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Restores all the cut documents and books. Restores Glossary section. Allows to obtain full bestiary entries for every monster in the game.

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-Short Description-
Restores all the cut documents and books. Restores Glossary section. Allows to obtain full bestiary entries for every monster in the game.

-Detailed Description-

There are many many documents in the games files that were cut during development, by either a mistake or a lack of time to implement them properly. This mod restores every single such document and book that never saw the light of day (note that only documents that make sense are restored, there are also some that are tied to quests, that were never implemented or some that doesn't make any sense, I didn't touch those).
There is an entire glossary section hidden in the game files as well (similar to W1 and W2), fully translated in every language, written by Dandelion just like character glossary, it's a downright crime that it was cut out. Well, it's back.
Finally, there were many missing bestiary books and entries that were not obtainable in the game by legitimate means, this mod will address those as well, so now you can have full entries for every monster in the game.
As a small bonus, I restored tooltip descriptions for many items in the game (like books, quest items, etc.).
I've been making this mod for myself since 2015, gradually finding more and more stuff as I go. Now I feel it's finally finished. I you're a lore fan, this will be your new essential mod. =)

Here is the full changelist of The Witcher Lore Collection:

Modifies following files:

Download the archive, unzip the files.
Copy the folder modWitcherLoreCollection in your The Witcher 3/mods folder.
Copy the folder dlcWitcherLoreCollection in your The Witcher 3/dlc folder.
(Optional) This mod adds a custom keybind to easily access book panel. If you want it, consult provided ReadMe file. Otherwise skip this step.
Check conflicts with Script Merger. Merge. If you have conflicts that don't get automatically solved, leave a post, and I will take a look what can be done. Please don't merge .xml files with any other mod, use the load order for those (unless you know exactly what you're doing).

Delete merged scripts using Script Merger.
Delete the folder modWitcherLoreCollection from your The Witcher 3/mods folder.
Delete the folder dlcWitcherLoreCollection from your The Witcher 3/dlc folder.
If you enabled the custom keybind, consult provided ReadMe file for instructions on how to properly uninstall it.
This mod is safe to uninstall mid-playthrough, but you will have a few empty entries in your books panel.

Thanks to paulr0013 and konyme for the Avallac'h lab note fix, which are included in this mod.
Thanks to Klubargutan for finding "Unfinished letter" document.
Thanks to Denroth for Italian translation.
Thanks to Arkwulf and Meraxeel for Russian translation.
Thanks to DaVincix for German translation.
Thanks to Pashalsta for Spanish translation.
Thanks to gotaimin for Japanese translation.