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This Mod adds an SA80 service rifle to the game. Can be found in Publik Occurrences and can be encountered when coming into contact with gunners in the wasteland, as well as a unique version in Gunners Plaza.

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Whats new? Now features the A3 Variant of the SA80, complete with all new paint scheme. Also took a look at a couple of bugs.

Mentioned by Juicehead's mod reviews (Twice, actually.)

Bespoke 1st & 3rd Person SA80 animations
Courtesy of Hitman47101

Legendary 'Who Dares Wins' Edition available in 3.2 - Higher stats, Legendary stat and unique paint scheme. 

Unique paint scheme seen above.

This unique version can be found in Gunner Plaza in the broadcasting room on the ground floor
(Behind a heavily armed master door, near the back of the building) - Screen shots available in gallery for exact location

The SA80 is a British family of 5.56mm NATO small arms, all of which are selective fire, gas operated assault rifles. The L85 variant of the SA80 has been the standard issue service rifle of the British Armed Forces since 1987. This Fallout 4 Mod features both L85 and L86 versions of the weapon, with various different models, such as tactical editions. 

Versions Available:
Tactical Rail and Foregrip
L85 Carbine
L85A1 Stock handguard
L85A3 Handrail

All new concealed paint scheme, Digital, Rustic, Factory Fresh and Union Flag Paint schemes
Bayonet and Supressor
ACOG, Barska Red dot, SUSAT and Iron sight
Drum, Polymer and Metal Magazines
Automatic/Repetition Fire modes 
Plus Damage Modifiers for higher level players

The rifle can be spawned using 'help sa80 4" or  player.additem XX002e20 1 can be used. It can also be found in a cabinet in publick occurrences as well as equipped by gunners and some high level raiders  

Please feel more than welcome to upload any screenshots of this mod in action that you have - Credit will be given if used
Thanks to Pikpeter9 for his uploads
And thanks to dragonslayer2k12 for looking into the CTD/sound issues
Armours used in screenshots: HN66's SIRIUS Armour. DX Harley Quinn outfit (Facepaint)

Fan of the SA80? Check out Antistar's WARS mod here:

Thanez - ACOG Sight
Odec3d - Barska Red dot Sight
Hitman47101 - SA80 Rifle Animations

FX0x01 - SVU Rifle Template and general helpfullness 
Euan Mitchell, "tigg"  - For his excellent SA80 Meshes
ArtStation's Kian Kazemi - Sa80 A3 Handrail
Navaro - Sound

And thanks to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R Gunslinger mod Dev team for the Bayonet model

P.S If you want to upload your own textures that's fine.. But PM me first.