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The Witcher 3 - Lore Realism. Gameplay Overhaul. Includes integration of essential mods.

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Geralt of Rivia, the reknown witcher 'the Butcher of Blaviken', obviously got some Amnesia once again.
So it happened after the adventures within the Assassins of Kings stories, where he gained back a lot of his skills.
Nothing is really known about this new skill loss. Mutation and alchemy sideeffects?

It might also have to do with his love affair with the charming sorceress Triss Merigold?
And then his re-occuring rememberance to whom his love actually belongs, namely Yennefer of Vengerberg?
Pretty sure magic connects the both.
Or was it caused by something else? Does it get revealed? Perhaps.

And what's more? Misfortune never comes singly!
On the way to Kaer Morhen, Geralt was entirely robbed out by a large group of heavy armed mercenaries.
An antique set of armor and witcher swords, but of solid basis, were available as quick replacement.
As well, Geralt took his earlier in Kaer Morhen deposited Crowns reserve into his pockets.

Anyways, Geralt is searching for Yennefer, his fatherly friend Vesemir at his side. 
They found out she is underways through war shattered regions.
Lately the battlefields of Temeria ...

In the upcoming adventures, the Witcher is anew challenged to prove his swift learning capability.
May he soon come back to his unmatched skill level. But well, nobody gets younger.
And with what is before him, he might even have to go some unusual ways to get things done.
The lore friendly tweaks shall help him ...

... of a few things

Light Gear Promotion & Dual Sword Design

Entire Abilities, Skills & Combat Re-Balancing

New Crafting, Alchemy, Herbs & Edibles Layout

Individual Items, Loot, Shops & Economy System

Valuable Storyline Rewards Structure

Item Types & Icons Enrichment

Integrated Essential Mods
FCR3, Primal Needs, No Item Level Requirements
and many more

Final mod development phase: With LFT save game friendliness.
Game ready mod files: No 3rd party compatibility patches required.
Install, few settings, play ... immersive fun for the whole playthrough.

I.  I N T R O D U C T I O N

LFT is an epic gameplay overhaul mod, that supports the opportunity to play a lore friendly Geralt in the witcher game's universe, parallel augments challenge, depth and plausability.

At the start of the plot Geralt does not carry the common quality gear but the master quality, as well as that he is not a complete beginner along vanilla's RPG rookie balancing. Likewise an initial focus of the mod is to realise a way harder life for Geralt in wartimes of the Wild Hunt phase of the game. On the other side, Geralt gets rewarded with a lot knowledges. This mostly plot related, simulating that he remembers lost abilities during experiences.

The modification makes true what lore background as common base, former title consideration and CDPR's Wild Hunt world and atmosphere design suggests.
Aside to the lore realism, the gameplay is generally overworked with intensity, delivers the substance for a truly immersive experience. In essence the modification can be understood as huge fix to the by CDPR basically great but pretty simple realised properties in many aspects. And the mod offers optionally a still challenging play for a post major quests done phase.

... more

Internal comments from my two longtime LFT friends (betatesters/contributors for some development phases).


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