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It's an energy based, knockback fist weapon. You punch things with it and they explode. I don't know what else you want from me.

I made a video for it, but if that surprises anyone at this point I must be doing something wrong.

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Ah yes, the gravity fist. I've been teasing this weapon for a really long time in my videos and it's finally time for it to get released. 

This weapon does damage greater than the power fist, just enough to make it viable for endgame play. 
It can drop off gunners, but you can also get it from legendary chests, and vendors.
It has a total of 10 mods, including energy type, damage mods, and paint jobs. 
For any extra information you're going to have to watch the video. 

I'm definitely going to make a unique version of the gravity fist eventually, I really want to have it do ridiculous knockback like the fusrodah from skyrim (video for reference) but it's just too overpowered to put it on the regular weapon.

Please report any issues you have to me in the comments or bugs section right away, I'll fix it I swear
Also, user submitted screenshots are always welcome! I love getting this, and I'll pop your name in the bottom right and put them in the official mod screenshots if they're really pretty. 
Please don't ask where to find shit. Just kill enemies to find the weapon. 
Also, if you like making worldspaces in creation kit, send me a message. I can use them for small quests in MCAM. 

- If I may ask, who commissioned this beautiful creature?
- Sondre Sundbo. He's one of my patrons, and he's a super cool dude. 

- i cnt fnd the weapin pls giv me code so i can spawn it in gaem
- help [weapon name] 0 weap
- player.additem [code from above]

- This texture is too clean, I require dirty.
- I literally used the vanilla gravity fist texture for this. 

- I love you so much that I want to support you in every way I can, but I also am poor. 
- Check out my other mods, or my twitter/youtube pages, it's much appreciated! :)

- Go home.

- What script did you use to add these to leveled lists? I'm a mod author and I would like to do the same.
- Here's my script, I put it into a quest that runs when you install the mod so it only runs once. 
You will have to change the variable names and items they're attached to if you want to make it work with your own items. 
I have no desire to keep this a secret. It's super simple, and I would prefer everyone used this method, as it would eliminate the need for bashed patches, which consoles can't use. Also I update this google doc whenever I change the script so it should be up to date.