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Adds a second reload for when the magazine is not empty. 1st person only.
Improved Manual Reload 1st and 3rd person.

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  • Mandarin
  • French
For those that don't know, a tactical reload is when you reload a gun with bullets left in the magazine. If the magazine is empty, most guns need to chamber a new round by charging the bolt. Not all guns are like this, you'll notice the Assault Rifle doesn't need to charge the bolt.

This framework will add the ability for that animation to be played. This is not my concept and the work of i_code_i and HyperX who both understand the behaviors alot better than I do. They showed me how to edit the GunBehavior file. All credit to them and i_code_i was very kind to let me upload this.

Tactical Reload Framework

How to add a mod weapon to the framework:

The framework itself is incredibly simple, there are no scripts and just 3 additions in the esm.

2 things are needed for this to work with a weapon.

  • An animation called WPNReloadReserve.hkx (same place as your reload(s) animations, directed by your subgraph as normal)
  • The Keyword AnimsReloadReserve to be added to the base weapon form in the CK.

2 odd fixes to keep in mind.
  • If it's not working after that, add the pistol folder into the subgraph. For some this is needed for non pistol weapons. The animations will never be used but just being there seems to make it work.
  • Make sure NOT to add the ReloadStart annotation to your reserve animation. This will make it play the standard reload.

Tactical Reload Vanilla

As well as the framework I have also added the animations for the vanilla weapons. I am not the best animator but I think they are useable and would welcome anyone to do better versions of them. The Combat Shotgun / Rifle are based on WarDaddy's replacers and would urge you to use them. It won't break if you don't but the animations will be out of sync and need to reposition at the end of the tactical reload.

Sort of required and highly recommended:
WarDaddy's Combat Shotgun / Rifle Animations

Vanilla Weapons included:

  • Pipe Pistol / Rifle (standard mag and drum mag)
  • Deliverer
  • 10mm Pistol
  • Hunting Rifle
  • Submachine Gun (drum mag and large drum mag)
  • Combat Shotgun (standard mag and drum mag)
  • Combat Rifle

Tactical Reload DLC

As well as the vanilla weapons I have also added animations for the 2 DLC weapons.

DLC Weapons included:

  • Nuka World - Handmade Rifle (standard mag and drum mag)
  • Far Harbour - Radium Rifle

Manual Reload Simple (F4SE required)

This is not compatible with this Framework. So I have create a new and improved version. It's been restructured to use perks and magic effects so no longer needing to use animation events which makes it much more efficient. F4SE is still required as the only way to capture a key press / release event.

If you like Manual Reload but not this, I would still suggest using this version. Just don't download the esp's and you will get just manual reload.

Bugs / Issues

If for any reason the animations stop working do a melee attack or unequip and it will hopefully fix it.

Only supports 1st Person and 1st Person Power Armor animation at the moment. Next I will work on 3rd Person and then finally 3rd Person Power Armor.

So far I haven't found any issues. There are going to be conflicts with mods that edit:

  • 1st person RootBehavior / GunBehavior files.
  • Idles relating to Reload (like Manual Reload Simple)

For the vanilla / DLC animation esp anything that edits the base forms of the weapons or the HumanRaceSubgraph will also conflict.