the difference between the level at which the vampire attacks start and when Dawnguard recruitment begins. Note: the Dawnguard Recruitment option also controls the level at which The Hall of the Vigilant undergoes its change.
  • Hearthfire: You can delay the start of Hearthfire until you've actually accomplished something worthy of recognition by the Jarls, or make it possible to purchase land in the Pale sooner by lowering the level requirements for the "Kill the Giant" quest.
  • Dragonborn: Choose from 9 different points along the main quest, or select 'Unknown' and a random starting point will be chosen for you. You can also determine a minimum level requirement that must be met in addition to the main quest stage, and you can set the percent chance for random cultist attacks. Note: Selecting the "Timing Unknown" option will select from only those options occurring after the player visits the Graybeards.
This mod also makes a few changes to the conditions on the following quest/dialogue events for improved logic and story consistency:
  • Werewolf encounters: Dawnguard added 4 new world encounters involving werewolves, but by default they are conditioned to occur only after the player joins the Companions. You now have the option to bypass this condition.
  • The Break of Dawn: Option in MCM to prevent this quest from starting if the player is a vampire.
  • Thalmor Execution Squads: Option to prevent the Thalmor for coming after your character until certain quests are completed.
  • Hired Thugs: The player must be detected stealing the item, and the owner of the stolen property must be a valid, named NPC and not dead or sleeping at the time the item is stolen. There is also an option in the MCM to set a minimum value for the stolen item.
  • Letter from a Friend: The player must be shouting somewhere in a city, town, inn, or military camp and must be detected when shouting.
  • Invisible Child: The player must be detected, not trespassing, and not in combat when casting the spell.

Thank you to DrMonops and Teabag86 for their help in updating the Special Edition version of this mod.
Thank you to Scarecrow23 for his help in adding FISS support to this mod.
Thank you to Umgak for their help in fixing the FISS support.

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