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Improves Skyrim's combat by removing the aimbot-like attacks of creatures, and imposing movement limits on NPCs while they are attacking.

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NEW VERSION: There are now 2 versions of Mortal Enemies for different melee speeds.
Please read the articles tab and file descriptions to help pick which one you want.

12/2 - 2.0 TEST VERSION updated: Test Version #2 with added tweaks, looking for feedback! Read the new article on 2.0 test changes or the sticky in discussion tab for info. 

12/5 - Patch release: SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators Patch available.


What is Mortal Enemies?
This mod removes the ability of all enemies to track the player with 100% accuracy while in combat. Melee combat is no longer about who can sponge up more hits, its about spacing, reactions, tactics and positioning. 

Whats wrong with vanilla combat?
1. Vanilla monsters have a really fast turn rate, which isn't a problem until you are right next to them and they're so fast they never miss.

2. Vanilla monsters also have a huge attack cone that will hit you even if you somehow managed to dodge the actual animation of the hit.

Whats the use of moving around if your enemy will always hit you if you're in range? Melee combat is reduced to trading hits and the only mitigation you have is blocking.
BORING. Mortal Enemies fixes this.

How is does M.E. fix this?
1. M.E. tunes the turn rate for every creature in the game so they are not perfect aimbots in melee. 

2. M.E. tunes every single attack cone on every attack creatures can do in game to match their animation more closely. Draugr stabs/chops have narrow cones, wide sweeps have bigger ones but all are smaller than vanilla. Wolfs can miss their leaps at you. Bears are slow but have big reach and wide cones.  Giants are cumbersome.

3. Attack Commitment - a reworked version of this mod is also merged with the creature changes to effectively cover YOU AND EVERY ENEMY IN THE GAME.
1H weapons are maneuverable.
2h weapons are less so.
Power attacks are even less.
Casters who are channeling are slowed slightly.
Archers with bows drawn are more free to aim.

You will need to be precise with your attacks to win! 

4. There are also some movement changes for combat. 
While Blocking you are faster than vanilla.
With a 1H/2H drawn you are slower than vanilla.

Recommended Mods
TKDODGE(when its released)

What is next?
Currently testing the next big step for Mortal Enemies that will normalize all attack cones from all humanoid races. Vanilla Skyrim has huge discrepancies between humanoid races that make no sense, the attack cones will also be closer to the combat animations. This will also allow me to relax attack rotation restrictions so the effect becomes more subtle but just as effective as previous iterations.

Additional Info
If you have a preferred attack commit setting you can load it after M.E. 

Load this mod after any mods that modify creature/npc stats.

Please request a compatability patch in discussion tab for your favorite mods that you want supported but are in conflict.

Thank you for checking this mod out!

Suggestions, compatability requests, comments welcomed in discussion tab.

Updating soon, just initial SE upload for now. See you soon.
Post requests in discussion.