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Adds the ability to backstab your enemies if you sneak up on them.
With or without a weapon, sneak behind (or in front of) an unsuspecting enemy, and attack to perform a killmove.

Permissions and credits
ATTENTION! There seem to be a problem with some killmoves.
Using a knife, blunt weapons, or unarmed attacks from behind while sneaking does not always work - sometimes the paired animation even plays, but it does not kill the target.
It happens especially when attacking NPC who is using some idle/patrol marker (sitting, leaning on walls/railings, eating, smoking, etc.)
The reason for this is unknown. I suspect that some of the "recent" official game updates may be responsible, but i am only guessing - see the bug section for more info.

(Thanks to the user chucksteel, the mod is now ported to Xbox One, and is available at bethesda.net)

Sneak up on your enemies to backstab them, break their neck, bash their face, etc.
(currently works with humans and non-feral ghouls only)

  • Make sure you are NOT DETECTED - Sneaking obviously helps, but in rare situations you may succeed even without it (if it is dark, the enemy is blind and deaf, and you are really lucky, or you just happened to surprise enemy who walked into you around a corner).
  • Use normal attack key to perform killmoves with melee weapons, bladed or blunt (with the exception of The Ripper which must be allowed in settings), OR unarmed killmoves if no weapon is equipped and your hands are up.
  • Use bash/power attack key to perform unarmed killmove while a pistol or rifle is equipped and holstered, OR to perform pistol grip or rifle butt knockdown killmove with the weapon unholstered.
  • You can be behind or in front of the enemy - as long as you are not detected, you can perform a successfull killmove depending on your weapon, position, and stance.

It does NOT add new animations, it reuses existing animations and allows them to be played also under slightly different circumstances and depending on different conditions than default vanilla game.

Should be perfectly compatible with anything as long as the other mod doesn't alter one of the following animation branches:
- Actors\Character\_1stPerson\Behaviors\MeleeBehavior\ActionRightAttack
- Actors\Character\_1stPerson\Behaviors\RootBehavior\ActionRightSyncAttack
- Actors\Character\Behaviors\MeleeBehavior\ActionRightAttack
- Actors\Character\Behaviors\RaiderRootBehavior\ActionRightSyncAttack
...if the other mod does alter something in one of these branches, then things may not work correctly.

Known issues
- May produce unlootable bodies when used while the NPC is using an idle marker (leaning on railings, sitting, etc.) or sitting on chairs.
Working on a solution, in the meantime you can still use it, just avoid killing NPCs while they are sitting or leaning on railings and such (if you care about the loot).
According to comments from several people, this is a vanilla game bug.
This mod can make it more noticeable, but is not causing it.
Solution suggested by SirArthur85: cut/blast off a limb which should be then lootable.

Planned features
See the first sticky in Posts section.