Automatron - Weapons System Overhaul by Karel2015
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Added: 23/03/2016 - 10:01AM
Updated: 13/04/2016 - 04:50AM

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Last updated at 4:50, 13 Apr 2016 Uploaded at 10:01, 23 Mar 2016

(For Armor Enhancement for Automatrons Check out my other mod: Automatron - Equal Armor)
Special shout out to: Vogue ENB / Vivid ENB for some awesome looking gameplay / screenshots

 Bonus Features:
You can select options to give your robots built +5 Defense, as well as options to have Multiple Robot Followers
(How to get Robot Follower Perk:  When you build NEW robots, They will have a magazine in their inventory "Just trade with them and take it," this will give you the perk necessary to control the robots)

Now Includes: Automatron - Mr. Handy Weapons  by ElisDTrailz

Mods that work Amazingly with this mod:
Automatron Securitron by m150
DogMetal - Dogmeat Robot - by darklynxxx
Better Weapon Mod Descriptions by TakaruMinari ("Patch for this mod is live!")
Better Automatron Weapons by Testudini

Gatling Laser: Institute / Incendiary / Wounding / Piercing
Mr. Gutsy: Combat Rifle (Incendiary / Wounding / Piercing / Poisoning), .44 Caliber Pistol (Piercing / Incendiary / Poisoning / Wounding)
Mr. Gutsy: Plasma Rifle / Plasma Pistol
Mr. Handy: Incendiary Lightning Gun / Powerful Laser Gun / Penetrating Hand Saw
: Incendiary / Furious / Freezing / Plasma / Piercing / Poisoning / Troubleshooter / Wounding / Irradiated
Stealth Blade: Burning / Poisoning / Freezing / Wounding / Irradiated
Hammer Saws: Freezing / Poisoning / Burning
Shishkebab: Freezing / Electrified
Shoulder Launcher: M203 (Piercing/Troublershooter), Incendiary / Freezing, Plasma / Poisoning Gas
Sniper Laser: Powerful / Piercing / Plasma

New Combat Styles:
Ranged [Balanced]
Ranged [Offensive]
Ranged [Defensive]
Melee [Balanced]
Melee [Offensive]
Melee [Defensive]

Mr Handy Thrusters: You can now use Sentry Torso with Shoulder Launchers and Mr. Handy Thrusters
Mr Handy Torsos: You can now build a Mr. Handy Torso, Equip it with all 3 Eyes / All 3 Legs, and Still give it normal robot arms.
Mr Handy Torsos: New Top Armor Heads
Sentry Bot Overheat: Sentry bots are now less likely to overheat