Fallout 4
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Removes the limits from settlements. No .bat files, cheat engines, or anything else needed! Just a simple, one-time script

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Someone came up to me and told me that apparently it takes two commands to make a settlement have unlimited build limit with no limit.
I was like "Oh okay, I'll just write a script that automates that process." and did.
All this mod does it run a single script once and then unlocks your build limit. In other words, your settlements will have absolutely no build limit. Pretty clear right? To help you make sure the mod is working, the first time you run it will give you a message saying it is.
All you have to do is install and activate it, no hastle, no .bat files, no drama, no wrongful arrests, no malamutes. Maybe.
Have fun.

-A lack of settlement limits

Honestly? It doesn't really modify anything and should be compatible with everything. No workbenches or settlements have been modified otherwise.