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AnotherOne aka RetroPaladin

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Not a little patch or addon, but some immersion addition like eating and drinking animations in 1st and 3rd Person

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This mod add animation of eating and drinking, pretty generic

Animations are for:
-Small food
-Nuka(generic nuka bottle for every type of Nuka)
-Tin can(for water, lemonade and everything with ObjectTypeWater keyword)
-Beer(generic beer bottle for every alcohol)
-Food(eating something looks like sweetroll, ObjectTypeFood keyword)

How to add your food:
Mostly script process your ingestible with keyword, but if you want to play different animation of food/drink - add its FormID to specific Form List through Creation Kit or xEdit(recommended)
Also, if you have huge pile of food with specific keyword but you want it to play Small food animation instead of regular one - there's 5 reserved keywords in quest entry KeySmallFood[1-5], or add to FormList(xEdit has script to fast adding entries to formlists)

Thank to:
-BWones for idea of animated ingestibles
-octodecoy for massive work on post-release script, awesome guy!