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Vermunds and Fudgyduff

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Unpauses game menus. Updated and fixed version.

Permissions and credits
This mod unpauses Skyrim's game menus. Based on Fudgyduff's Skyrim Souls RE. Updated and fixed version, working with the latest version of SKSE, and with the CTD issues fixed.

This mod requires SKSE64 to work.

INI settings:
You can enable or disable any menu you want in the provided ini file.
An .ini setting is available which will allow you to move and/or move the camera when a menu is open. (Now supporting controllers too)
An .ini setting is available to slow down the time when an unpaused menu is open.
Every .ini setting has additional comments to make it easier to understand what it does.

Read the sticky post for more information.

Reporting issues:

The mod is still in development, and I'm interested in all issues you find. Please let me know if you find something.

Information for modders:
This mod will change the papyrus function Utility.IsInMenuMode(). It will return true if an unpaused menu is open. However, Utility.wait() will no longer be usable to detect if a menu is open. If you used Utility.wait() for detecting menus, here is a recommended way to do it in order to be compatible with this mod:

While (Utility.IsInMenuMode())

Credits and thanks:
Fudgyduff for the original Skyrim Souls RE, for Hookshare SSE and for CommonLibSSE.
kassent for the original idea.
Everyone else who helped me testing the mod.

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