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Pilgrim is a complete overhaul of Skyrim’s religion system that adds dozens of new deities and with powerful shrine effects to the game.

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Pilgrim - A Religion Overhaul

Pilgrim is a complete overhaul of Skyrim’s religion system that adds dozens of new deities and with powerful shrine effects to the game. It also turns several priests in the hold capitals into vendors who sell thematically appropriate items such as amulets, potions, spells, and scrolls. The priests also offer services such as Cure Disease Potions and scrolls of Divine Intervention. 

Pilgrims and Cultists 

Pilgrim adds two perks to the game, Pilgrim and Cultist respectively. The Pilgrim perk is in the Restoration tree, and it governs gods such as the Divines, Auriel, and the All-Maker. The Cultist perk is in the Conjuration tree, and it governs gods such the Daedra, Mannimarco, and Sithis.

Both of these perks have two ranks, one at 30 and one at 60 of their respective. The first rank doubles the strength of the relevant shrines. The second rank adds a second, additional bonus that you receive when you are under the effect of the relevant shrines. 


The first time you pray at a shrine, you will receive a Lesser Power called Prayer. This power will allow you to meditate in order to receive a blessing from the last shrine you prayed at. Prayer works with both Divine and Daedric shrines, and you do not need to have invested in either the Pilgrim or Cultist perks to use it. 

Praying in this manner does not cure diseases (in fact, neither does praying at shrines--check the “Priestly Vendors” section for more important on how to cure diseases with this mod). 

The Shrines 

The Divines

The Divines are the most commonly worshiped gods in the land. They have numerous temples, amulets, and shrines located around the world. They are governed by the Pilgrim perk in Restoration.


Other Benevolent Deities 

These deities are worshipped by other cultures not native to Skyrim. Although their worship is less common, it is not usually perceived as malicious. Their shrines are rare, and may be more difficult to find. They are governed by the Pilgrim perk in Restoration.


Tall Papa and The All-Maker 

These two deities are listed separately because they have slightly more complex effects. They are governed by the Pilgrim perk in Restoration.


The Daedra and Other Malevolent Deities 

These deities are dark gods whose worship is shunned by polite society. They are, for the most part, Daedric Princes, although a few other malevolent entities are presented here. The powers these gods provide are much more volatile, and extract a great cost from their worshippers. They are governed by the Conjuration perk Cultist. 


Priestly Vendors 

Pilgrim turns one priest in each of the five major cities into a special class of vendor. These priests will sell a few spell tomes, but more importantly, they will sell healing and defensive items such as potions and scrolls. They will also sell special scrolls of Divine Intervention. These scrolls will allow you to teleport to their respective temples. If you are an Expert or above in Restoration, you will be able to buy a spell of Divine Intervention from each of the five priests, which will allow you to teleport to their temple without consuming an item. 

Since shrines no longer cure diseases in Pilgrim, the priests will be sure to stock extra potions of Cure Disease. You may wish to purchase a few before embarking on a long journey. 


Pilgrim is not compatible with other religion overhauls. Pilgrim is compatible with all Standing Stone overhauls (if you were worried about Tall Papa).

Pilgrim is compatible with Adamant without a patch. It will overwrite any effects from Adamant, so if there are any discrepancies between the two mods, Pilgrim will win. You should make sure to use the latest version of Adamant and Mysticism. You should not use the “Adamant Shrines and Amulets” plugin with this mod. 

If you’d like to use Pilgrim with Ordinator, Vokrii, or Vanilla perks, you’ll need to download one of the patches we’ve provided. The Vokrii patch changes Auriel's buff since Auriel's functionality is already included in Vokrii as a perk.

Pilgrim does edit the Vanilla magic effects for Sun Fire, Vampire’s Bane, and Stendarr’s Aura in order to implement Auriel’s “Bathed in Light” ability. Sorry, there's no other way to implement this effect. 

There are no Vanilla keywords for Poison and Sun magic, so for this mod to recognize spells as either Poison or Sun spells, you should add my keywords to them (MAG_MagicDamagePoison and MAG_MagicDamageSun, respectively). These keywords are injected. You will also need to manually implement Bathed in Light similar to how it was done with Vanilla spells. We have provided a patch for Odin that does this already.

Pilgrim is compatible with Breton Paladin with the patch provided.

If you want to add Pilgrim support to your own mod without need of a patch, you can find an article detailing how here.


Special Thanks

TateTaylorUSA for the shrines of Sheogorath and Sithis as well as everything done in the render window.
SoftboiRodvt for the Dunmer House of Troubles Shrines.
opusGlass for the Shrine of HoonDing.
FrankFamily for allowing us to use his unreleased Shrines of Syrabane and Trinimac.
colinswrath for contributing some script work.

Assets Used

billyro for the Shrine of Mannimarco taken from Billyro's Misc Mods.
cad435 for the Snow Elf Pavilion taken from Snow Elves Reborn - Resource.
EnaiSiaion for the bundled Modern Brawl Bug Fix and a formlist taken from Vokrii.
FrankFamily for the Shrines of Magnus, Sheor, Phynaster, Pelinal and Jephre taken from Artifacts - The Breton Paladin.
Imperial Society for the Galathe ruins taken from Ayleid Ruins Building Kit -Resources-.
Incaendo for the stone textures, used on a few of the new shrines, taken from 4k Seamless rock textures.
kukatsuo for the Shrine of Tall Papa taken from Kukatsuo Weapon -Redguard Armory-.
Leodoidao for the Redguard Tablecloth taken from Arab art resource.
mannygt for the Argonian Shrine of Sithis taken from The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal SE.
Parapets for the Prayer power taken from Pray With Amulets.
PROMETHEUS_ts for racial skull variants taken from Beast Skeletons.
Ronnie Magnum for the Ayleid Shrine of Magnus taken from Forgotten Shrine of Magnus.
Stroti and Tamira for the Shrine of Jone and Jode taken from Stroti Resource Pack.
skitamine for the Shrine of Sanguine taken from Sanguine squad assets.

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