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Modular BoS Uniform with several variations including sleeveless, open-top, and extremely-questionably-open-top. Also includes 6 boot choices, optional gloves, and 32ish color choices.

Permissions and credits

AB conversion by MunkySpunk and FutureTech is here:


Huge thanks to very few users who have gone above and beyond and donated to me.


Adds three items, Uni BoS Boots, Uni BoS Gloves, Uni Bos Uniform.
All three can be crafted at the AWKCR workbench. All three are next to each other under MILITARY OUTFITS.

These Uniforms were made to work with Pre-war Cybernetics, and will not cause excessive bone scaling/warping like vanilla outfits.
Female versions of the gloves and Uniform have a CBBE version as well as vanilla.
CBBE/bodyslide projects are included with the main download.

Uni BoS Uniform has 6 variations
  • Standard.
  • -Female version re-meshed to size better with CBBE sliders.
  • -Male version re-meshed to match vanilla male body better.
  • Standard, Shortsleeve
  • -Shortsleeve version of standard. Male/female
  • OpenTop
  • -Unzipped top, standard sleeves. Male/female
  • OpenTop, Shortsleeve
  • -Unzipped top, Shortsleeve version. Male/female
  • Wide, OpenTop
  • -Very questionably unzipped top. Female only.
  • Wide, OpenTop, Shortsleeve
  • -Sleeveless version of Style 5. Female only.
All variations can use palette/index mods.

Uni BoS Gloves are a completely separate item from the uniform, and can be given their own palette/index mod.

The Uni BoS Boots have 6 variations which can be swapped at the armor bench similar to the Uniform.
  • Standard BoS
  • -can make use of palette/index mods.
  • Desdemona
  • Kelogg
  • Pastor
  • Raider
  • Army

All variations can use v3 and vBoS palettes from Pre-War Cybernetics.
Check the palette guides in screenshots for help finding colors:


Version notes:
Removed need for AWKCR/CosmeticFramework
--Mod is completely standalone now, no masters or other mods needed
Crafted at CHEMLAB now
--When Cybernetics gets its next update it will be craftable at the new (old) workbench
Added Vanilla Support
--Vanilla version of the outfit is crafted as a separate item from the CBBE version
--Gloves/boots dont use different meshes, there is some very minor clipping on the boots.

Updated to CBBE 1.4 (muscle sliders)
Updated some internal stuff

Removed need for Pre-War Cybernetics
Added Chrome versions of the outfits, effects the metal parts like zippers/buckles/plugs
Altered Dynamic naming to keep names shorter


Crafted at CHEMLAB


This mod was made with:
NifSkope, assigning materials/textures.
xEdit, making the plugin.
Material Editor, assigning textures via materials.
Outfit studio, by Ousnius, Bodyslide files.



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