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Each gender and race of child now has their own meshes and textures. Also, female ghoul children are now possible.

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Edit: I just logged into this account for the first time in four years. I really wouldn't use this mod if I were you! It was very early, never really bug tested or updated, and doesn't do much. There are undoubtedly superior mods to achieve whatever you're hoping this will achieve. You have full permission to do anything you like with the esp and textures. 

Original description:
In vanilla Fallout 4, human boys and girls share all their meshes and textures, except for their body textures. Furthermore, ghoul children have only male textures and no female textures available. This mod changes that with an .esp and some loose files. Now each type of child has unique body and hand textures and meshes, located in data/textures/ChildrenExtended and data/meshes/ChildrenExtended.

For the time being, the only real benefit provided by this mod will be for users of Abbalovesyou's Playable Children, who will now be able to create female child ghoul characters with working body meshes and textures, or jenthecopycat's Child Settlers, as that mod includes a female ghoul child. Children Extended is compatible with all of those mods and Abbalovesyou's other mod, Killable Children.

Right now this mod is more of a modder's resource than an actual mod. Installing it will result in no noticeable changes whatsoever without being combined with other mods, as the only non-vanilla assets it includes are those for female ghoul children, and there's none of those in the base game anyway. Hopefully other mod authors will create improved body meshes for children in the future. Please do message me if you're planning a mod like this and would like to use all the stuff in this mod's .esp in yours.

In the future I intend to grow this mod to hopefully improve the game's oddly identical children in more ways. I could possibly extend it beyond children, for example allowing different body mods for different adult races, but I think the sort of texture issues that would solve (e.g. CBBE breaking female ghouls) are solved in other ways by my other mod, Additional Body Textures.