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Three new gas masks with all new models and 2K textures. Inspired by the Metro series. These have be integrated into Gas Masks of the Wasteland. Heavy breathing intensifies.

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Inspired by the Metro series I decided to initially model two gas masks--the PPM-88 and PMK-1. The American M17 has now also been added. The mask which Artyom uses in the games seems to be a simplified version of the PPM-88. The PMK-1 is seen in this Redux art piece.

These masks are integrated into Gas Masks of the Wasteland.

All the PPM-88 and PMK-1 meshes and textures have been made by me in Blender and Substance Painter 2. The high poly mesh for the M17 was kindly provided by zhenja1--I optimized and textured it. The glass texture/material and GO collisions have been reused from the base game.

PPM-88 - The PPM is used in industries and by firefighters who require a panoramic view.

PMK-1 - Reached mass production in the 80's and used by the Soviets.

M17 -  Standard issue for the U.S. Military. 

Filters - Two filters for the PPM-88 and PMK-1. Can be crafted for sprucing up your home, bunker, vault, etc etc. Note: The M17 does not have separate filters.

Each gas mask's filter has 4 paint schemes to choose from. 

All these can be crafted at any Chembench under, "GAS MASKS."

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