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True Storms Special Edition is a complete overhaul of the storm systems in Skyrim SE, including new heavy and unique weathers, loads of new intense sound effects, interior sounds, particle effects, new rain, snow, and dust textures, heavy fogs, new weathers for Solstheim including dust storms, and much more!

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Available on for PC and XBOX ONE

One of the top 10 mods of 2015 for Skyrim, and a top 5 mod of all-time for Fallout 4, with over 1 million downloads comes to Skyrim Special Edition!

True Storms: Special Edition is a complete overhaul of the storm systems in Skyrim SE, including new heavy, light, and unique weathers, loads of new intense sound effects, interior sounds, particle effects, new rain, snow, and dust textures, heavy fogs and wind effects, new weathers for Solstheim including dust storms, and much more! Simple at its core, True Storms has a BIG impact on the atmosphere of Skyrim.  Retains vanilla style, but makes things much more dramatic and varied.

True Storms Special Edition has been re-built for Skyrim SE, and includes many new features over its original Skyrim Classic counterpart!


• HIGH PERFORMANCE. I re-made all fogs and other visual effects and have literally zero impact on my system.
• Focused on vanilla look and feel, with more intensity, and variation. Great for lore-friendly, immersive gameplay.
• Retains all of Bethesda's newly re-designed colors, volumetric lighting / god rays, etc.
• 25+ all-new carefully crafted high quality sound effects for thunder, rain, wind, and interior sounds.
• Heavy and light variants of each storm type - heavy rain storms and heavy blizzards are contrasted by light, pleasant variants.
• Interior sound playback - listen to rain on the rooftops as you cozy up in your Hearthfire home.
• Brand-new rain and snow textures / heavy particle shaders.
• Heavy mist / rolling fog weathers and wind effects with no performance loss!
• Lightly adjusted regions to include more diverse weather - experience rainfall on the coast, light snow in Whiterun.
• Several brand-new weathers for Solstheim! Heavy dust storms, burning ash fall, rain, and harbor fogs.
• Volume sliders in game audio settings to idependently control volume for thunder, rain, and interior sounds.
• Solves an issue in vanilla where a single thunder sound is chosen during a storm and played repeatedly - now it’s properly random!
• Sneak buffs during heavy storms for you and companions is in progress and coming in an update!

#1 overview video by me, #2 incredible cinematic video by Hodilton

MORE VIDEOS (Skyrim Classic)
Older video reviews for the original SKYRIM CLASSIC version. These are not up to date but still give you some additional insight!


• Install and go! Use NMM or manual (drag-and-drop files from into /data/ folder, and add TrueStormsSE.esp in plugins.txt)
• Everything is packed into BSA files for cleanliness and ease of installation.
• Load order shouldn't really matter. Weather mods will overwrite each other without specific patches, so you should only use one at a time. There isn't much that will conflict at the moment, but I would put it after Wet and Cold if you're using that. More as this develops!


• Darker Nights (100% compatible!  Patch part of Darker Nights v1.4!)
• Frostfall (100% compatible)
• Wet and Cold (90% compatible) -- we both add Solstheim weathers, so whatever loads last will 'win' til a patch is made but will work fine otherwise
• ELFX (90% compatible) -- ELFX mostly edits interiors, but if you're using ELFX Exteriors or Weathers, just load True Storms after in your load order
• Realistic Lighting Overhaul (90%) -- Interiors are fully compatible, but not the RLO weathers.  If you load True Storms after RLO you will get RLO's interiors, and my storms.

THE FOLOOWING ARE NOT FULLY COMPATIBLE UNTIL PATCHES ARE MADE -- Patches are coming soon but not until updates slow down for the other weather mods.  I can't keep track and update patches constantly while there is a lot of churn going on.  Patience is appreciated!  It's also tricky because I basically have to "blend" the mods together artfully.

• Climates of Tamriel
• Vivid Weathers
• RLO Weathers (interiors are fine)

True Storms Special Edition is currently not compatible with other weather mods that alter regions, or remove vanilla weathers, such as Vivid Weathers (which removes vanilla weather entirely.) I have not fully inspected other weather mods for Skyrim SE yet, but previously mods such as Purity, and NLA, which overwrite vanilla weathers, CAN be used with True Storms, if True Storms is placed AFTER/LOWER than those mods in your load order.

Patches for weather mods are the #1 most requested feature, and I will likely be making these as the new weather mods for SE roll in, including VW. Stay tuned! I personally love the new vanilla weather in Skyrim SE, and am doing a playthrough with just TS (I might be biased!)


Q: Does this effect performance?
A: No! Skyrim SE runs so great, I couldn’t bear harming FPS. I re-made all visual effects from scratch to have zero impact (or close to it)

Q: How is this different from something like Vivid Weathers or NLA?
A: True Storms focuses on storms and does not edit vanilla lighting, or clear weathers. Vivid Weathers, specifically, changes the look of the whole game; it removes and replaces ALL weathers, all post-processing filters, clouds, sky colors, etc. for a more vivid/fantasy look. It’s beautiful, but it comes down to preference. NLA is similar in that it edits/replaces all weathers, including clear ones, but it keeps the original vanilla records and regions, so it is more compatible with True Storms (see Compatibility)

Q: Will these changes come to the Skyrim Classic verion?
A: Yes! It’s long overdue for an update. Stay tuned.