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Adds flagpoles you can craft. All the normal flags and 100+ more. Special functions to not clutter your menu as well :)

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Craftable Animated Flagpoles

Adds a TON of flags that are locked out unless you have either 1 or two of the flagmentation grenades in your inventory. The common 5 flags will appear under decorations/walls/flags with one Flagmentation grenade in your inventory, the other 100+ flagpoles will appear if you have 2 or more. To remove them from the menu simply throw the grenades. Watch the video.

Special thanks to Zaldiir for making Flags of The Old World and giving open perms. Go check it out for all the flags as wall versions.

Note from the Author
I have a lot of friends in Australia and New Zealand. The flag will NOT be changed MWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH