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About this mod

Lanterns of Skyrim II is a completely redesigned version of the old MannyGT LoS. This new edition includes many improvements and additions, more compatibility, improved light sources, snow-covered lighposts and lanterns in snowy areas for a more immersive experience, all lanterns are moved by the wind and much much more........

Permissions and credits
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I would like to start by thanking people without whom this project would not have been
possible in development and completion.
First of all MannyGT who granted me permission to make this new version of his magnificent Lanterns Of Skyrim. 
Secondly, Toostruus, who helped me by patiently testing every new update and finding bugs and issues. And finally 
Amon for his valuable advices regarding the aesthetic aspects of the various lightposts and textures I created.


- Mathy79 Medieval Lanterns and candles
- Rudy102 Candles
- SDlutz Lantern and Lightposts
- css0101 Nordic Lantern
- SMIM Lantern
- MassiveMaster Real Lantern
- Oaristys Witcher Lantern and clutters with my custom 2k textures
- Winedave and Cuyima Witcher models and textures
- WiZkiD Custom Lightposts


Lanterns Of Skyrim II.esm

- Every lantern is ENB light compatible
- All lanterns are moved by the wind by default
- Birna's Oddments shop in Winterhold has its own custom sign and its movable by the wind
- Snow covered lanterns and lightposts in snowy regions
- Specific lightposts and lanterns for each region
- Huge variety of lanterns for cities and settlements
- Flying insects around lanterns
- Lightposts positioned to take advantage of existing navmeshes when possible, and so to avoid pathing issues for creatures and NPCs
- Dynamic light that react to the sunlight, no need to turn them off via MCM menù
- Faction banners on lightposts at the borders of every region
- Improved light sources
- Replaced candles with Rudy102 and Mathy79 improved models for lanterns with old vanilla NIFs
- Static lanterns carefully placed to avoid visual conflicts with animated clutters such as barrels

Note 1) if you want both the lanterns and signs movable by the wind, you can download my mod WiZkiD Signs

Note 2) if you like how the game look in my screenshots, do a favor to yourself, download Amon ENB for Obsidian Weathers and Seasons and enjoy the best ENB out there

Note 3)
 if you are experiencing weird candle flames popin/out/flickers issues just add or modify in your Skyrimprefs.ini
the particles section  -------    iMaxDesired=10000

LoS II - Lantern Workers.esp

LoS II - Lantern Workers adds a lantern maintenance system. In each region there will be a workshop where lantern maintenance staff works. Lantern workers have scheduled tasks and real life for each day of the week and in addition to taking care of the various workshops, they will travel throughout Skyrim alone or escorted by one or two guards to check and repair lightposts. This first release includes the Solitude Workshop only but there are other new workshops ready to be implemented in the next releases of this addon.







LoS II - Tamriel Master Lights.esp

LoS II - Tamriel Master Lights is a complete exterior lighting addon, the perfect companion for Lanterns of Skyrim II. It adds many shadow casting lights where it possible without causing light flickering issues. This characteristic greatly increases the visual appearance of outdoor environments, especially during the night, click on the spoilers to see the differences. LoS II - TML doesn't touch any city or settlement and is therefore compatible with all those mods that modify, even very heavily, the inhabited areas.


RLO Exterior

Relighting Skyrim


ELFX Exterior

LoS II - Tamriel Master Light

Lanterns Of Skyrim II.esm

LoS II comes with an easy to use FOMOD that already includes a huge number of patches, support from anyone who wants to contribute by adding new patches is always welcome. All patches are ELS flagged ESP and do not count for the 255 plugins limit. Not compatible with Claralux, Blowing in the Wind, ELFX Exteriors plugin,Tamriel Master Lights standalone version and Lux Orbis.


LoS II - Lanterns Workers.esp

This addon was built based on the original vanilla environment so it is not compatible with all those mods that heavily alter the appearance of roads and settlements, for example, is not compatible with
Enhanced Solitude SSE.


LoS II - Tamriel Master Lights.esp

LoS II - Tamriel Master Lights is fully compatible with Enhanced Lights and FX main , Enhancer and Hardcore plugins
Realistic Lighting Overhaul Interiors and Effects plugins and Luminosity.

Not compatible with Relighting Skyrim SSE (a patch could be made in the near future) Claralux SSE, ELFX - Exteriors.esp, RLO - Exteriors.esp and Lux Orbis but don't worry LoS II - Tamriel Master Lights is far superior than everything else.

Tamriel Master Lights doesn't touch any settlement if not slightly, this thing make it compatible with all those mods that overhauls minor cities, villages and farms.

TML comes in two version, the standard and the cities one, the latter is not recommended for all those who use mods that overhaul the five major cities with the exception of JK Skyrim for wich there is patch downloadable from the download section.
The difference between the two versions lies exactly in the fact that the "Cities" one revolutionizes lighting even inside the 5 major cities worldspaces, while the standard doesn't touch them at all.

 If you use Enhanced Lights and FX main and ELFX Fixes place LoS II - Tamriel Master Lights.esp below them both.

I highly recommend you to use Torch Remover by grvulture, expecially if you chose to install TML - Cities version
If you don't want to have problem with flickering lights issues even with NPCs using a torch I higly suggest you to download and install

Important Note: If you are using JK Skyrim do not install the "No Lights Patch"
all LoS II and TML patches are meant to be used without it.

Download Lanterns Of Skyrim II using your favourite mod manager, run Loot and stick with its load order.
It is highly recommended to start a new game, especially if you had installed the
old version of Lanterns Of Skyrim.

- Mathy79 lanterns, candles and pottery form his mod Medieval Lanterns of Skyrim and Mathy's Repository
- Rudy102 for his candles models
- Winedave and Cuyima for textures and models from his mod Witcher Decor in High Definition
- SDlutz lantern and lightposts from his mod Skyrim Posts Replacer
- css0101 lantern from his mod Nordic Lanterns
- Brumbek lantern and clutters from his mod Static Mesh Improvement Mod
Zhoulia lantern from her mod Real Lantern
- Oaristys and CD PROJEKT for lantern and clutters from the mod Modder's Resource Pack - The Witcher Extension
- RoboBirdie lightpost from his mod Architecture
- Jet4571 gazebo from his mod Jet Resouces
Tlaffoon tapestries from his mod Tlaffoon's Rugs and Tapestries
JDAnchor for permission to use a texture from the KEBW1144 mod Designs of the Nords SE
Elinen, Ztree, VurtSparrowPrince and Ga-Knomboe Boy for a tree from the mod Hoddminir Plants and Trees

A very special thanks to Arctic Scrolls for the wonderful video :)

I hope I have not forgot anyone, otherwise I apologize in advance, send me a message, I will immediately add the necessary credits.


All my custom models and textures are to be considered free modders resources, feel free to use them in your non paid projects only, no permission is required, just give me credits and link back to this page.
If you don't know which models and textures are mine just ask.

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