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ELFX Shadows is a new Enhanced Lights and FX addon which aims to add spectacular lighting effects and to break the limits of the Skyrim lighting engine (where possible) by increasing the number of shadowcasting lights per cell, all this without causing the slightest light flickering issue.

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Rudy102 wrote:

A few words from me about ELFX Shadows.
I've almost forgotten how long I've been modding Skyrim, but from the very beginning of my adventure with this game, ELFX was with me.
Of course, over the years I have tried other modifications, because everyone is probably aware of the ELFX's ills,
which after some time could take their toll.
But I always went back to ELFX and its Enhancer after a long or short time.
It's probably because I felt at home there, everything was just in its place, I could be sure that wherever I traveled, each of the places I visited would look at least good (and that the lights would often flicker).

Then came the SE version era, and you, WiZkiD, fixed ELFX, so i was able to use it already without any major problems
And then the "Window Shadows" mod came out. I used it in the LE version once,
but it caused too many problems there, so of course I went back to the ELFX.
The SE version was more advanced and continuously developed,
I even made the first version of my presto for Cathedral Weathers, especially for this mod.
Okay, I know the light shining through the windows isn't quite realistic, but to hell with realism because it's bloody cinematographic.
Well, but I'm old now and reluctant to change habits, so I went back to ELFX to find out that ELFX Shadows was being made. ELFX vibe and Shadows add-ons, plus more shadow casting lights. My dream.
When I was finally able to try the test version, the smile did not leave my face for two days.
Suddenly two of my favorite modifications fused into one.

 I have to say that you and Nicola have made one of my secret dreams come true.
Although a few months ago I didn't even know, that I had it 
The atmosphere just pours out of the screen in every location I have visited. It's the good, old ELFX vibe that I'm used to and love, plus the changes you've made, that are amazing and take this mod to a whole new level (okay, in Valthume where I was yesterday the light is flashing, but I used the version you gave me, Nicola sent me the latest one yesterday, I haven't installed it yet)
It's just a piece of coveted, professional work in which you put your heart and soul. It just shows in every detail and I always appreciate something like that. Many thanks for all your amazing work. 

ELFX Shadows is a revamp, an enhancement of the possibilities offered by the Skyrim Engine, a collection of Enhanced Lights and FX fixes all in one in an ESL flagged ESP. The main features are represented by the presence of shadows projected by window frames in a realistic way and above all by the overcoming
of the Skyrim engine limits by using a complex scripting technique which leaves the engine untouched.
Where possible we have far exceeded the four shadowcasting lights limit and all this without the slightest light flickering issue occurring, even with a lit torch in hand.
Using ELFX Shadows also reduces the number of plugins needed for Enhanced Lights and FX to obtain the most satisfying gaming experience possible, in fact you will no longer need ELFX Fixes or even SMIM Performace patches. Another fundamental thing, we have solved some historical bugs that plagued the Anamorfus mod, such as the one related to the Thalmor Embassy so you will no longer need to touch the main esp.
Although it is not essential we advise you to use ELFX Enhancer, ELFX Shadows fomod includes various custom version of ELFX Enhancer we made to better work the main plugin.
Since ELFX Shadow does not use any kind of fake light the use of an ENB present is not necessary, our mod works perfectly with and without ENB. We recommend using the NEW RUDY ENB specially created to work with elfx shadow

--Features Summary--

  • Shadows projected by window frames
  • Exceeding the limits of the Skyrim engine (more than 4 shadowcasting lights per cell, NOT at engine level)
  • ELS flagged ESP so it doesn't count toward the plugin limit
  • ELFX Fixes already included in the main esp
  • Tons of new fixes for Enhanced Lights and FX
  • Works with or without ENB binaries + presets
  • All new ELFX Enhancer versions are compatible out of the box with Skyrim Particle Patch (no patch required)

Note: we used vanilla windows frames so to obtain the best result you should use vanilla windows textures or Rustic Windows.
Since ELFX didn't touch hearthfire we highly suggest you to use 
ELFX Shadows - Hearthfire Light Addon by mechanicalpanda, his mod is a really good complement to ELFX Shadows.

ELFX Shadows requires Enhanced Lights and FX so is not compatible with other interior lighting mod, 
all mods that touch the interiors need patches, in this regard we have already prepared a patches hub
that will contain the plugins needed for the most used mods present on Nexus.
Compatible with Embers HD and Embers XD, just use their patches for Enhanced Lights and FX and let ELFX Shadows assets overwrite everything esle as usual.
Unofficial Enhanced Lights and FX ELFX SMIM fps patch for SE and 
ELFX Fake Door Light Remover since ELFX Shadows main ESP already includes many new fixes plus a custom version of ELFX Fixes.
For compatibility with other mods refer to PATCHES HUB which will be constantly updated.

Download and install it with your favorite mod manager and place it below Enhanced Lights and FX.
Its fundamental to let ELFX Shadows assets overwrite everything else in your load order.
You can use any plugin included in the Enhanced Light and FX installation FOMOD with the exception of  "ELFXEnhancer.esp" and "ELFX - hardcore.esp", as explained above ELFX Shadows includes its own ELFX Enhancer and hardcore replacer.
If you are using Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes do not install the ELFX patch inclued in its FOMOD, with ELFX Shadows that patch is not needed.
To work as intended ELFX Shadows require a new playthrough.

Additional instructions

You need to change or add the following settings in the file Skyrimprefs.ini "Display section"


If you are using an ENB set DetailedShadows=True

Load order with ELFX Shadows installed

  • EnhancedLightsandFX.esp
  • ELFX Shadows.esp
  • ELFXEnhancer.esp

thank you all for your attention!

Special Thanks

Anamorfus for his magnificient Enhanced Lights and FX
Brumbek for the ever green SMIM
Rudy102 for the kind words and appreciation spent in introducing the mod itself and for its support during development
Toostruus and Entrench for their supports and beta testing

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