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A F4SE plugin that lets you rename anything in your inventory or in the world, including containers, settlers, and more. Names can be restored to default at any time.

It also restores the ability to use formatting tags (e.g. bold, italics, underlining) in item names.

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Rename anything!


Take back control of your inventory!

This F4SE plugin allows you to rename any item directly from your Pip-Boy, including weapons, apparel, holotapes, notes, keys, and miscellaneous items.

The vanilla 26-character limit on item names has also been removed, so you can name your items as long (or as short) as you want.

In addition, the plugin restores the ability to use formatting tags (e.g. bold, italics, underlining) in item names, which was disabled in patch v1.3.

New in v2.0:
The mod now adds a new console command, allowing you to rename any reference in the world, including people, containers, furniture, and doors! The renaming process is safe - base names are never overwritten. Names can be restored to default at any time.



In your inventory, press X to open the Inspect menu, and press T to access the new Rename option.

If Rename is greyed out, you forgot to launch the game with F4SE.


1. Open the console by pressing the tilde key (~).
2. Click on the object you want to rename.
3. Type: setname "<new name here>"


Do the same as the above, but leave the name blank: setname


Some names are actively overridden by the game (e.g. characters that change their names during quests).

If so, you'll be informed that RenameAnything did not change their name. If you want to change their names anyway, enter setname without any parameters to remove the override, and then set their names as per usual.


Fallout 4 v1.10.26 or higher.
F4SE v0.3.0 or higher.


Install with your preferred mod manager, or copy the files in the download to your Fallout 4 Data folder.
This is a F4SE plugin. There is no ESP!

Does not attach any scripts to objects and is safe to remove at any time.

Your named items are not reliant on this plugin.


Replaces ExamineMenu.swf.

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