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Add the U.S. Army Distinctive Insignia tape to fatigue. Also, the MacCready's hat reskin. There is also a lot of different patterns, and stand-alone version.

Permissions and credits
2019-01-30: This MOD is still available, but there is no update anymore.
If you want standalone Fatigues, there is a new Mod.
Satojomov Fatigues Pack

Army Fatigues Simple Improvements(AFSI)

This version is a simple re-texture Mod.
Add the "U.S. Army" Distinctive Insignia tape to Army fatigues and Dirty Army fatigues.
Change the color of the MacCready's hat in the same color as the Fatigue.

Optional files for AFSI
Another fatigue textures. Hat is not included (OG507s are exception)
  1. Marine Corps
  2. Air Force
  3. Navy Seabee
  4. Army 26th Infantry Division (Yankee Division)
  5. Army 82nd Airborne Division (All-American Division)
  6. Army 27th Infantry Brigade Combat Team
  7. Army OG507 (Darker OD, Hat is included)
  8. Army OG507 (patches) (Darker OD, Hat is included)
  9. Marine OG507 (Darker OD, Hat is included)
  10. Marine 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines (Magnificent Bastards)
  11. Army 10th Mountain Division
  12. Army 101st Airborne Division (Screaming Eagles Division)
  13. Army 2nd Ranger Battalion
  14. Navy Underwater Demolition Team
  15. Army Special Forces
  16. The Devil's Brigade
If you need another fatigue, You can write a request in the comment tab.

Simple Improved Army Fatigues (SIAF)
This version is a stand-alone fatigues Mod.
34 stand-alone fatigues will be added.(17 fatigues and 17 Dirty fatigues)
All items are included in the utility category of Chemistry station.
I used the "SIAF" as a prefix for the sort in the category.
And, All fatigues are required 5 cloths for craft.
XB1 version is here.(

Note: Hat isn't included in SIAF. Please use the Utility Cap Mod.

I used the machine translation. Because, I am not a English speaker.