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Adds 4 new faction paint jobs to Automatron robots

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Automatron Robot Faction Paint Jobs

By AKKWard Mods

Ever dreamed of building an army of Brotherhood of Steel Sentry Bots? Sending out Minutemen-brand robot provisioners between all your settlements? Walking the wasteland with your Institute Mr. Handy or Railroad Robobrain?

This is that mod!

This mod adds Railroad, Minutemen, Brotherhood of Steel and Institute paint jobs for all robots built through the Robot Workbench. Each faction paint job, like Power Armor paint jobs and flags, will only be available to members of that faction. You will only be able to use the Atom Cats paint job if you already acquired the Power Armor paint.

Painted emblems have been added to the Front Torso (Factory and Factory Storage Armor pieces of all robots except for the Protectron, which has it on the Factory Head Armor. So if your bot is not wearing that piece, unfortunately the emblem will not show up.

Robot Faction Paint Job Colors:

  • Railroad = black with golden Railroad symbol or black with a white Railroad symbol
  • Institute = white with red Institute symbol
  • Minutemen = dark blue with white Minuteman symbol
  • Brotherhood of Steel =  orange with taupe BOS symbol or dark gray with a white BOS symbol
  • Abraxo = white with the Abraxo logo
  • Atom Cats = black with the Atom Cats logo (and flames on some robot models)

We would like to add new factions and additional color schemes in the future, so if you have ideas of what you’d like to see please let us know in the comments!


You must have the Automatron Add-On to use this mod. This mod is a stand-alone and should have no conflicts or dependencies with other mods. 

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Thanks to Maximum Crash for help with this mod. 

Now translated into French by aurel 79.

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