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A high-powered, full-bodied .50-caliber machine gun. Normally seen as a vehicle-mounted weapon, this version's been adapted for handheld use, the perfect compliment to power armor.

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Wasteland Melody's Heavy Machine Gun

For those wishing there was a weapon more fitting of your power-armored stature, the Heavy Machine Gun is your answer.

This is an entirely new weapon based on the real-life Browning Anti-Mechanization Rifle, a prototype handheld version of the M2 Machine Gun. The Heavy Machine Gun is designed as the penultimate accompaniment to power armor, an absurdly large weapon that would never ordinarily be man-portable, much less capable of being fired!

All of the meshes and textures are made entirely from scratch, with multiple barrels and sights to add some personal touches to this powerhouse. This mod also adds the weapon to the appropriate leveled lists via script, meaning it will not conflict with mods which edit the same lists. It can be found at stores, and carried by only the most elite raiders, Gunners, and super mutants.

Q: Where do I get it?
A: From the corpses of your enemies! (It will spawn on top-tier raiders, Gunners, super mutants and a few other places like stores).

Q: What if I want it right now?
A: You can console-command it to yourself. Type "help heavy 4 weap" to find the item code for it.

Q: My gun is invisible/purple! What's wrong?
A: The game can't find the mesh/textures. The mod probably had an installation issue. Check your settings and re-install.

Q: Why is the reloading animation weird?
A: I haven't been able to add real animations yet, so you don't really reload. It's not a bug, it's a feature!

Q: Will this conflict with other weapon mods that update levelled lists?
A: Nope! All the lists are updated via script the first time you load a save with the mod. For this reason I recommend placing it after anything that changes levelled lists in your load order.

Unzip, copy + paste to Data folder. Or use NMM.
If you find any bugs/issues, or think the gun could use some balance tweaks, please let me know!

The Heavy Machine Gun comes with the following mods:

-Standard (automatic)
-Armor piercing
-Hardened, Armor piercing
-Powerful, Armor piercing
-Advanced, Armor piercing

-Aircraft (standard, most balanced)
-Short (lighter, poor accuracy)
-Heavy (very heavy, very good accuracy)

-Leaf sights
-Glowing leaf sights
-Aircraft sights (open bulls-eye wire sight)

The Heavy Machine Gun is balanced to be a top-tier weapon. It won't start spawning until level 24, and will always be fairly rare. It's extremely powerful in its fully-modded form, but not game-breakingly so. A lot of work has gone into to balancing it to fit the game. For starters, it burns up rare and expensive .50 caliber ammunition at an insane rate. Its firing pattern starts off reasonably accurate, and tails off significantly during long bursts. The mods require heavy investment into multiple skills, and consume large amounts of resources to craft. It's also extremely heavy, practically necessitating the use of power armor to be a regularly-carried weapon. 

Since I can't currently make animations to give the HMG a proper reload, it just... doesn't reload... ever. All of the variants of it use an unlimited magazine for the time being. This will be fixed as soon as I can!

The textures are generally all 2k or 4k, with the exception of some of the smaller parts.