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Completely NEW, Lore-friendly, Book inspired set of armor with swords

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  • Turkish
  • Polish
  • Mandarin
  • Japanese
  • French

Ever since I read the books I waited for someone to release armor mod that would match what I had in mind. So I waited... And waited...
Until I realized, that if you want something done, you gotta do it yourself. So I started learning how to mod... And here we are!

This mod adds a standalone armor set and swords to the game that match my interpretation of the book description (see the very end).

  • Leather Jacket Armor
  • Silver studded Gloves (2 versions)
  • Old worn Pants
  • Boots with a dagger
  • Completely custom Steel sword    (Albion Regent, if you know - you know ;) )
  • Completely custom Silver sword (Albion Maximilian, also if you know - you know ;) )
  • New addition: Alt version of Mahakaman Rune Sihil (Witcher 1 fans will enjoy this one) by Franci04 and Alt Gloves
All of the items can be bought off of Hattori blacksmith in Novigrad
If you have any issues with the shop or otherwise you can add the items via console commands (case sensitive)

Base Game:

For NGP:


1. Download
2. Unzip
3. Put the dlcCosWiecej folder into your Witcher 3 DLC folder ex.:

 \Steam\steamapps\common\The Witcher 3\DLC\

YES, DLC folder, not Mods folder, please make sure you do that before you ask why the mod isn't working.

As far as conflicts go, any mod that changes stats of armors and weapons, for example
W3EE, may mess up the intended way this mod functions.

I'm planning to add:

  • One of early concept gloves I was thinking of
  • Mahakaman rune sihil from Baptism of Fire book
  • Maybe Roach gear (?) ✗
  • Fix any issues, tweaks and bugs that may come up ✗
  • Make 'No Levels' mod compatible, because I like that mod :D 
  • Make into a craftable set with schematics
  • Make 'Static World' mod compatible
  • Set a fixed level to gear

But I don't promise anything :)
And no crossbows, sorry, not book canon.

Completed - ✓
Not yet Completed -

The NUMBER ONE helper was Bjorn_18 aka 18mic11 he did 99% of the process for making this mod a standalone DLC, and not a replacer like I was planning, he created all of the folder structures, definitions and entity files.
He also gave A LOT of feedback. Thank you brother))
Also HUGE, absolutely MASSIVE thank you to Wolven Workshop Discord community for giving feedback and helping me resolve all of the problems on my way
Marvel Master for making modding tutorials on YT and making this process more approachable
Franci04 for basically creating a new version of the Mahakaman Rune Sihil (Alt version)

Thank you Blender - Epicly epic cool free 3D software
Thank you Substance Painter - Epicly epic cool texture painting software
Thank you Traderain, SkacikPL, Lim3zer0.kote2ster, Jicksaw, dhandha, ali-alidoust, rmemr, KNG, erx, Cthulhu and GeorgeTziots for Wolven Kit, would not be possible without it
And, of course, thank you CDPR for the amazing game

Now the nerd sh*t. Here are the excerpts from the books that I based my appearances on. In 3 different languages:






 Artwork by Alexander Kharibyn AKA Birakh, thank you Bjorn for showing it to me :D