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About this mod

This mod will allow you to build your very own custom companion from the ground up!!

Permissions and credits
Construct a Custom Companion
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-= Very Special Shout Out to MadGodSheogorath for his help in making this mod happen, Working together we have been able to make TWO very awesome mods, simply by pooling our talents and allowing the other to use them. Let's keep our community strong and work together! If you like my mod you should check his out over at: FCOM - Fallout Commander =-

Upcoming Features / Works in Progress:
 - A version that will allow you to equip them with Skibadaas weapons pack "Will require his mod for this version"
 - A version that will allow you to equip them with DoomBased Weapons "Will require his mod for this version"
 - Ability to Rename the Companions
 - Custom Voices Coming Soon! Stay Tuned!

-== No One has Permission to Upload my Mod to Any Other Website or Source, Translations if done can be uploaded upon Approval ONLY through the main file here. Please Don't ask, I won't allow people to upload it any other websites sorry ==-

Official Video:

Using Female Voices on Males, Just how Creative can you get ?

How about Male voices on Females ?

Directions for Use:
 1.) Build the Personal Bodyguard Radio from the Specials Tab in the Workshop
 2.) Once built, Activate the newly placed item
 3.) Select What you wish to do from the Menu "Add Leadership Ability will give you the ability to recruit them"
 4.) You will now select the Gender/Race of your Companion
 5.) Then you will select the voice of your companion, You can use Male voices on Females, or Female voices on Males
 6.) You will be able to pick which weapon they use out of every weapon in the game
 7.) You will be able to pick which outfit they use out of every outfit in the game
 8.) You will then be able to select a custom combat style for them
 9.) You will then be able to give them a custom buff/ability
10.) Once you build your companion, Recruit them as a Follower
11.) Trade with them once they are a follower and give them the new item in your apparel section, Labeled Reconstruct Facial Features
12.) Once in their inventory order them to Equip the item
13.) Once you do this, exit the Trade Menu, I then advise bringing up the talk menu and focusing on their face
14.) 5 Seconds after equiping the item, the menu will appear to Alter their facial features!!
15.) Once you are done editing their face, Finish and you are done you have now created your very own custom follower!!
16.) You may also recruit a total of 3 new custom companions, and this does not effect your vanilla companion count
17.) Your companions are Flagged as Essential as well!

Credits ("If I missed your name I apologize, I had a lot of messages I think I covered everyone, If I missed your name please let me know!)":
1.) Miikos - Adolf Hitler
2.) theasianguy1997 - Geralt of Riveria
3.) raundown - Abraham Lincoln / Arnold Schwarzenegger
4.) ColdTyrant - Robert Downey Jr. "Tony Stark"
5.) guruihan - Lara Croft
6.) sk1dmark - Johnny Depp
7.) FidzD - Agent 47

Video Reviews:

Currently Unavailable:
 - The Ability to give them a custom name of your choice, I am still working to get this resolved, But beyond that you will be able to fully customize your companion.

Known Issues/Bugs:
  - You Can't Edit Ghouls Faces - I know, I haven't quite figured out a way to force the menu to use different presets and what not with the Ghoul faces, so you won't be able to customize their faces but they will get randomly generated faces for now.

 - When you custom create your follower, the next one will have the same face as the one you just made, that's fine they won't actually effect each others face it just copies from the last face you made.

 - Your Companion must be assigned a settlement after you are finished, they will not auto-assign themselves to a settlement

 - Rarely but sometimes your companions will strip their clothes off if you leave them in a settlement and fast travel away