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Adds over 5,000 lines of completely voiced dialogue for NPCs using the original voices. Friends, followers, spouses, rivals, and others have much more to say. All default voices now have follower dialogue. Also fixes dialogue bugs and restores cut dialogue that has never been heard before!

Permissions and credits
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Brief description:
Adds over 5,000 lines of completely voiced dialogue for NPCs to use, spanning more than 50 voice types, based on the relationship the NPC has with player that works with the existing dialogue from the game.
All lines are
voiced using the original voices from the game and consist of existing lines that have been added in new and suitable situations, as well as completely new dialogue created by editing multiple lines together to form brand new ones.

Friends talk to you more like friends. Followers have more much to say when speaking to them. If your spouse is a follower, he/she will talk to like a spouse instead of a generic follower. NPCs who dislike you (not bandits and forsworn, but citizens of towns and cities) will have more insults to say and may even completely stop talking to you if you continue to pester them.

The description was directly copied over from the Legendary version of RDO.
Therefore, much of the compatibility, load order, and patches sections of the description does not apply to the SSE version of RDO, because many of the mods listed have not yet been updated to SSE.
If a mod listed in the description has been updated with SSE, then follow the load order and recommendations listed below.
Also, the number of patches available is much lower because many mod authors haven't had the chance to update their mods (or it's possible they will choose not to).

Other Features:

The dialogue is used in MANY different situations with the primary focus being on: friends, followers, spouses, and rivals.

RDO was checked with USSEP throughout its entire development to ensure dialogue correction bug fixes. And also fixes a few dialogue bugs that the USSEP team has not yet caught.

Unlocks existing dialogue that has never been heard before, and restores dialogue that Bethesda completely cut out of the game, but the audio files still exist.

Corrects dialogue that is not considered to be a "bug" but should not be used in certain situations.
(Example: Any housecarl that is married to the player will completely stop calling the player "Thane")

Fixes overly talkative followers like Mjoll, Erandur, and Teldryn Sero.

Adds idle comments for followers that will be used at appropriate times. Their comments are much more relevant to the current location and/or situation, making them seem much more aware of their surroundings. 

Actually fixes the bugged Female Sultry follower dialogue. All dialogue used by Female Sultry voiced followers will now be of the correct voice type (instead of the altered Female Young Eager lines).

More than 50 voice types now support completely voiced follower dialogue. Including Khajiit, High Elf, Bandit, Argonian, Condescending, Commander, Children, and more. (See the list of voice types added section of the description page for more information).

Several unique voices have also been given fully voiced follower dialogue. These include: Brynjolf, Delvin Mallory, Karliah, Vex, Valerica, Isran, and Knight-Paladin Gelebor.

Any unique NPC that supports follower dialogue can be made into a follower through the MCM.

Followers will now use dialogue in every aspect of combat.

Any NPC that offers services (Merchants, Innkeepers, Trainers, Bards, etc) will not offer those services if the NPC dislikes the player (Option can be toggled in MCM).

Compatibility patches for EFF, AFT, iAFT, UFO, and FLP are available. These also cover Hearthfires and Dragonborn, removing the need to install additional patches for those overhauls.

Much, much more...

RDO v1.1, showing restored dialogue that has never been heard before:

MCM Demonstration - Current as of version 1.1

Hear what others think of RDO (Thanks to Koubitz, Brodual, and MxR):

Featured In:

Description Navigation Guide:

1. Voice Types Added & Other Information About Voices

2. Requirements

3. Compatibility

4. Installation/Updating

5. Un-installation

6. Load Order

7. In-depth Description

8. Questions

10. Localisation/Making Translations/Translations Available

11. Permissions/Usage

12. Credit

1. Voice Types Added:

All the voice types that have been given dialogue in RDO.

Green = Supports fully voiced follower dialogue.

Red = Does not support fully voiced follower dialogue.

List of unique voices given dialogue in RDO:
  • Valerica
  • Serana
  • Knight-Paladin Gelebor
  • Harkon (Combat only)
  • Isran
  • Frea
  • Karliah
  • Vex
  • Brynjolf
  • Delvin Mallory

List of generic voices given dialogue in RDO:
  • Female Argonian
  • Female Child
  • Female Commander
  • Female Commoner
  • Female Condescending
  • Female Coward
  • Female Dark Elf
  • Female Dark Elf Commoner
  • Female Elf Haughty
  • Female Even Toned
  • Female Khajiit
  • Female Nord
  • Female Old Grumpy
  • Female Old Kindly
  • Female Orc
  • Female Shrill
  • Female Sultry
  • Female Young Eager
  • Male Argonian
  • Male Bandit
  • Male Brute
  • Male Child
  • Male Commander
  • Male Commoner
  • Male Commoner Accented
  • Male Condescending
  • Male Coward
  • Male Dark Elf
  • Male Dark Elf Commoner
  • Male Dark Elf Cynical
  • Male Drunk
  • Male Elf Haughty
  • Male Even Toned
  • Male Even Toned Accented
  • Male Forsworn
  • Male Guard
  • Male Khajiit
  • Male Nord
  • Male Nord Commander
  • Male Old Grumpy
  • Male Old Kindly
  • Male Orc
  • Male Sly Cynical
  • Male Soldier
  • Male Young Eager

Notes about unique voices/NPCs:

Recruiting Valerica:
- You must complete the entire Dawnguard main questline.
- She must be back in her laboratory after you tell her its safe to leave the Soul Cairn.

Recruiting Gelebor:
- You must complete the quest "Touching the Sky".

Recruiting Isran:
- You must side with the Dawnguard.
- You must complete the entire Dawnguard main questline.

Recruiting Karliah, Vex, Brynjolf, and Delvin Mallory:
- You must complete the entire Thieves Guild questline.
- You must be Guild Master (inducted through the ceremony).
- You must not be currently banned from the Guild.

2. Requirements:

Hard Requirements (You're game will crash to desktop (CTD) if you do not have these in your load order!):
- Skyrim.esm
- Update.esm
- Dawnguard.esm
- Hearthfires.esm
- Dragonborn.esm

Soft Requirements (These are not needed to run RDO, but I designed the mod around you having these installed):
- SkyUI

3. Compatibility:

The best way to know if RDO is compatible with another mod is to check the records using TES5Edit! Understanding TES5Edit is essential if you're serious about modding Skyrim.

Other mods:

For more information about compatibility with other mods, see the Load Order section of the description.


---- Fully compatible with patch provided. You need to be using USSEP, it fixes MANY bugs and other issues with the game.

- Cutting Room Floor: (Strongly Recommended)

---- Fully compatible with patch provided.

- Guard Dialogue Overhaul: (Strongly Recommended)

---- Fully compatible with proper load order. See Load Order section.

- Serana Dialogue Edit: (Strongly Recommended)

---- Fully compatible with the correct load order. Load v0.81 before RDO, load v1.0 after RDO.

- Open Cities Skyrim:

---- Technically not fully compatible, but will work together without issues. The main problem is that Open Cities removes the worldspaces that the 5 major cities have. These worldspaces are what RDO uses to check certain lines of dialogue to make sure they're used as intended.

- Follower Commentary Overhaul:

---- Incompatible unless load order is correct. See Load Order section.

- More Follower Voices Mod:

---- Compatible, but is no longer needed for follower dialogue only. RDO support many more voices and with more dialogue.
---- If you're using MFVM for Khajiit marriage, keep it installed. RDO does not add marriage dialogue for voices that can't be married in the original game.

- Extensible Follower Framework:

---- Compatible with patch provided. Strongly recommended.

- Amazing Follower Tweaks:

---- Compatible with patch provided.

- Immersive Amazing Follower Tweaks:

---- Compatible with patch provided.

- Ultimate Follower Overhaul:

---- Compatible with patch provided. (Patch available for both v1.2i and v1.2j.b15 of UFO)

- Follower Live Package:

---- Compatible as long as you use the [FLP] dialogue options for followers recruited under the [FLP] option. Partial patch is provided. 

- Amorous Adventures (AA):

---- Fully compatible. No patch need and load order does not matter. Lover dialogue from AA may mix with dialogue from RDO but they do not conflict.

Immersive Speechcraft:

---- Fully compatible. No patch needed and load order does not matter.

-- Wondering about other mods? Check the Load Order section! More mods are listed there!

4. Installation/Updating:

Install using a mod manager. Mod Organizer is preferred and recommended! If you have installation problems with NMM I won't be able to provide much help since I use Mod Organizer.

For manual installation... you should already know how to manually install a mod if that's how you're managing your mods.

RDO will overwrite several audio files from Skyrim.esm, Hearthfires.esm, Dragonborn.esm, and USSEP. This is intentional!

RDO will work best when installed just before starting a new game, but can be installed mid-playthrough just fine.

Here's the steps for safely installing RDO mid-playthrough and uninstalling if needed:
  • Load your game and make a save (overwrite an existing save or create a new one). This is Save #1.
  • Wait 3-5 seconds, then make a NEW save (Don't overwrite Save #1). This is Save #2.
  • Quit the game and install RDO.
  • Start the game and load Save #2.
  • Begin to play the game like normal (don't do anything you don't want to repeat though) to see if you notice problems.
  • If you encounter serious problems, quit the game.
  • Make sure you have any available compatibility patches for the mods you're using.
  • Check xEdit for mod conflicts.
  • If you can't resolve conflicts with xEdit, or don't know how, delete Save #2.
  • After deleting Save #2, uninstall RDO.
  • Load Save #1 and continue your play-through. Save #1 has no records of RDO and perfectly safe.

5. Un-Installation:

It's NEVER a good idea to uninstall a mod mid-playthrough and then continue playing on that same save. Doing so can damage your game, even to the point of corruption.
Script cleaners are not magical, they can't fix everything. There are records that script cleaners can't repair and will forever be there until you delete all save files that have those records.

For uninstalling RDO, just deactivate in your mod manager.

But, I only recommend uninstalling RDO before starting a new game or if you're loading a save that has never had RDO installed on it before.

6. Load Order:

Load order is very important with RDO to make sure the correct mod(s) is winning the record conflicts.
Compatibility patches have been provided for several mods, but not for every mod that RDO will conflict with.

If you are unsure of where to place RDO in your load order and are afraid that it will mess up the mods you have installed, place RDO further up in your load order. This will allow your existing mods to continue to work but may cause a feature from RDO to not be seen in-game or a dialogue correction made by RDO may not be carried over. This will NOT break RDO.

There are several mods that you SHOULD be loading before RDO so the dialogue fixes made by RDO can work.

Load RDO AFTER the following mods listed below:

Follower Commentary Overhaul (FCO)

  • The two mods conflict with the original follower idle comments. FCO made a few mistakes with making sure the comments would not be used by the wrong person, or at the wrong time. Thus, some followers may end up insulting themselves, family, or other members of their guild.
  • If you find yourself still wanting to use FCO with RDO, just load RDO below FCO.

- Mirai - The Girl With The Dragon Heart

  • Replaces an original FemaleNord (Mjoll) favor dialogue line with one for Mirai. This is most likely an accidental mistake by the author of Mirai.


- Bijin All-In-One-2016 (AIO)
  • Edits idle comments for Mjoll (FemaleNord) in an effort to include the mod "Shut Up Mjoll" in AIO. RDO also stops Mjoll from being overly talkative as a follower, but does it slightly differently than AIO. With AIO it limits all idle comments to Mjoll only, so her general comments about bandits, draugr, dungeons, etc, will only be used be used by Mjoll. With RDO, all her comments that are not specifically about her, will be used by other followers with the Female Nord voice (giving them something to say instead of being quite all the time).
  • AIO also prevents some of Mjolls comments from being said more than once. So over time, she'll have less and less to say (and will actually end up repeating the same lines because she won't have as much to say). With RDO, a few comments will only be used once (such as her commenting about visiting Windhelm for the first time), but others will just be said much less frequently. This way, she'll still have more variety of comments, but just won't use them quite as often. Also, RDO places more conditions on Mjoll's idle comments, preventing them from being used at possibly inappropriate times. AIO uses vanilla conditions.
  • Based on the above, load the mod you want to win the conflicting records after the other. (Meaning, Load RDO after AIO if you want RDO to win. Load AIO after RDO if you want AIO to win)

- Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul (IC)

  • IC and RDO alter many of the same dialogue topics. Loading RDO after IC will incorporate the changes from both mods as RDO includes nearly all changes made by IC.

- Inconsequential NPCs (IQN)

  • Several vanilla dialogue records were altered when the author added the different responses for the hirelings in IQN. This happens when you add dialogue to an existing list of topics, and is very easy mistake to forget about. The issue is that RDO alters these vanilla records so they'll be used with the new dialogue. Loading IQN after RDO may restrict the number of dialogue lines certain follower voice types can use, and could even potentially cause some other conflicts with the follower overhaul patches (If IQN is loaded after one of the follower overhaul patches for RDO).

- Player Voicesets

  • Alters the 6 lines of dialogue used when blocking with low stamina. RDO edits these lines so female NPCs are not using the male grunts, and male NPCs are not using female grunts. Player Voicesets restricts these lines to be used only when you've selected a voice.

- Guard Dialogue Overhaul (GDO)

  • RDO and GDO have very few conflicts, and the changes made by GDO have been carried over into RDO. Loading RDO after GDO will allow the changes from both mods to be applied.

- Alternate Start - Live Another Life (LAL)

  • A handful of records conflict between RDO and LAL. RDO includes the changes made to these conflicting records by LAL, and therefore should be loaded after LAL so that changes from both mods are applied.

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp should be loaded AFTER the mods listed above.

Load RDO BEFORE the following mods listed below:

- The Choice Is Yours (Optional)

  • Not critical. Can be loaded before or after RDO as both mod serve the same purpose for the conflicting records; the option to refuse to help Nurelion retrieve the White Phial.

- Requiem (Optional)

  • RDO overrides a small number of records from Requiem. Some users have reported that they noticed no difference with RDO loaded after Requiem. I only recommend loading RDO before Requiem just because I know how easy mods can mess up Requiem. Load RDO and Requiem in the order you're most comfortable.

- Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp is recommended to be loaded BEFORE the mods listed above.

Load Order For Available Patches:

- Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (USSEP):

---- Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Path.esp
---- Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp
---- RDO - USSEP Path.esp

- Cutting Room Floor (CRF) and USSEP Patch:
(Order between main RDO plugin and CRF plugin does not matter, as long as the patch is below both)

---- Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
---- Cutting Room Floor.esp
---- Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp
---- RDO - USSEP + CRF Patch.esp

- Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul Patch (CACO):
(Order between CACO plugin and main RDO plugin does not matter, as long as the patch is below both)

---- Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul.esp
---- Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp
---- RDO - CACO Patch

- Immersive Horses Patch:
(Order between main RDO plugin and Immersive Horses plugin does not matter, as long as the patch is below both)

---- Immersive Horses.esp
---- Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp
---- RDO - Immersive Horses Patch.esp

- Open Cities Skyrim:
(Order between main RDO plugin and Open Cities plugin does not matter, as long as the patch is below both)

---- Open Cities Skyrim.esp
---- Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp
---- RDO - Open Cities Patch.esp

- Vendor Sale Delay Gone Patch:
(Order between main RDO plugin and Vendor Sale Delay Gone plugin does not matter, as long as the patch is below both)

---- VendorSaleDelay-Gone.esp
---- Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp
---- RDO - Vendor Sale Delay Gone - Patch.esp

Follower Overhaul Patches (Load As Shown):

- Amazing Follower Tweaks v1.66 Patch:

---- AmazingFollowerTweaks.esp
---- Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp
---- RDO - AFT v1.66 Patch.esp  <- BOTTOM OF LOAD ORDER

---- (If using Vendor Sale Delay Gone)
---- RDO - Vendor Sale Delay Gone - Patch.esp

- Extensible Follower Framework v4.0.2 Patch:

---- EFFCore.esm
---- Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp
---- EFFDialogue.esp
---- RDO - EFF v4.0.2 Patch.esp <- BOTTOM OF LOAD ORDER

- Extensible Follower Framework v4.0.0 Beta 6 Patch:

---- XFLMain.esm
---- Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp
---- XFLDialogue.esp
---- RDO - EFF v4.0.0 Beta 6 Patch.esp <- BOTTOM OF LOAD ORDER

- Extensible Follower Framework v3.5.6 Patch:

---- XFLMain.esm
---- Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp
---- XFLDialogue.esp
---- RDO - EFF v3.5.6 Patch.esp <- BOTTOM OF LOAD ORDER

- Follower Live Package Patch:

---- FollowerLivePackage.esp
---- Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp
---- RDO - Follower Live Package Patch.esp <- BOTTOM OF LOAD ORDER

- Immersive Amazing Follower Tweaks v3.09 Patch:

---- AmazingFollowerTweaks.esp
---- Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp
---- RDO - iAFT Patch.esp <- BOTTOM OF LOAD ORDER

---- (If using Vendor Sale Delay Gone)
---- RDO - Vendor Sale Delay Gone - Patch.esp

- Ultimate Follower Overhaul v1.2i Patch:

---- UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul.esp
---- Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp
---- RDO - UFO v1.2i Patch.esp <- BOTTOM OF LOAD ORDER

- Ultimate Follower Overhaul v1.2j.b15:

---- UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul.esp
---- Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp
---- RDO - UFO v1.2j.b15 Patch.esp <- BOTTOM OF LOAD ORDER

7. In-depth Description:

RDO primarily focuses on changing the dialogue used by NPCs based on their relationship towards the player. It doesn't completely change all of the dialogue in the game, it just adds more dialogue for NPCs to use, and fixes some dialogue that should not be used in certain situations.

99.9% of the new dialogue added by RDO is not restricted to specific NPCs. It can be used by any NPC with a certain voice type, original or NPCs from other mods.

The goal with RDO is to make your interactions with friends, followers, spouses, and rivals be much more suited. Friendly or negative greetings will no longer happen once every 12 in-game hours. Your friends will always talk to you like friends, your rivals will always talk to you like rivals (unless you continuously press the "talk" key in the span of a few seconds and go through all of their dialogue).

Spouses that are your followers will no longer forget that you are married like in the original game. Your spouse will talk to you like you are married, as they should. When not following, some voice types have been given additional marriage dialogue to use.

Followers will have additional dialogue for MANY different situations. They will have much more to say than the same 3 greetings and 2-3 farewells. They also have much more dialogue for the follower commands. Meaning, they won't use the same line over and over when asking them to trade items, wait, ask a favor, follow, dismiss, etc.

Followers will also have dialogue for every situation of combat. You will hear them yell out when starting combat with an enemy, and remark in relief or possibly arrogance when combat is over. Their comments will often depend on who or what they are fighting.

Housecarls are now much more respectful than in the original game. They will address the player with more respect and don't act so begrudgingly when you ask him/her for something. Personally, housecarls now act how they should have in the original game.

Rivals will have more dialogue (insults) to say to the player. If you managed to make a NPC dislike you, they won't insult you once every 12 in-game hours and go back to their normal dialogue. Rivals will use more insults, some of which depend on the race or gender of the player. If you continue to pester a rival, he/she will eventually refuse to talk to you.

Use RDO's MCM to tweak nearly any NPC to your preference:

Make a NPC hate you, like you, or indifferent. Turn any unique NPC into a follower or spouse if their voice type support either of those possibilities.

Don't want a certain NPC to use RDO dialogue?
Use the Prevent Actor option in the MCM to stop them from using all RDO dialogue. To allow them to start using RDO dialogue again just use the Allow Actor option in the MCM and that NPC will start using RDO dialogue again.

Have two friendly NPCs fighting each other, or maybe fighting a neutral NPC and you want them to stop?
Use the Stop Combat option in the MCM for force the NPC to stop fighting.

Are you, the player, stuck in combat with a someone or something and want it to end?
Use the Stop Combat option in the MCM to make all enemies fighting the player to stop combat.

Want to know the stats of a NPC?
Use the View NPC Stats page for all information about their relevant skills and attributes.

8. Questions:

Q: Can I merge the patches?
A: Users have reported that merging the patches caused no problems. So, yes.
I strongly do NOT recommend trying to merge the main file with other mods or the patches. You will most likely have problems with merging the main file. Leave the main file alone and just merge the patches.

Q: I was using the beta version of RDO, can I update to the public version?
A: Yes, the only "problems" you should have is that I've removed two unused script variables in the MCM so the game will complain about not finding those. Other than that, you should be fine to update. I recommend keeping a save with the beta version in case things go haywire. Of course, uninstalling the beta version of RDO and installing the public version on a save that never had RDO installed, or before starting a new game, is always the most ideal.

Q: Will you make a version that does not require 1 or more of the DLC?
A: Most likely not. Too many dialogue fixes and integrations has been made to records in the DLC. It also took a lot of time and work just to include everything that's in the main file, so having multiple main files that I would need to keep updated is not something I want to do.

Q: Is RDO script heavy?
A: No, not at all. The "heaviest" script is the one that makes up the MCM, which only runs when you open RDO's MCM. It's also not a very "heavy" script, it just simply large in size because of all the different features and options it allows you to configure. All of the other scripts in RDO are no different than those you find in the original game. In fact, some of them are actually written more efficiently than similar ones you'd find by Bethesda. There's nothing that's actively checking around the player or constantly polling for updates all the time.
In case I wasn't clear: RDO is NOT script heavy!

Q: Why is there a random guy in Breezehome and how do I get rid of him?
A: His name is Terek. He's an existing NPC that Bethesda never added to the game. If you want him gone without killing him, which you certainly can do, go talk to the steward in the Dragonsreach great hall (Proventus - Imperials, Brill - Stormcloaks). He'll personally take care of this issue for you, and so I recommend following the steward to Breezehome to watch a scene play out.

Q: Followers are sometimes referring to enemies incorrectly, or saying things that don't necessarily sound appropriate. Why?
A: When it comes to combat, the majority of subtypes (categories of dialogue) have a target, or someone/thing the NPC is speaking to. However, there are a few exceptions. Any times combat ends, and followers or NPCs make comments, they're not speaking to someone/thing. Meaning, there is no target/enemy they're speaking to. This makes it VERY difficult to make comments be used correctly, so followers don't say something about animals when you were just fighting bandits. To be honest, I've tried and tried to get these comments to work when I want them to but they just simply won't. My only other choice would be to use scripts to try and check the currently enemy someone is fighting. Resorting to scripts for this is something I do not want to do. This basically leaves no way to fix this issue... unless someone knows of a way and is willing to help me. I would definitely listen.

10. Localisation/Making Translations/Translations Available:

All spoken dialogue, displayed text, and subtitles in RDO will be in English. RDO works exactly like custom voiced follower mods such as Inigo or Recorder, which is why it's not localized. Dialogue corrections to original game records will use the voiced language of your game but will display English text because it changes any displayed text to the language of the user making the edits.

The MCM comes with a translation text document which covers about 98% of the MCM. There are a few lines where I was unable to use translation strings and had to resort to plain text.

For more information on where you will find text that will need to be translated, see the Translation Information text file in the Misc Section of the downloads.

If you want to make a translation of RDO, you are free to do so. Please read the Permission/Usage section before uploading.

Also, if you do create a translation of RDO, I would prefer if you
upload it as its own file here on the Nexus instead of sending it to me.

Translations available:


Italian with Voices




On 3DMGame

11. Permission/Usage:

The following sites are forbidden. Meaning, you may NOT upload a translation of RDO to these sites without my explicit permission:

- Bethesda.net

- Steam Workshop

As long as you credit myself, cloudedtruth, as the original mod author and provide a link to the RDO mod page, you may do the following:

- Re-upload a translated version of RDO to other sites that are not forbidden.

- Use assets from RDO in another mod. <--- Credit where the assets came from

Making Compatibility Patches:

As long as you're not re-uploading the plugin (message me if you need to for some reason) or any unnecessary assets in RDO, you are free to make any compatibility patches for RDO and any other mod(s).

If you abide by the above sentence, you do NOT need my permission to upload RDO compatibility patches. You may upload them as their own files, you don't need to send it to me.

12. Credit

Credit for the making of RDO:

FoxFingers - Original inspiration behind me wanting to make dialogue for Skyrim, and letting me contribute to his Amorous Adventures.
Expired - Author of Extensible Follower Framework (EFF)
Dheuster - Author of Amazing Follower Tweaks (AFT)
Dheuster & chinagreenelvis -  Authors of Immersive Amazing Follower Tweaks (iAFT)
fLokii & Vamyan - Authors of Ultimate Follower Overhaul (UFO)
Oldcyder - Author of Follower Live Package (FLP)
Greentea101 - For VFRT and Unfuzer (RDO would never have happened without these tools)
AlexxEG - BSA Browser
Creation Kit Wiki - Scripting help
SkyUI Team - SkyUI
TES5Edit Team - xEdit (A tool that everyone who mods Skyrim should learn to use)

Special thanks:
Sakr3d - Creating the FOMOD
riccardo83/Hallkel - Italian translation
MaximilianPs - Italian with voices translation
linqueo - Spanish translation
Selvan64 - Polish translation
achifeixiang - Chinese translation
AlecsZ - Russian translations
KingsGambit - Author of Invisibility Glitch - Eyes Fix (All credit for the two scripts that fix invisible eyes included in RDO belong to KingsGambit)
Shurah - For allowing me to recreate packages from his Immersive Citizens mod into RDO.

Mods seen in screenshots:

Bijin Warmaidens
Bijin NPCs
My Ahlam with Nazeem
Authentic Whiterun
Authentic Solitude
aMidianBorn Book of Silence + Content Addon
Clothing and Clutter Fixes
Sovngarde Mist's Font Replacer
Superior Lore-Friendly Hair - HD textures
RS Children Overhaul
Female Facial Animation
Circlet Replacers for Women