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Ever been bothered that quests labeled "Novigrad" in the journal featured the Velen symbol next to them? Well this mod will fix that and restore the proper Novigrad symbol seen on the world map to the journal

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For some reason CDPR made all the Novigrad quests feature the Velen crest in the journal while every single other region gets its own crest.
This has bothered me forever and now its fixed. 

Extract into mod folder or use a mod manager to install. Give this mod priority over any other mod that edits the panel_journal_quests.redswf file to see the results.

If you are using the Sort Everything mod then there also a version here that is compatible with that. Make sure to give this mod priority.
Also, there is now version that is compatible with the 60 fps GUI mod and a version that is compatible with both Sort Everything and 60 fps GUI mod.
If you are using the 60 Frames Series Collection by ConstantinEE then there is another compatible version.
Again, this mod must have priority over everything that conflicts with it in order to work. 

Special thanks to paulr0013 for extracting the Novigrad crest from the world map textures and properly formatting it for me to use in this mod.
Credit to MrFlashMode, DJKovrik, and ConstantinEE for allowing use of their mod files in order to create version of this mod compatible with theirs.

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