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Survive to the "unusual" FEV infection and become a psyker, bring doom to your enemies with 20 unique super powers for your playable character in fallout 4. Defend yourself with energy barriers, heal, jump higher, teleport from one target to another using psyker charge or carbonize opponents with elemental powers, the possibilities are many.

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Survive to the "unusual" FEV infection and become a psyker, bring doom to your enemies with 20 unique super powers for your playable character in fallout 4. Defend yourself with energy barriers, heal, jump higher, teleport from one target to another using psyker charge or carbonize opponents with elemental powers, the possibilities are many.

Let's begin.

As a modern version of the old file, I've rebuilt the mod from the ground up, the new powers use more stable physics are less repetitive and they're better implemented. They additionally have unique sound effects, since the powers are fired as a mine/grenade they replace the grenade sound, but it's done dynamically so any grenade/mine use the ordinary sound and the powers will use a unique sound. Some of the powers are inspired in biotics from mass effect and some of them are inspired in warhammer 40k, but I took many inspiration from many other games, manga and fictional characters (Psyker lance projectile is shaped like the Longinus for example).

Two types of powers, attacks and buffs
The powers are divided in two categories, 9 that act as throwable mines (you will find them in the weapon tab) and 11 that act as drugs/potions (you will find them in the AID tab).

How to acquire the powers
To acquire the super powers, you will have either to complete a very simple quest which begins the next time you load the game and sends you to experiment with drugs (you will need access to the institute bio lab, related to the Virgil quest) or use a chemical called "psyker powers: cheat" if you just want the powers, you can craft the chemical in any chem station.

Once you complete the quest or cheat, you will receive a power called "Psyker: Meditate" which will open a container with all the powers inside, you can obtain the ones you like and leave the others inside and meditate to return or add or remove the powers whenever you like, meditating is the only way to remove weapon super powers from your inventory. In my experience you will end up using 2-3 Weapon powers and 2-3 AID powers.

How do them work?
When you use a weapon super power, you will lose 15 points of AP and the game will automatically add a new power to your inventory. When you utilize an AID power, it will be consumed until the effect ends and returns to your inventory as a gameplay "feature" I recommend you to fav the power you will experience less problems if you do so.

Manage your AP bar
If you overuse AID powers when you have not enough AP it will fail causing all active powers to disrupt and damage you, you also have a very small chance to get an incurable illness if you keep spamming powers without AP, so manage carefully your AP or you may end up in real trouble.

The gameplay is focused in two primary ideas
the spell caster and the melee bruiser.

As a ranged spell caster, you wield elemental powers to damage opponents and aid powers to support you. You can use AID powers like fear me weakling to cause everyone in melee range to flee in terror so you can maintain distances or precognition to allow you spot enemies from a distance and then end your targets with bolts of bio lightning.
As a melee bruiser, your powers boost your physical abilities and knock down foes with powerful energy waves. Defend yourself with energy barriers which deflect bullets and heal yourself with restorative powers to stay comfortably in the frontline while jumping from one vulnerable target to another using psyker charge and smashing your opposers to the ground with your bare hands protected by force fields.

Play your game how you want

Even though the gameplay is thought with this in mind in the end, you can play it and combine powers however you like. Do you want to be a vampire who absorbs health from afar with Psyker Lance and also can reconstitute himself when in danger? you can achieve that. The possibilities are many I'm merely providing tools.

The powers:

Passive perk:

Psyker: As a psyker you're very intelligent and perceptive so you gain extra [10%] experience. You also have incredible powers.

Weapon super powers:

Spontaneous Combustion: Focus your raw anger and incinerate the target area [10 AP cost].

Cryo Blast: Breathe in and out, calm and focus. Freeze everyone in target area [10 AP cost].

Smite: A lethal bolt of bio lightning that tears enemies apart [10 AP cost].

Singularity: Create a singularity on aimed area, it lasts 4 seconds and deals 15 points of energy damage per second  and pulls opponents to it. When singularity ends explodes pushing targets and dealing 80 points of energy damage [10 AP cost].

Psyker Lance: Concentrate your psychic powers in the form of a lance of pure energy. The lance absorbs 50 points of health from the living or deals damage to robots [10 AP cost].

Psyker Nova: Release a violent psychic shockwave that sends targets flying and makes 60 points of energy damage, if you have barrier activated dispel it to deal extra 100 damage [10 AP cost].

Psyker Push: Distort gravity releasing a diversion that damages and knocks down opponents [10 AP cost].

Psyker Charge: Use your powers to augment your speed and strength and charge across the battlefield culminating in a powerful collision that knocks down enemies and deals 30 points of damage [10 AP cost].

Force Fists: Focus your superior strength and create a powerful force field around your fist which deal physical and energy damage. Each hit has a 20% chance to stagger opponents. Update1.3: You can now improve Force fists in any weapon rack as a normal weapon to increase its damage.

AID super powers:

Blood Boil: For 60s by reaching a weaker enemy you can activate him to rapidly accelerate his pulse and blood pressure to lethal levels with the end result being the victim's heart and brain exploding [20 AP cost] and [10 AP cost each activation]

Fear me weakling: For 1 minute, sheer terror overcomes feeble foes around you. They will flee from your overwhelming presence [20 AP cost].

Invisibility: Become invisible for 30 seconds [20 AP cost].

Precognition: Focus your senses detecting potential foes around you. [This ability is toggeable]

Psyker Barrier: Cover yourself with a protective force field increasing your resistances for 60 seconds. The barrier deflects bullets and pushes opponents away when running [30 AP cost].

Psyker Reconstitution: Concentrate fiercely in your blood cells miraculously restoring your limb conditions, clearing radiation and healing your wounds [20 AP cost].

Might of the Titan: Enhance your remarkable strength to unimaginable heights, run faster and jump higher and cancel fall damage for 30 seconds [30 AP cost].

Warp Time: Warp the physics of the world around you slowing time to a crawl and ignoring gravity for 20 seconds. (40 AP cost)


Bolt form: Become the very aspect of lightning, increasing tremendously your electric resistance, targets near you are damaged by lightning bolts. You can acivate a target to elecrtocute them. [This ability is toggeable]

Fiery Form: Become the very aspect of fire, increasing tremendously your fire resistance, targets near you are damaged by your high temperatures. You can activate a target to ignite him for extra fire damage. [This ability is toggeable]

Chilling Form: Become the very aspect of cold, increasing tremendously your frost resistance, targets near you are damaged by your chilling aura. You can activate a target to freeze him. [This ability is toggeable]


You can now craft perks in any chem station under the category "Drugs", they're very easy to craft. 4 perks will improve your SPECIAL stats the other 4 increase psyker powers magnitude, this means that powers that deal damage will deal more damage or stagger more and aid powers will increase its potency.

Strain perks scale damage:
Strain 51: The strain 51 makes your psyker powers 25% stronger.
Strain 52: The strain 52 makes your psyker powers 50% stronger.
Strain 53: The strain 53 makes your psyker powers 75% stronger.
Strain 54: The strain 54 makes your psyker powers twice stronger and cost 25% less AP to cast.
Strain 55: The strain 54 makes your psyker powers 150% stronger and cost 50% less AP to cast.

Intelligence: You have developed an incredible intelligence [+3 Intelligence].
Charisma: Your overwhelming presence frightens and charms the living [+2 Charisma].
Endurance: You're sturdier than most humans [+2 Endurance].
Perception: You have a sixth sense that grants extra perception [+2 Perception].
Strength: You manipulate reality things supposed to be heavy are light as a feather for you [+2 Strength].

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About Lore and roleplay:

Before you promptly accuse me of unlorefriendlyness please note that psykers are a possible thing in fallout lore and super powers aren't even rare, this is in fact the best lorefriendly excuse to get super powers in the fallout universe. You can also find psykers in the commonwealth like Lorenzo or Mama Murphy though ultimately this mod represents a gameplay feature, then you can roleplay however you like. Do you want to be a eccentric scientist who discovered the mass effect?, you can do that, do you want to be a mutant with elemental powers?, you can do that. Feel free to invent your ideal excuse to make your gameplay experience better that's what all is about. Let's go and have super fun!

Even though if you don't believe read this wiki page: 
Or watch FudgeMuppet's video: