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This fixes the "missing Nilheim bandit" bug in the radiant quest 'Bounty: Bandit Boss' (BQ01). ESP-FE

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  • Russian
What it does: the Nilheim bandits can respawn and, after the Telrav quest, behave like normal brigands.
Console-addicted players might as well skip this.

I also took the liberty of renaming the crooks to "Bandit" right from the start; setting up a quest just to rename them later felt like a waste of game resources [and a possible source of conflicts].
I know they're supposed to be "Guard" to cleverly deceive the clueless player who approaches the tower without getting the quest from Telrav but... they live in what's obviously a bandit camp, "guarding" a few corpses most likely thrown from the tower; they're supposed to be Telrav's guards but don't even bother looking for him while he's 50 meters away and the "wounded" Telrav doesn't bother to give them a holler and ask for help, he needs your help... the game's afoot, Watson.
Instead of awkward guards, they'll be bandits taking a break between banditing shifts.

USSEP isn't required but it fixes errors in the Telrav quest. Better have that, too.
"Nilheim - Misc Quest Expansion" should be compatible.